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FROM WESTSIDE TO THE BIG APPLE: West Seattle High School Jazz Bands visit New York City

(UPDATED SUNDAY with another photo)

Thanks to parent Steve White for the report and photos on West Seattle High School musicians’ cross-country journey!

The Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 bands (directed by Ethan Thomas) flew to New York City yesterday to participate in a workshop at Lincoln Center. While here we are also touring the 9/11 Memorial, seeing a Broadway show and some other sights. Last night we attended the “World of Monk” concert at Lincoln Center featuring the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra led by Wynton Marsalis.

And tonight, their travels took them to “The Lion King” at the Minskoff Theater.

ADDED SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Another photo from Steve, who reports: “The group went on tours of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building and are spending the evening in Times Square.”

The musicians are headed back home on Monday.

CONGRATULATIONS! Madison Middle School students’ success @ district Science/ Engineering Fair

June 3, 2017 10:15 am
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(Above, Dahlia Sebastian; below, Rowan Preedy)

Congratulations to the Madison Middle School students whose scientific achievements landed them in a districtwide spotlight! Thanks to science teacher Fred Jenner for the photos and report:

Madison MS had four finalists submitting projects at Thursday night’s District Science Fair at The Museum of Flight. Sixth graders Elliott Allen, Dahlia Sebastian, Rowan Preedy, and Ian Iserman showed their projects to a large crowd of visitors and twenty plus judges. Dahlia Sebastian’s engineering project “The New and Improved String Instrument Cleaner of the 21st Century” won Best Overall project for engineering design and Rowan Preedy’s engineering project “Automated Chicken Door Closer” won Most Original Engineering Project award for the entire district’s 6th grade category field of projects.

(Above, Elliott Allen; below, Ian Iserman)

This year there were more engineering design projects than science inquiry projects. Congratulations to all of them for their awesome work and for making Madison Middle School proud!

SATURDAY: West Seattle HS All-School Reunion with centennial ‘Group Hug’ photo

June 2, 2017 9:34 pm
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One more reminder as the weekend begins – this year’s West Seattle High School All-School Reunion is bigger than ever because of the centennial celebration – WSHS opened 100 years ago. In honor of that, alums, students, staff, and all others interested are invited to gather for a “Group Hug” photo on the north side of the school, coordinated with the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. Here’s Jim Biava of the WSHS Alumni Association with the invitation:

The All-School Reunion starts at 4 pm; gather for the photo at 6 pm. What happens inbetween – and afterward – is listed in our most-recent preview.

VIDEO: Louisa Boren STEM K-8 parents, supporters demand district restate its permanent status rather than consider a move

(UPDATED 4:59 PM with district slide deck from meeting)

(WSB video of entire Thursday night meeting at Louisa Boren STEM K-8)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

“Say it!”

Just a few years after Seattle Public Schools designated the former Louisa May Boren Junior High School as the permanent home of West Seattle’s STEM K-8 school, its parents and supporters found themselves last night demanding that district officials re-state that status.

Which they eventually did – but without an accompanying guarantee the school won’t be moved.

The campus’s past as an interim site is the main reason it’s in the district’s crosshairs right now for a potential return to that status, the STEM K-8 community was told during the boisterous briefing meeting (previewed here and here).

Associate superintendent Dr. Flip Herndon opened the hour-plus meeting by explaining that the district expects to be constructing and renovating schools “for the next 15 years, at least” as its enrollment continues to grow and its buildings continue to age.

Capital Projects and Planning director Richard Best went through the slides, starting with a recap of the schools recently built and renovated in West Seattle, including last fall’s opening of the new Arbor Heights and Genesee Hill elementaries, with the district expecting to grow to 55,000 students soon. He directed people to the Facilities Master Plan on the SPS website for an overview. They’re adding dozens of classrooms each year. Slides showed most elementary schools trending up, though they’re wondering if it’s plateau’ing. (Update – we requested the slide deck and received it this afternoon – PDF here, embedded below:)

Best said that adding special education capacity at every school also leads to campus-capacity challenges, as well as class-size-reduction mandates. They’ll be working with enrollment planners over the summer. And he noted that “in West Seattle we are seeing elementary growth occur more rapidly in the northern section than in the southern section.”

