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Thursday night notes

DOG OWNERS, TAKE HEED: A post on the Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area Yahoo! group says Animal Control officers were at the park this week citing owners of license-less dogs. (The crackdown’s been under way citywide all year.)

BEACH DRIVE RESIDENTS ON ALERT: Beach Drive Blog shares a warning about car prowlers.

END OF AN ERA: We didn’t realize how sad we are going to be on Election Day until we saw the phrase in “print” in the online version of the newsletter for Fauntleroy Church, which plans a bake sale and bazaar for visiting voters (and others) that day and begins its pitch for volunteers this way: “For this last in-person election ever in King County …” BWAAAA! Seriously, we’re sad. We’ve voted in person every election, every place we’ve ever lived, since the very first elections for which we were eligible after turning 18, and as you have probably figured out by now, that wasn’t exactly yesterday. For some, trying to carve out time to get to “the polls” may have been a hassle, but for us we always found a way to make it a wonderful ritual and a time to remember how lucky we are. Sitting at the cluttered table marking up the ballot at our leisure just won’t be the same.

Pet protection, plus a pair of pleas

The city is offering pet owners this advice on Halloween pet safety. Meantime, two missing cats to be on the lookout for — e-mail WSB if you have information on either one, and we will put you in touch with the owners:

tigger.jpgsage.jpg.bmpThe photo at left shows Tigger, an 11-year-old indoor cat missing since Saturday 10/20; his owners think the wind blew open their patio door, and out Tigger went. He should be wearing a black collar with identifying information and his license tag. He’s a silver/gray Maine Coon Tabby. … The photo at right shows Sage, also an indoor cat, but her owner says Sage’s escape this past Saturday night is a mystery. They live in the Sylvan Ridge development on the west edge of the High Point area. Sage is bluish-gray with a white belly.

Anybody missing a poodle?

October 28, 2007 6:19 pm
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Sandi writes to say she found a “small female white poodle in the Genesee area” today. We’ll put you in touch if it’s yours. 6:55 PM UPDATE: Reunited. Yay!

Canine mystery at Fauntleroy ferry dock

Reader Stacy says the two black Labradors shown below — one un-neutered male and one female she says looks to have given birth recently — turned up today at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. They found an animal-control officer to scan them; one dog had a microchip, but — “with outdated info based in Redmond,” says Stacy. Any ideas who they belong to? Let us know and we’ll get you in touch with Stacy.



One more pitch to watch for Flint

He’s the only pet mentioned here recently who’s not reunited with his people yet … but with several hundred more people joining us all here since we first mentioned him, it’s worth one more try:Read More

Video feature: West Seattle’s newest cat-adoption facility

The folks who run Kitty Harbor, a new addition to the east side of Harbor Ave by ActivSpace, welcomed a WSB visit this past weekend for this video feature. Kitty Harbor is operated by Delyn Kosbab, founder of the rescue organization Animal Safe Haven Association. As you will see her explain in the second clip (with the help of a playful pal), this is NOT a place to drop by and just gawk at cute cats; they are extremely serious about finding the best home for the dozens of rescued cats and kittens they are trying to place. Like these, who couldn’t resist trying to play with a volunteer helping clean cages:

In this clip, founder Delyn Kosbab explains Kitty Harbor and its guidelines, adoption fees, etc.

You can find out more about Kitty Harbor at its new website. As you’ll see on the site, it’s open Friday-Sunday or by appointment.

Pet rescuer’s surprise “rescue”

Teri from the rescue group Furry Faces Foundation has suddenly found herself in a bit of a rescue situation – a lost cat turned up in her yard yesterday. Teri describes the cat as gray, no collar, looking confused (“maybe an indoor cat that got out, or new to the neighborhood?” Teri muses); if you’ve lost a gray cat in West Seattle, call her and describe your cat’s physical features, “unique personality,” and the area where your cat’s missing (no, she says, it isn’t Flint) — in the meantime, she’s taking the cat to a vet later to scan for a possible ID chip. You can reach Teri at or 206-932-1652.

Let’s make it 2 for 2 in October

missingcat.jpgDays after WSB readers helped bring Max back home, are you ready to help reunite another lost cat with its owner? At right, you see Flint the cat, whose owners write:

We were having our roof replaced this week and our cat got spooked and ran away from home. We’ve waited 4 days for him and have done the normal walking the neighborhoods, putting up posters and such. Now we’re asking for additional eyes to help us.

