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Camera missing – with priceless photos on its disc

You’re always welcome to post a lost/found report in the WSB Forums, or to send us pet lost/found info/pix for the Pets page; once in a while we mention unusual cases here on the news page too, and this is one: Karen e-mailed that she is desperately searching for the camera with photos from her mom’s NINETIETH birthday celebration – actually, she just wants the disc back:

I am so sick at heart. While leaving on an anticipated trip on Sunday I inadverntley left my camera on the steps of our front porch. We live near the Junction Hardware. It’s gone. The camera scan card holds photos of my mother’s 90th birthday party. If the “finder” wants to come back I’ll just hand over the camera bag, lenses and accessories in exchange for the disk.

If you have info, Karen’s number is 206.935.1915; she says it’s a black camera with extension and sun hood.

For the birds: Chicken-coop tour; library falcon

June 30, 2008 10:51 pm
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That’s just one example of a city chicken coop – and we’re showing it to you to accompany Seattle Tilth‘s announcement that its “City Chickens Tour” (first mentioned here) is definitely a go for July 12, and will feature West Seattle chicken coops too. Tickets (maps for the self-guided tour) are available through the Seattle Tilth website. Now, a bird of a different feather:

That’s video of a peregrine falcon — and its handler — from Woodland Park Zoo’s SOAR program, visiting the Delridge Library tonight for a program that kept a sizable all-ages audience, well, enrapt. (In the clip, you hear an explanation of how the DDT ban decades ago helped save endangered peregrines – among other birds – by reducing use of the chemical that had thinned their eggshells.) West Seattle’s library branches have programs from story time to games and beyond, all summer long; use this map to browse the branches and their online calendars.

Fauntleroy Place updates: Dates with Design Review, JuNO


Though its groundbreaking ceremony is already two-plus weeks in the rear-view mirror, Fauntleroy Place (aka “the Whole Foods project,” city page here) still has some important audiences ahead: The new design shown above (made public the day of the groundbreaking) will go before the Southwest Design Review Board at 8 pm August 14 (same night as the High Point mixed-use development review mentioned here Friday), according to an update posted today on the city’s Design Review/Upcoming page (which likely means official notice will go out in Thursday’s Land Use Information Bulletin). In the meantime, work on the site will continue — Eric Radovich from BlueStar says that once Hancock Fabrics closes after this Saturday, the next step is asbestos abatement for the building, before it can be demolished. BlueStar, by the way, will be at the next Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) meeting July 8 (6:30 pm @ Ginomai) to talk about the revised FP design and answer questions. (Also on the JuNO agenda that night, a presentation about the CORA [Congress of Residential Architecture] NW townhouse-design initiatives, featuring West Seattle architect Brandon Nicholson, who presented design ideas on behalf of CORA at Councilmember Sally Clark‘s recent townhouse forum (WSB coverage here).

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Charles Burnett

We’re extending the traditional WSB welcome this afternoon to our newest sponsor, Charles Burnett. He grew up in West Seattle and currently works as an associate broker with Windermere Real Estate in The Junction, where he specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, particularly those interested in condos and townhouses. He says his buyers are interested in West Seattle for many of its most appealing attributes — great views, close to downtown, Junction nightlife. And he’s noticed that it’s become a very attractive place for people who have been out of school for a few years, are getting settled into their careers, and are ready to find a great neighborhood they can truly call home. His expertise comes from seven years of working as an agent before studying for his broker license, as well as from growing up here; when he’s not busy helping clients, he’s an avid hiker, rock-climber, boater, and snowboarder. Check out Charles Burnett’s website for info on how to reach him, and to search for properties that are on the market now. WSB thanks him and our other sponsors for choosing to grow their businesses and support ours by advertising here; they’re all listed on this page, with info on how you can join them.

Government stuff you should know, Monday edition

June 30, 2008 3:48 pm
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-The proposal for King County to reopen talks with cities regarding extending the agreement for jail services – potentially pre-empting the need for the Seattle city jail that might wind up sited in West Seattle – moved out of the county council Committee of the Whole today and goes next to the full council. (Dow Constantine represents you there; here’s how to contact him.)

-We’re watching the Seattle City Council meeting (live on cable 21 or online here) and they’ve just passed the somewhat-controversial Multi-Family Tax Exemption for developers, 7-1 (Licata, no) and a bill on condo conversions, 8-0. Will add links shortly. P.S. The council’s Viaduct briefing is finally about to start (4:05 or so).

-The environmental assessment on the Alaskan Way Viaduct‘s South End project – the reason for the upcoming July 15 hearing at Madison Middle School – has just been published online. Find it here.

