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    We have only used one third-party service – discovered that Bite Squad delivered for a certain local restaurant, and so we took advantage of that a few times.

    Tried again tonight – and discovered we (east and uphill from south Lincoln Park) are no longer in Bite Squad’s delivery area. Pinged their “live chat” and the person said they are “reconfiguring.” As far as I can tell from testing addresses, they seem to be cutting off after south Morgan Junction, at least on the west side of the peninsula. Their eastern boundary doesn’t seem to kick in until somewhere east of 16th SW.

    So this leads me to think there might be a story out there, pending my inquiry with the company on Monday regarding “reconfiguring” in West Seattle.

    What other third-party delivery services operate here? Have you used them? Have you noticed any changes such as delivery boundaries, or parts of West Seattle that a service doesn’t deliver to, though you know they serve some other part?

    If you don’t want to respond here, is always our best address.





    Recently used Eat24 with good service for Majahara (junction) to North Admiral. They are now part of Yelp and embedded in the Yelp app. Prices seemed higher than in the restaurant (plus a tip encouraged in the app) but I’m not sure of that, but it was worth it given my Indian cravings.

    The delivery person was Indian so it made me think Eat24 relies on the restaurant for delivery unlike Uber Eats and other services which deliver food. That seems less scalable to a wide segment of resturants.



    TR,,,try…they will bring you almost anything from all over the city for a price. Burger? Blue Moon, for instance. Locally, in WS, the charge would probably be 4.99…farther away, like from the north end? probably double. And they offer freebies many weeks, for just the delivery charge, from certain places…like bagels, pizza slices…those are some that I remember…

    Also..Amazon is getting into the fray on their Prime service…haven’t really looked into that yet…I remember reading that if you can wait two hours from when you ordered (means planning ahead), and are a Prime member, deliver would be free, but don’t quote me on that



    We like Grubhub, my partner is a former driver for Postmates and sadly they’re boundary is 100th and we are off of 104th…Grubhub doesn’t have a huge selection but decent enough for the random take out nights!



    Thanks for the replies! Delivery boundaries have been of interest since our early days – the Pagliacci brouhaha comes to mind – but we haven’t really looked into/reported on the current state of things, and the BiteSquad change surprised me, as it seemed these companies are all expanding, not contracting. Don’t know if any restaurant ops will see this but I would also be interested in any insight into what percentage the delivery services charge the restaurants – as small-business proprietors ourselves, we try to avoid practices that hit other local indies in the pocketbooks (cash instead of cards when we can because we’re well aware of the “fee” charged there, etc.). – TR



    on Eats 24 , one of the places listed was Yummy Teriyaki…always accompanied by their card to call directly…not even sure if they are on the list anymore. It was probably to avoid having to pay a percentage to the delivery service



    Another vote for PostMates. Never had a bad experience with those guys. We order from Cactus sometimes through them.



    The Pagliacci debacle was exactly what came to my mind when I first read your post. I still recall getting the mailer offering delivery, calling up to order and being told I lived in an undesirable neighborhood that it wasn’t safe to make deliveries to. My house at the time was at California and Othello. They were completely out of touch with reality!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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