Flint is a grey and white male cat – 3yo. He’s gray with a white chest and white paws – very distinctive. He is microchipped. He is on regular medicine and is need of treatment. Please help us find him.

Flint disappeared at 26th & Holden (map below). You can reach his owners at 206-355-8965.

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Happy homecoming

kittyone.jpgWe promised you an update once it was confirmed: The cat pictured at right, found at 35th/Thistle and taken care of for more than a week before its finder e-mailed us for help, is now home. His name is Max; his owner saw Max’s photo on WSB just before catching a plane out of town but managed to get a housesitting friend to go retrieve Max and bring him home. Gotta love a happy ending.

Saturday haps

October 6, 2007 6:43 am
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Many fine things to do in West Seattle today, and the WS Weekend Lineup lists a ton of them. But as the day begins, we want to single out a few:

ONE RACE/ONE VILLAGE: First-ever 5K run for the Agathos Foundation. Registration starts at 8 am at the Bathhouse (we believe the website means “Alki Ave” where it says “Beach Drive”).

KITTEN ADOPT-A-THON: Just found out about this last night, walking past All the Best Pet Care on Alki and spotting flyers on the windows. 11 am-3 pm, at the store (next to Cactus).

ME-KWA-MOOKS SIGN CELEBRATION: 10:30 this morning at the park that’s a lot bigger than it looks from Beach Drive. A volunteer organizer says the event is “to celebrate the installation of an interpretive sign that will tell you where a mansion once stood, what the park’s name really means, and why the trail through the woods gets better every year. Coffee, pastries, and unforgettable historical insight are all on the house!”

And if you have to leave West Seattle this morning, remember The Viaduct is closed 7 am-11 am for the Heart Walk.

Found in south West Seattle neighborhoods: 1 dog, 1 cat

(THURSDAY 10/4 UPDATE: Looks like these are both closed cases. See the comments for the dog update; cat update will be on the home page soon when happy reunion is confirmed.) We haven’t launched a separate pets page yet since we haven’t been swamped with pet alerts since our last flurry of activity — but today, we’ve received separate notes about a found dog and found cat, so in hopes of finding their owners, here goes. E-mail us if you have any idea about either pet’s ownership, or leave a comment. First, the dog:

We just found a dog out wandering SW Barton and 18th SW. She’s black and looks like a lab mix. She’s got a choke collar on but no tags. We’ve got her in our front yard right now to keep her off of the street but we’d love for her to find her home!

Next, the cat. This one turned up at 35th/Thistle more than a week ago and its finder has taken it in, but would like to find its real owner (or, failing that, a new adoptive owner). it’s a neutered male, 9-10 years old, no collar, affectionate. Here’s a pic:


Again, e-mail us if you know anything about either of these pets, and we’ll put you in touch with the people who contacted WSB.

West Seattle dogs, unleashed

Wildlife danger isn’t the only reason not to let your dog run loose on local beaches. Potential penalties are another good one. And the best news is, you do have somewhere to take your dog and let it run free: Westcrest Park. The park steward for the off-leash area, Steve McElhenney, e-mailed us this weekend (with photos taken during sunnier times) and wanted us to get the word out. Steve says, “Off-leash area are created in conjunction with Seattle Parks & Rec and COLA, Citizens for Off-Leash Areas, to offer locations for dogs to run and play off leash … It’s a great little community we have, a great place for the dogs, and a way to meet new people and make new friends.” As with the gathering in the photo below:


There’s even a Yahoo! list for Westcrest users to share dog photos and updates on park events, such as a work party that Steve says is coming up October 18th from 6-8 pm (much like the one in the second photo he shared):


Steve also says Westcrest has a separate “small/shy dog area,” and 98 total acres of trails. Ready to check it out? Here’s the city link again; the parking lot is at 5th and Cloverdale.

Biz bits

Taco Del Mar in Westwood Village has opened.

-Also in Westwood Village, Pet Pros — one of the 6 pet stores WS now has, counting the newly opened All the Best Pet Care on Alki — says it’s having a grand-opening sale 9/28-9/30. 