Capacity planning also involves looking at schools’ outdated systems that might not support technology – so those “rise to the top of the list to meet the educational needs of our students and staff.” That will figure into the 2019 BEX V levy. He added that school modernization means that “of the 102 schools that we have, over a third have historical landmark designations, so we can’t tear those buildings down.” (Those include EC Hughes, being modernized right now so that Roxhill Elementary can be moved there in a year, as we’ve been reporting.)

So, that all came down to this: Boren is “one of our largest school sites left to be utilized as an interim location,” Best said, drawing boos. Read More

WEST SEATTLE SALMON: Fauntleroy Creek finales for fry releases, smolt monitoring

(Nancie Hernandez with Salmon in the Schools – Seattle, leads Concord second graders as they explore habitat near Fauntleroy Creek. Photos by Mark Ahlness)

Two seasonal salmon milestones have just been reached at Fauntleroy Creek, Judy Pickens reports:

On Wednesday, Fauntleroy Creek volunteers hosted the last of 700+ students who visited Fauntleroy Park over the past five weeks for salmon releases.

(Concord International students leave Fauntleroy Park after the last of 19 salmon releases at Fauntleroy Creek)

They brought 1,800 coho fry reared since January in area schools through the Salmon in the Schools program.

This week also marked the end of monitoring smolts migrating out to Fauntleroy Cove. Since mid-March, twice-daily checking of upper and lower traps documented that 32 coho smolts had survived their year in the creek, up from 19 in 2016. They’ll put on weight in nearshore habitat, then head to open water before returning to spawn in two years.

The next big seasonal event: Volunteers will watch for returning spawners this fall. Seven showed up last year – after zero in 2015, 19 in 2014, zero in 2013, and a record 274 counted in 2012.

‘CHANGE THE WORLD’ PROJECTS: The 8 problems Explorer West Middle School eighth-graders are tackling this year

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It’s a challenge, a lesson, and empowerment.

Every year, eighth graders at Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor) are exhorted, invited, and assigned to “Change the World.”

That’s the theme of the group projects they must complete and present before leaving EWMS and moving on to high school.

We’ve featured some in past years – two years ago, a group that wanted to make sure kids of all abilities had a place to play, and made a difference in a local project; last year we featured a group advocating for expanding the availability of healthful food.

This year’s topics were, according to teacher Tim Owens, as chosen by students, all relating to sustainability:

– Bullying of students with disabilities
– Sexual harassment and assault in schools
– Immigrant rights
– Assistance for refugees
– Sex trafficking
– Youth homelessness
– Depression among adolescents
– Gender inequality (regarding pay)

Along with group projects, EWMS students invited world-changers to speak with them about some of those problems and what is being/can be done about them.

We were there on Tuesday afternoon as the entire school gathered in the gym to hear from four people representing organizations working on civil/human rights, and then moved on to classrooms where the eight groups of eighth-graders made their project presentations.
Read More

IT TAKES A PENINSULA: Sanislo Elementary’s kids are counting on you

So many things that should be basics for students are now “extras.” So, along with raising and educating kids, parents and teachers have to be crowdfunders and event planners, among other things. Some schools’ core communities have resources to draw on … some don’t. In the latter category is the little elementary school in a wooded corner of Puget Ridge, Sanislo. Its longtime tagline has been “the small school with big ideas.” One big idea: Ask the wider community for support. Rebecca Evans hopes you’ll answer the call:

Sanislo Elementary’s Tropical Nights annual auction is next Friday, June 9th at 6 pm. WE HAVE ONLY SOLD 40 out of 200 tickets! While desperation is not really my thing, I’m afraid we will really let the students down if I don’t make a serious call for help.

We are a Title I school and are already limited on financially capable parents, community support and attendees to combat this. Other neighborhood schools in the area have the capability to raise anywhere between 80-120k at their auctions…we have a goal of 5k.

