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    I wouldn’t mind paying a new $35 towel fee if they would fix the equipment. It’s been almost two months since their stair masters have been fixed or upgraded. But what are they thinking that making us pay for towels now will provide better customer satisfaction? IF you can tag the towels, do it- just don’t charge us for it.



    Cathy, can you clarify what the towel fee is? Were you just charged an additional $35 in addition to your regular membership?

    I’m looking to a gym with a pool and was seriously considering WSHC. I already thought their $50 “enhancement” feel was a little strange.

    Also looking at LA Fitness but not a fan of their initiation fees.

    Would be nice if all these gyms would just be straightforward with their pricing instead of trying to disguise it by charging various fees.



    I am very fond of WS Athletic Club. If you have a problem, go to them. They are VERY responsive.



    LA fitness has tiered membership dues and some have no big upfront costs.

    I’m a very happy LA fitness member and enjoy the saline pool…so does my skin, hair and eyes. I could not handle the chlorine when I was a member at West Seattle.



    Thanks for your responses and feedback!

    LA Fitness didn’t mention tiered pricing to us, just different combinations of monthly and initiating fees. I too found the saline pool to be quite appealing. Do you have any problems w/lane availability since there’s only 3 lanes? I was also disappointed that there wasn’t a pace clock but maybe it just wasn’t up yet.



    I believe all the aerobic machines are new except for the stairmasters. I haven’t been using the stairmasters but because I’ve been thinking about trying them out, I noticed two were in use last time I was there. Whether the others were out of service, I can’t say.

    Like birdrescuer, I’m very happy with the improvements to the club.



    The towel fee is a one time fee which then allows you to access the towel machine with your key card. apparently you can have as many towels as you need. the towels are chipped and must be deposited into the machine on your way out. You are free to bring your own towels. They have also put in dispensers in the showers for shampoo, soap and conditioner. These dispense a miserly amount of product. I am unhappy about this and am now looking hard at LA fitness.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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