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Updates: Delridge search after mother and child are shot

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(photo of Delridge/Juneau roadblock taken by Sage K, added 11:53 pm)

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Helicopter and many police involved right now in search centering on the 5600 block of Delridge. The call is “assault with weapons 14” which usually means multiple patients known or suspected. Trying to find out more. Thanks to those who e-mailed us with first word. 11:03 PM UPDATE: Whoever they’re looking for in this, scanner traffic indicates they’re not in custody yet, so if you’re in that area, be safe and be sure to call 911 if you see/hear anything/anyone suspicious. 11:05 PM UPDATE: One TV report says woman and boy shot. We heard scanner traffic talking about a 12-year-old male gunshot victim so we believe that’s from this incident. We’re also hearing that police may be looking for two suspects. 11:10 PM UPDATE: Victims taken to Harborview Medical Center, which indicates serious wounds. According to King County records, 5625 Delridge is a duplex. 11:17 PM UPDATE: According to the police media-info line, this started with a 911 call around 10:30 pm from a woman reporting hearing 10 to 12 gunshots. The media-info line describes the victims’ wounds as “non-life-threatening” and also says a third person was believed to have been shot at, but not hit. 11:36 PM UPDATE: Nearby residents say the helicopter has left the area, but we are not hearing any scanner indications of any arrests so far. Sage K does report northbound traffic is still being rerouted at Delridge/Juneau, where police have the road blocked. Sage also sent photos; stand by. 12:01 AM UPDATE: Lots of new info in update we just got from the Seattle Police media-info line. Most important: “Tentative” description of the vehicle police are seeking – a burgundy SUV. That’s ALL the information they have on possible suspects. Also, they identify the victims as a mother and her 12-year-old child. She was shot twice in the chest; he was shot in the back of the shoulder. Both are expected to survive, according to police. They say the search and investigation currently involves: Guardian 1 (helicopter), K-9, CSI, homicide, and gang units. Nobody in custody as of this report filed moments ago. 12:47 AM UPDATE: Sage K reports in comments that Delridge is now fully open again. No notable scanner activity in the case for a while, meantime. (We’ll keep monitoring till at least 2 am and will post whatever we hear/learn …) 2:08 AM UPDATE: For anybody still awake and wondering, no new developments reported. We’ll continue to monitor for a while longer, as we’re still working on an unrelated article that has to be done before the WSB newsroom shuts down for the night.

Fauntleroy Community Association: Tonight’s toplines

Another event covered tonight (JuNO and Viaduct reports still to come): the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s monthly meeting. No huge news, but a few notes:

–The recent Endolyne Joe’s fundraiser for Fauntleroy Fall Festival brought in $1150, more than double last year’s take.
–Good turnout and results for the recent cleanup at Cove Park.
Website updates are in the works.
–FCA’s looking into applying for one of the city’s free-trees offers.
–Still working to settle on the neighborhood gathering place and time as part of the community emergency-preparedness effort that’s under way around West Seattle this spring (by the way, the Fairmount neighborhood’s event is up next, this Sunday).
–No rep on hand to update the schoolhouse-purchase plan. is the place to find out more about FCA and how to join.

Hope Lutheran School’s roaring parade tonight

A week and a half ago, we showed you video of a chicken crossing the road … tonight, we have a lion:

Thanks to the folks at Hope Lutheran School for the advance alert about tonight’s Lion Dance parade to their school, after a special event at the nearby Seattle Lutheran gym capped a special unit of Chinese studies. Just so happened that your editor here and the Junior Member of the Team were at also-nearby Ginomai for the JuNO meeting on Junction development projects (full report upcoming); thanks to JMoT for going out with the camera to catch this glimpse (the drums rocked the meeting room for a few minutes too!).

Fauntleroy/Dawson signal-construction schedule moved WAY up

This was most recently mentioned by Sue in her comment on the Fauntleroy-speeding thread last weekend – now, we get word from Megan S (thank you!) that the Fauntleroy/Dawson (map) pedestrian signal is apparently happening sooner rather than later:

Our intersection has been marked with white spray paint for a few days now, so I figured they might be updating the wheelchair ramps or something, but apparently they are going to be putting in a pedestrian signal at this intersection. Since this is right near two fairly busy bus stops and the Fairmount Playground, it is about time that someone make the street a bit safer for people wanting to cross it. Didn’t see this news on the blog, so figured I’d give a heads up to both drivers and those on foot. According to the flier we received on our door today, further info can be found by contacting Awelker Nurhussen at, or Valerie Lee at (this latter works in the traffic signal operations department of SDOT) Also of possible concern is the fact that parking will be limited in the area during construction – not such a big deal for those of us with driveways, but I know that there are both apartments and condos in the area.