Underserved students have a much higher chance of resorting to unhealthy activity in life like violence, crime, and drugs when not supported otherwise. With 70% of our students receiving free or reduced lunch, a high percentage of refugee families trying to assimilate to a new environment, and an 18% homeless rate, our students are, statistically, primary targets for these outcomes.

Through your support, we have the ability to re-direct mindsets, perceptions and natural barriers to success by providing educational and enrichment EQUITY to help ALL our students become contributing community members by way of support services and enrichment programs.

Please consider supporting the youth in your community by purchasing a ticket and joining us for a night of great fun, food, and music.

We have Two Story Zori, a popular Island band who will be performing and lots of fantastic items for bidding!

You can purchase tickets at www.sanislo.org, where you can also donate to the school’s efforts, even if you aren’t able to make the event!

Please please please consider being a part of changing the narrative! The difference you can make through this small contribution could be life-lasting for our students.

Tickets are only $10 online in advance, including a drink, and the party’s at the legendary Highland Park Improvement Club.

Move STEM K-8 so Boren could co-house Alki and Lafayette? Ahead of tomorrow’s meeting, district explains

As mentioned here last week, Seattle Public Schools reps will be at Louisa Boren STEM K-8 tomorrow night for a meeting about the possibility that the district will seek to move the school to another building.

The STEM community has since received more elaboration from associate superintendent Flip Herndon about what’s being considered and why. He says that as the district plans its February 2019 BEX V ballot measure, with possible school renovation/reconstruction projects including Alki and Lafayette Elementaries, they’re assessing what they have for interim sites – and finding the inventory lacking. Boren had long been an interim site, Herndon notes, and is bigger than what’s left around the city. His statement says Alki and Lafayette might be rebuilt at the same time, and that would “require a site to accommodate more than 1,000 elementary students.” Herndon’s message continues:

Current possibilities on interim locations would still be John Marshall (in use until 2021), Original Van Asselt (in use 2018-2020), Roxhill, Schmitz Park, Webster (won’t be open for any use until 2020).

The possibility of having Boren used as an interim site, as it has been in the past, would clearly have an impact on the STEM K-8 School and any move would require that any new space would be able to meet the facility needs of the program, which would include lab spaces and rooms that are able to meet the academic needs of all students. We realize that there are some concerns about needs at any site they include spaces to support CTE programs, science, two PE teachers, athletics, seven special education programs, preschool, technology integration, and middle school programming in general. Furthermore, STEM K-8 will have experienced dramatic change and growth for four consecutive years through 2017-18. Moving to a facility with significant limitations will disrupt efforts to build consistency and stability in a new K-8 program. Timing is a challenge as well. Work has to be done in preparation for any site, interim or not, in the 2017-19 timeframe to be prepared for school needs. We are also looking at the balance of options within clusters of schools. We are trying to make sure every middle school attendance area has additional options for students and families.

We are having the conversations now so we can get the perspective and understanding of impacts before we make any final decisions on how we will be able to accommodate our physical capacity needs for the next 10-20 years. These decisions and conversations are not taken lightly and they are helping to have SPS be able to meet multiple demands from multiple communities. We are looking at making some decisions, at the earliest, in October 2017 and at the latest January 2018.

Meantime, the STEM PTA is making its case about why the school needs to stay at the location designated its permanent site in 2013, rather than make a move considered likely to be to the former Schmitz Park Elementary campus:

• In its current location, STEM is able to serve all of West Seattle. By contrast, the boundaries of Schmitz Park’s northwest location would negatively impact equitable access to the school for students in the community.

• STEM is the only option school in the Denny Middle School service area, and has a geographic zone aligned with West Seattle Elementary. That geozone would change if the school moves to Schmitz Park, which means placement of students from the less diverse, more affluent neighborhoods of West Seattle would take priority over students living in the central and south areas.

• The current capacity of the Schmitz Park building is 216 without portables. The public voted to approve the BEX IV levy, in part, to get children out of portables. Moving a school from an adequate site to one where 60% of students would be in portables disregards the wishes of the taxpayers and the goal of the District to provide permanent classrooms for West Seattle’s growing student population.