-If you have something to say about whether a new parks levy should be on this fall’s ballot, and whether what’s in the levy proposal is what you’d want to pay for, another hearing has just been set – July 10 (a week from Thursday), 5:30 pm, City Hall, before the city council’s Parks Committee (chaired by West Seattle-residing Councilmember Tom Rasmussen).

Reader reports: Cat, birds shot with BBs/pellets

Two separate incidents – but both came to us first as reader reports (police reports have been filed too) from neighbors who want to alert you. First, Michael sent his report with this photo – we debated putting it behind a jump but it’s not particularly gory – just distressing, considering what his kitty is recovering from:


I live on 25th Ave SW one block off of Delridge between Hudson and Brandon. My cat was shot in the hindquarter with either a BB gun or pellet rifle. (see attached pictures) I just wanted to put the word out in case anyone else’s pet has suffered this class C felony and wanted to warn the neighborhood to watch out for their pets.

Not long after Michael’s report came in, we got this forwarded by Sheila in High Point, who also wanted to put it out as an alert to neighbors:

On Monday June 23 some kids were chasing a injured pigeon that was shot with a BB gun. A neighbor caught that pigeon and I called the Seattle animal shelter and it was picked up the next day. [An officer] said if we see anything, call the shelter at 206-386-7387. Nothing was done to the kids since we didn’t see who shot the pigeon.

Saturday night (28th) another neighbor was walking [in the 30th & Graham area] and found another pigeon. This one was dead and there was a small hole with blood, it had appeared to be shot. I called the animal shelter Sunday morning and told them what happened. They said since I didn’t see it happen they cannot do anything about it. Please keep a look out for kids with a BB gun and please report it to the police (911).

Mystery helicopter this morning – still a mystery

More than a few e-mails this morning asking about a helicopter flying around northeastern West Seattle around 5:30 am – checked with Sgt. Jeff Durden at Southwest Precinct and it doesn’t seem to have been associated with police activity. We’ll see if we can find out anything from aviation-related sources.

From the latest Land Use Bulletin: Alki antennas approved

June 30, 2008 10:43 am
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Last year, some controversy simmered in the Alki/west end of Admiral area over proposals to add more antennas to the top of 6609 Admiral (over Alki Point). Today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, just posted by the city, includes a land-use decision allowing 8 more antennas on the building (construction permit still pending); you can see the history of this project (and others at the site) here.

Reminder: Driver-licensing office closed this week

The West Seattle driver-licensing office near Westwood Village is closed for remodeling this week – it won’t reopen until Wednesday, July 9th. If you have to go to a driver-licensing office before then, locations of other Seattle offices are on this page.

Charlestown Cafe is open again!

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

charlestownsign.jpgThe video above shows Charlestown Cafe staff greeting Ted, the first customer to walk through the door on the restaurant’s grand-reopening day – he arrived a few minutes after 6 am, as the beloved restaurant is back in business almost five months after a fire shut it down. We’ve talked with co-owner Larry Mellum, who’s also been interviewed by at least one TV crew so far (that’s a channel 7 photographer you see in the video above), and says he’s thrilled for this day to have finally arrived. More video and pix, including an interview with Larry, coming up. ADDED 6:34 AM: Another clip — a quick look inside, just before the first customer arrived:

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

Now a little of the backstory, to help with context for all this – The Charlestown Cafe has been a West Seattle fixture practically since its opening in 1991. Then, two years ago, in summer 2006, the cafe owners announced they were losing their lease because the property owner wanted to redevelop the site. A community outcry ensued, as did various hearings on the development. Then this year, just a few days before the February fire, when it seemed the project had been stalled for months, the Charlestown owners announced they had something of a reprieve (WSB report here). Still much to be decided about its future, but when the property owner committed to the repairs, that said a lot about a commitment to the restaurant for some time to come. (More later.)

Last day of June: Highlights of what’s happening today

CHARLESTOWN CAFE: Reopens 6 am today. See you there!

WSB ON THE RADIO: KUOW’s “Weekday,” 9-10 am today. Show details here. (94.9 FM on-air, or listen online.)

COUNCIL VIADUCT BRIEFING: Following up on last week’s unveiling of 8 “scenarios” (WSB coverage here), the Seattle City Council gets briefed on Alaskan Way Viaduct matters at 2:30 pm today. (Live on the Seattle Channel, cable channel 21, or watch online.)

KEEP COOL AT THE LIBRARY: Need a/c? Here’s a map to all West Seattle (and the rest of the city) public libraries. Delridge Library has a cool-in-its-own-right program tonight: Raptors, up close and personal. 6:30-7:30 pm.

But wait, there’s more! all on our West Seattle Events calendar page.

West Seattle Gas Price Watch: A week of few increases

Only one of West Seattle’s 20 gas stations is still in the $4.40s, after a week where the majority of stations either cut prices a bit or kept them the same. See the latest prices, on our map and text list, ahead:Read More