Megan tells WSB the flyer said that the work originally wasn’t scheduled to start till late summer, but the equipment’s available now so it’s starting this week.

Crime Watch update: More on the latest burglary arrests

As promised, more details from the Southwest Precinct on the latest burglary arrests – here’s the story as told by Sgt. Jeff Durden:

Today around noon, 911 is called about a suspicious car in the 7900 block of 30th Avenue SW. The license plate comes back to a stolen vehicle. Officer Jonathan Kiehn responds, but the car is gone. However, he recalls that a house on the block was burglarized recently and decides to check it out. Officers discover that the same house was burglarized again. About ninety minutes later Officer Ron Hylton locates the stolen vehicle in South Park, along with the three juvenile male suspects and property stolen from the home.

This makes 13 arrests in the past 17 days for residential burglary in West Seattle. All different suspects.

Need to network? Meet this local group

In addition to big groups such as the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and the West Seattle Junction Association, WS is laden with many smaller networking groups – and one of them is reaching out to prospective new members: The Westside Professionals’ first new-member outreach begins tomorrow morning; they’ll be meeting at Pegasus on Alki starting at 7:45, and welcome anyone interested in finding out more. Here chapter president Don Linley (who works with Crown Mortgage) talks a little about the group:

The Westside Professionals are affiliated with BNI, which bills itself as “the largest business-networking organization in the world.”

Crime Watch update: More arrests, “amazing teamwork”

Yet another bulletin from Lt. Steve Paulsen @ the Southwest Precinct, and this one we will take the liberty of quoting verbatim, because it’s about YOU! too:

Just arrested 3 more burglary suspects..The arrest included a stolen car and weapons. (I am losing count…I think we are up to 13 [arrests]) … In my entire 24 years with the Department, I have never experienced the level of teamwork between the citizens, patrol officers and detectives … truly amazing!

Details should be available a bit later. We were just down at the precinct reviewing report printouts for the first time in a while, and it’s true – so many arrests are coming with the help of alert, persistent, determined citizens. It’s not too idealistic/corny to say you CAN take back the streets.

Maybe it’s time to start believing that forecast

Walking through the chilly drizzle just now, it’s tough to believe that forecast for summerish weather later this week – but maybe it’s for real – the city just issued an advance alert about keeping pets safe in high temps.

Bridge alert: Crash on Fauntleroy end of westbound side

Thanks to Mac for the tip:

> There’s a car that jumped the curb westbound on The Bridge, up the hill by Walking on Logs. Heavy rescue is on the scene, traffic is slow.

UPDATE: Tow truck on the scene as we arrived – traffic moving normally now. Here’s a photo. Nobody hurt so far as we can tell; fire crews cleared pretty quickly:


Spokane Street Viaduct project: How it’ll change your life


Say goodbye to what might be the oldest dated street sign in the city, as just one small part of the big upcoming project to change the ramp configuration of, and widen, the Spokane Street Viaduct – once known as the “West Seattle Freeway,” currently considered part of the “West Seattle Bridge” between Highway 99 and the I-5 northbound/southbound ramp split. As money to pay for it continues advancing through the City Council — it’s time for a closer look on exactly what this project will involve, and how it’s likely to change your driving life before, during, and after. We recently sat down at SDOT headquarters with the city’s project manager for the Spokane Street Viaduct work, Stuart Goldsmith, and its communications manager LeAnne Nelson, and here’s what we found out:Read More

Happening tonight: Viaduct, Junction, Fauntleroy

Three notable West Seattle meetings tonight from the Events page:

VIADUCT: By the end of the year, state and local leaders promise they’ll settle on what to do about the “Central Waterfront” section of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Tonight, the latest info on the options, the state/city/council managers involved in the project, and a chance for you to speak up are all converging on one place: Madison Middle School (map), 5:30-7:30 pm. (Open-house format, so don’t worry if you can’t get there right at the start.) Read more here.

JUNCTION DEVELOPMENT: Two developers who have three megaprojects on the board — Conner Homes (Alaska/California/42nd) and BlueStar (Fauntleroy Place and Gateway Center) – are scheduled to present their newest info to the Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) tonight, 6:30 pm, Ginomai (42nd/Genesee).

FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Its monthly meeting is 7 pm tonight at the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, which is likely to be discussed since less than 6 weeks remain before the Fauntleroy Community Services Agency has to reach a purchase deal with Seattle Public Schools, which is putting the schoolhouse up for sale as “surplus property.”