• STEM provides a unique project-based curriculum. The high demand for this type of curriculum, as demonstrated by our projected 2017-18 enrollment of 539 (and waitlist of 189), will continue to grow and can only be accommodated at Boren. STEM’s Special Education families depend on the valuable services offered at the school – any disruption to these services is unacceptable.

• Schmitz Park was designed as an elementary school and does not have the physical infrastructure to support middle-school programs and activities.

• A move to Schmitz Park will create logistical hardships for families living in the southern neighborhoods of West Seattle, increase transportation costs for the school district, and increase vehicle traffic in the residential neighborhood surrounding the location.

Thursday night’s meeting is at 6:30 pm at STEM K-8 (5950 Delridge Way SW).

COUNTDOWN: 10 days to first-ever Roll Hawks 5K benefiting Chief Sealth IHS

May 31, 2017 10:21 am
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It’s fun to be first!

On June 10th, you can claim that label just by participating in the first-ever Roll Hawks 5K at Lincoln Park, presented by the Chief Sealth International High School PTSA to benefit the school’s cross-country team. You can register right now by going here – all registered runners get “a T-shirt, bag of local discounts, and smiles along the entire course.” The Roll Hawks 5K is set to start at 9 am Saturday, June 10th, near the waterfront picnic shelters at the park.

COUNTDOWN: 4 days to West Seattle High School centennial celebration, All-School Reunion, ‘Group Hug’ photo

May 30, 2017 7:05 pm
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Our photo of West Seattle High School‘s north side is from last Saturday evening, around the same time that the big All-School Reunion and Centennial Celebration will be wrapping up THIS Saturday (June 3rd). Reunion planners have just sent full details of how the event will unfold – including the “Group Hug” photo in which all community members (not just alums, students, and staffers) are invited to participate:

West Seattle High School Alumni Association, along with the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the opening of our school building at the 2017 All School Reunion on June 3rd.

This year’s event will have a special community photo to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the landmark West Seattle High School building, during which the West Seattle Big Band will be performing.

2017 Schedule of Events

4:00 – 4:30 pm
Pick up programs, name tag, and roam the halls

4:30 – 5:15 pm
Individual Class Reunions in assigned rooms

4:30 – 5:15 pm
“92 Years of Westside Pride” video in the Theater

5:15 – 6:15 pm
Presentations in the Theater: Hall of Fame induction, Scholarships Awarded, Recognition of the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1967

6:15 – 6:30 pm
Assemble outside the North Entrance for the Group Hug Photo

6:30 pm
Photo shoot – please be prompt

All are invited to join us for the event. For more information, or to volunteer to help, contact Jim Biava, All School Reunion chair, jim@jimbiava.com, or Clay Eals, executive director, Southwest Seattle Historical Society, clay.eals@loghousemuseum.info.

WSHS All-School Reunion After-Party

And finally, join us at one of West Seattle’s newest and coolest pubs (21 and over), Whisky West (6451 California SW), after the West Seattle High School All-School Reunion. Whisky West is sponsoring the event, with funds raised going to the WSHS Alumni Association.

Grab a bite from the tantalizing menu, catch up with friends and dance the night away with the Nitemates, a well-loved band made up entirely of fellow alumni members who have together been delivering classic rock since 1962. They too are contributing to our alumni association – come check out special music-related auction items to lucky bid-winners! And special appearances by the Brian and Janie Show.

Custom-designed drinks to honor our school, with awesome music and classmates, a beautiful venue in The ‘Hood – what’s not to love?

There will be a silent auction at the ASR with a lineup of exciting purchases to bid on, and a live auction of two music-related items at the after-party.

CONGRATULATIONS! Denny International Middle School staff honored for ‘leadership and inspiration’

Denny International Middle School was honored by Seattle Public Schools superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland after a presentation at the School Board’s mid-May meeting. Principal Jeff Clark shares the photo and report, saying the staff was:

… recognized by Dr. Nyland for continued success in eliminating opportunity gaps in math and literacy! Congratulations to all of the Denny scholars, staff, and families on this special honor!

