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    I am not sure if this is a scam or what, but it seems a bit odd to me. I recently got a letter from a supposed Real Estate agent who said he was driving by my home,liked it and was making an offer to buy it. I live at the top of a hill so he could not have seen very much. Still he enclosed a Deed of Trust (???) and said he may be willing to cash out. I would have looked at this, laughed, and thrown it in the trash. HOWEVER, he mistakenly sent someone else’s home offer to my address. Then I became concerned. What if there is someone who is in need of cash and contacts this guy? What kind of scam is this? His website is totally generic with very little information. The BBB specifies this is not an approved company. Moral of this story: be careful and keep your ears open for someone who might be taken in my this. I will say again, I don’t know what he is after but it just feels/smells fishy to me.



    It is a scam. We got this letter once. Throw it out. If you want you can report to USPS and cops.



    FWIW, it might not be – right now I’m trying to reach the owner of a home that I run by fairly regularly, and noticed it has been sitting empty for quite some time. My wife and I are considering buying a house again, and I really like this property, so I even enlisted the help of a realtor friend to try to contact the owner and see if he’ll sell me the house as is so that I can renovate it.

    The only thing we have to go with is the public information available through the King County Assessor’s office, which may not be reliable if the owner has moved. I also put a letter on the door, and stop by regularly hoping to catch someone there. Wish me luck!



    We just got the same thing from Jim Thorpe. Scam, scam,scam. Will research him and file a complaint if warranted….



    Hi All,

    As a real estate investor and developer, our office does send a “letter and offer” to the owner of a property we are interested in purchasing. The offer is a “calling” card and is not intended to be signed…it is to show the seriousness in our intent to purchase and begin a conversation. We do not hold any knowledge of the property owner’s age or status. As the property purchase industry has moved to “principal to principal” transactions, mailing a letter, postcard or unsolicited offer is commonplace. As most owners do, if they are not interested, they deem it “junk” mail and discard it.

    If you would like to discuss further, we are happy to chat and can be reached at 206-688-0586.


    Laurelhurst Investments, LLC.



    Send a copy of the letter to the police, WA State AG & USPS. This is a scam, and the scammers need to be stopped.

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