-Another business is celebrating a grand opening: We just heard from TouchTech Systems, which has moved into the former West Seattle Helpline spot (they’re now in the WS Community Resource Center) in The Junction (along the corridor at 4517 Cali). Company president Brian Presser, a WS resident, describes TouchTech Systems as:

We are a small local company that provides multimedia marketing and communication solutions for the internet (such as websites) as well as interactive kiosks for a multitude of uses.  We sell and provide service for essentially all Apple computer equipment and are a reseller of most major hardware and software brands including Xerox, HP, Adobe and Microsoft.

While we’re talking pets …

September 10, 2007 9:05 pm
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Finally heard from Lady Di-Pet Chaperone regarding her plans as her current Admiral location (site of the 2310 Cali project) gets closer to demolition. She says she’s expecting to be able to stay there at least another 9 months, but is actively looking for someplace new.

Have you seen Hugo?

Haven’t run a lost-pet post in a while, but Hugo’s disappearance is an unusual case. His owners say housekeepers accidentally let him out today at their Upper Fauntleroy home, but he’s a fast runner and could be anywhere by now. No collar. He’s a “big whippet that looks like a greyhound,” as his heartbroken owners describe him, and they say he’s under treatment for cancer. If you see him, call April at 206-351-9756 or John at 206-954-2694. 8:42 PM UPDATE: Note in the comments says Hugo’s been found.



Alki animals

First — Bob Bollen sent us this pic of true dogpaddling off Alki today:


Also from the inbox — word that one of the Alki baby seals got tv time today.

Doggie stardom may await

OK, who can resist a cute pooch pic? Just a few days left to get in on the dog photo contest at Thriftway in Morgan Junction. Deadline to submit a pic is Tuesday; judging is Wednesday.

Selling by the seashore

Two retail notes from Alki this afternoon: First, if you look down 61st, you’ll see this umbrella right by the Homestead:


Thanks to the Alki Beach Community group on Yahoo! for tipping us to the little produce stand now set up under that umbrella. Fruit on one side, vegetables on the other, all organic, obtained from Charlie’s Produce. According to what Homestead owner Tom Lin told the ABC group, its operator is a UW student named Eric. First place on Alki you can buy uncooked food since Alki Market shut down again. Speaking of that space …


… that’s the scene next to Cactus, as the future All the Best Pet Care continues getting ready for business. This will be West Seattle’s northernmost pet-stuff store, joining (north to south) Mud Bay, Next to Nature, Petco, Pet Elements, and Pet Pros.

New group for WS pooches and their people

Wendy from Green Spaces Real Estate and The Wonderful World of Wendy (two of the 86 sites now on our Other Blogs In WS page) wants to let the world of WS dog lovers know about the High Point K9 Club she’s organizing (not just for HP), with meetup #1 planned for September 1st. Find out more here.

Sunday sunset, and more

We didn’t go to Westwood Village tonight in search of our semi-traditional Sunday sunset photo, much less infobits, but we found both …


The WV infobits: #1, West Seattle bestselling author Terry Brooks is coming back to the WV Barnes & Noble, August 28th @ 6:30 pm, almost a year after his last stop there; #2, the Pet Pros store in the old laundromat spot next to QFC is now open.

Reader request for your recommendations: Cat boarding

cat.jpgEvery so often, we get a request to ask everybody in WSB-land for suggestions about something. (Recent examples: Toddler-friendly WS coffee shops and tasty WS takeout.) This week, we’ve been awaiting a slow moment to post the latest such request, and that moment is here: Any recommendations you would care to share for best WS-area place to board your cat(s)?

WS Lost/Found Pet Watch: Sammy’s out there somewhere

The subject line on the e-mail about this lost cat was a grabber — LOST SPECIAL NEEDS CAT. Sammy’s owner writes that he’s a “special needs, indoor cat. His hind legs don’t work well, so he drags them around while he pulls himself along with his forelegs. He can move unexpectedly fast though. He was lost at 46th and Genesee in West Seattle on Monday morning. He is a medium-sized Siamese and he does not have a collar on.” Call Sammy’s people at 937-4418 or 396-8026.



WS Lost/Found Pet Watch: Dog gone near High Point

izzy.jpgWe’ll set up a special section soon, now that people who have lost or found pets are finding out this is another good place to get the word out. In the meantime, this just in: Izzy the 10-pound Cairn Terrier (photo right), described by her people as “shy but very friendly” and “looks like Toto from The Wizard of Oz,” disappeared from her High Point home sometime Friday. Izzy was wearing a pink collar with name and owner info. There’s a reward out for her safe return. 937-5693.