We were presented with a framed certificate of appreciation stating, “In recognition of Denny International Middle School’s commitment to eliminating opportunity gaps for historically underserved students. We are fortunate in Seattle Public Schools to have a number of ‘positive outlier’ schools that continue to provide leadership and inspiration for our community. Seattle Public Schools recognizes and acknowledges Denny International Middle School’s hard work, success, and innovation. Denny International Middle School continues to ‘Eliminate Opportunity Gaps’ for our students.

The superintendent also spotlighted Denny’s achievement in his May 19th weekly memo to the board (page 4), noting that the key strategies at Denny include:

o Positive belief in the capability of each and every one of their Denny scholars.
o Standards-based curriculum
o Common units and multiple formative assessments
o Standards-based grading

The memo also mentioned another recent Denny achievement spotlighted here, regional competition in underwater robotics.

SPORTS: West Seattle High School state track-meet achievements, including Cass Elliott’s record-time championship

(Photo by Kristin Arvidson)

West Seattle High School‘s achievements at the state 3A track-and-field meet include a championship and meet record. Head coach Will Harrison reports the meet highlights:

West Seattle junior Cass Elliott‘s outstanding 2017 season culminated with a state championship in the 300 meter hurdles on Saturday at Mount Tahoma High School. Elliott set the 3A state meet record in the prelims on Friday with a time of 37.61 seconds, but that mark did not last long, as he shattered it in the final with a time of 37.11 seconds – the fastest time in the state this entire year for any classification. He also finished 8th in the 110 meter hurdles (15.39 seconds).

(Photo by Erik Bell)

Sophomore Chloe Cunliffe (above) finished runner-up in the pole vault competition on Saturday with a mark of 12 feet. She later took 5th in the long jump with a leap of 17 feet, 5.5 inches.

Junior Joe-Kirk Woodbury (below), ranked 16th entering the meet, finished 12th in the boys discus throw at 131 feet, 10 inches.

(Photo by Erik Bell)

In team standings, the West Seattle boys finished 27th, while the girls were 23rd. See full results here.

SPORTS: State-meet success for Chief Sealth International High School girls’ relay team

Thanks to Kristin Arvidson for the photo of Chief Sealth International High School athletes at the state 3A track and field championships this weekend, including the girls’ relay team that took 7th place in the 4×100, 8th place in 4×200. Team member Quinn Wiley (#1150) also placed 6th in the 300-meter hurdles. She’s at left above with relay teammates Chloe Myers (#1147), Jessika Nelson (#1148), Imani Carey (#1146), alternate Carmen Yoshitomi (#1151). The championships were held at Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma; full meet results are here.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle High School’s Anthony Coats chosen for Metro All-Conference First Team

Thanks to Sheree Fantz-Gut for providing West Seattle High School baseball updates and photos this season, including this news:

Anthony Coats, a junior from West Seattle High School, has been named to the 2017 First Team Metro All-Conference Baseball Team. Anthony finished the year with a .450 batting average for the season along with a .550 slugging percentage and a .526 on-base percentage. He also posted a 2.75 ERA pitching with 28 strikeouts, allowing only 8 walks while leading his team in many offensive and pitching categories. Congratulations, Anthony!

VIDEO: West Seattle High School celebrates Career Tech Night and 13th Year Promise

May 26, 2017 12:23 am
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It was a sweet night at West Seattle High School, in multiple ways. It was first and foremost a celebration of Career Tech, with students showing off projects in various disciplines, including culinary (above) and woodworking (below):

From the health program, Naomi Meredith showed the game she created, focused on talking about mental health:

Music was in the spotlight too, with WSHS Band members performing:

Career education ultimately is meant to get students along the road to their future, and in one year, West Seattle HS students will have a new option to help with that – as we’ve reported, the school is becoming part of the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) 13th Year Promise program – one free year at SSC for any graduating senior who wants it. Thursday night’s event was a celebration of that too, and administrators from both schools talked about it:

Find out more about the 13th Year Promise Scholarship program here.

West Seattle High School’s next principal: Brian Vance to succeed Ruth Medsker

Earlier this month, we reported that principal Ruth Medsker is leaving West Seattle High School at the end of this year, headed for Lincoln High School. This afternoon, Seattle Public Schools just announced that WSHS’s next principal will be Brian Vance, who’s been leading Roosevelt HS. Here’s the letter sent to families:

Dear West Seattle High School community:

I am pleased to announce that Brian Vance has been selected to be the new principal of West Seattle High School.

Mr. Vance was selected because of his vision for social-emotional learning for high school students within the Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports framework, his culture building experience as principal in several different comprehensive high schools, and his experience developing and leading work in high school advisories.

Mr. Vance has served as principal of Roosevelt High School since 2007. Under his leadership, the school has made significant progress to close achievement gaps, and established a school culture that promotes rigorous instruction for all students, and has been recognized for its academic and performing arts successes numerous times. Prior to that, Mr. Vance was the principal of the Center School from 2003-2007.

Mr. Vance holds a Master of Education in School Counseling from University of Maryland, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Hobart College, and an Administrative Certificate from the University of Washington’s Danforth School of Educational Leadership.

Principal Vance is excited to be a part of the West Seattle community that he calls home, and continuing the momentum built by the staff and students around student achievement and positive school climate. His official start date will be July 1, 2017. We will be scheduling opportunities for staff, families and students to meet Mr. Vance before the end of the school year.

I would like to extend my thanks to Principal Ruth Medsker for serving as principal for the past seven years. Her deep commitment to the West Seattle community is greatly appreciated, and Principal Vance looks forward to build on the foundation to lead the school into the 21st century.

Welcome Principal Vance to West Seattle High School.


Dr. Larry Nyland
Seattle Public Schools

Another West Seattle school shuffle ahead? Meeting at Louisa Boren STEM K-8 on June 1st

Four years ago, Seattle Public Schools proposed moving what was then K-5 STEM to what was then Schmitz Park Elementary.

Eventually, it was decided instead that what started as STEM’s temporary home, the former Louisa May Boren Junior High School, would be its permanent home.

Or maybe not permanent after all.

This week, a Louisa Boren STEM K-8 parent is calling attention to new talk of a possible move, and a district official coming to the school next week to talk about it.

When we asked district spokesperson Tom Redman what’s under consideration, his reply included the meeting announcement:

Dr. Flip Herndon, Associate Superintendent for Capital Projects and Planning and Enrollment Planning, will meet with the Louisa Boren K-8 STEM School Community on June 1st from 6:30-7:30 at Louisa Boren School to provide information and answer questions.

With growing student enrollment and the McCleary class size student-teacher ratios for grades K-3 issue, we’ll need additional classrooms in our elementary school buildings. With this in mind, we need to identify short and long term capacity solutions for Genesee Hill, Alki and Lafayette elementary schools. At the same time, we need to identify interim locations for future school capital construction projects: we will consider the use of Schmitz Park, Louisa Boren and Roxhill school buildings as options.

Just a few of the factors that might be playing into this: The Roxhill building is already scheduled to be vacated after next school year; as we’ve been reporting for more than a year and a half, its program is scheduled to move to EC Hughes Elementary, which is about to start renovation work to get ready to reopen in fall of 2018. Schmitz Park, meantime, has been home to preschool and after-school-care programs this year, since its former elementary program moved into the new Genesee Hill building last September. It, Lafayette, and Alki are already being studied for the BEX V ballot measure that the district will send to voters in 2019. Stay tuned.

YOU’RE INVITED TO LUNCH! Let a graduating culinary student cook for you

Busy for lunch tomorrow? If not – and if you’re going to be in West Seattle or able to get here – we’ve been asked to share this unique invitation on behalf of a local culinary student:

We have an invitation for anyone interested to come join us at the Alhadeff Grill at South Seattle College for graduating student Solmi‘s capstone lunch on Wednesday, May 24th. Price is $15 for the following.

Choice of Appetizer:

– Chicken Wings and Asparagus with Baby Green Salad or
– Seafood Saffron Vol au vent

Choice of Entree:

– Seed-Crusted Rack of Pork with Cabbage-Cranberry compote or
– Cod with Artichoke


– Sweet Cherries with Kirsch Chantilly and Pistachio Ice Cream

Seating is limited. Call 206 934-5817 for reservations between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

For additional information – darrell.tsukiji@seattlecolleges.edu

So you’ll have to call tomorrow morning. SSC (a WSB sponsor) is at 6000 16th SW on Puget Ridge.

PHOTOS: Sunny run/walk for 1,000 at West Seattle 5K

Photos by Leda Costa for WSB

The West Seattle High School PTSA had much to cheer for during today’s West Seattle 5K. Great weather, great turnout – and the latter means fundraising success. This is the ninth year the PTSA has presented the run/walk along Alki to raise money to help students.

Organizers say about a thousand people participated today. Almost 800 of them were timed – you can see the results here – and the first two in were 16-year-old John Lehr (chip time 17:54.6) and 35-year-old Megan Heuer (18:04.6):

She was the first female to cross the finish line last year too. As always, it was a festive race – kids and pets are welcome every year:

Note the hands-up jubilation here:

Thanks to Leda Costa (who with husband Jeff Larson just opened The Studio West Seattle on Alki, right along the route) for photographing the race for WSB.

One bonus reader photo: Lynn Hall shared this view of the turnaround spot at Anchor Park:

P.S. WSB has been a West Seattle 5K sponsor every year since the start. Scroll down this page on the WS5K website to see the other local businesses and organizations also sponsoring the race this year.

P.P.S. The race runs on a ton of volunteer power as well as other community support. That includes the race director – this was Linda Rackner‘s first year in that role.

West Seattle High School musicians performing in Victoria, B.C., again this year

May 20, 2017 10:08 pm
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Thanks to Jim Edwards for photos of West Seattle High School‘s band (above) and orchestra (below), performing in Victoria, B.C. today.

It’s Victoria Day Weekend and that means a showcase of visiting high-school groups. If you happen to be up there this weekend too, look for the WSHS musicians near the Parliament Buildings at 5 pm Sunday. Then on Monday, it’s the Victoria Day Parade.

WEST SEATTLE CUP: Battle of undefeateds – Denny and Madison

May 20, 2017 3:41 pm
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Congratulations to the Denny International Middle School Dolphins for winning this year’s West Seattle Cup – the report and photos are from Denny principal Jeff Clark:

There is some great middle-school boys’ soccer being played in West Seattle this year! Going into today’s West Seattle Cup match, which is sponsored by the West Seattle Soccer Club, Denny and Madison were the two top teams in the city — neither team had lost a game previously.

The trophy has been at Madison this past year, but now is going back to Denny after the Dolphins came out on top with a 6 to 1 victory today.

Both teams have a lot to be proud of this season and will probably meet again in the playoffs. Thank you to the West Seattle Soccer Club for your support. Great job to all of the players and coaches at both schools!

SOCCER: West Seattle boys’ state journey ends in quarterfinals

May 20, 2017 12:16 am
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In 3A state-tournament play at Memorial Stadium downtown, a quarterfinals match was the end of the line for the West Seattle High School boys-soccer team on Friday night. Gig Harbor left with the win, 3-1. According to the Tides‘ Twitter feed, the Wildcats‘ lone goal was scored with 1:30 to go.

SPORTS: Chief Sealth IHS track athletes advancing to district meet, starting today

May 19, 2017 9:00 am
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The spring postseason continues for high-school athletes, and the district track and field championships are set today and Saturday at Southwest Athletic Complex. Thanks to Kristin for sharing Chief Sealth International High School track coach Lorna Considine‘s announcement of the CSIHS participants:

Please congratulate the following students who have advanced to the District Track Meet this Friday and Saturday at SWAC: Mia Hyde, Eve Elmore, Imani Carey, Chloe Myers, Jessica Nelson, Quinn Wiley, Keyaira Corbray, Jasmine Smith, Elijah Jackson, Brandyn Gibson.

Also congratulations to:

2017 METRO CHAMPION QUINN WILEY in the 300 Meter Hurdles

2017 METRO CHAMPION ELIJAH JACKSON in the Long Jump and High Jump

SWAC is at 2801 SW Thistle, across the street from CSIHS.

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