BIZNOTE: New makerspace Solder and Bubblegum opening in North Delridge

A new business is getting ready for its grand opening in North Delridge – a new community makerspace called Solder and Bubblegum, “a place where people of all ages can attend workshops and clubs to learn more about electronics, video game development, cosplay and all sorts of other nerdy stuff.” Solder an Bubblegum’s Jason Sturgeon explains that their new space in West Seattle Corporate Center (4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 140) will have scheduled classes as well as open time – before and after the classes to start with, and “dedicated project hours” by year’s end. They’re planning a Grand Opening event on June 22 to “allow people to interact with some activities that represent the work we’re planning to do, check out the Makerspace in its current form, and ask questions about the space and plans for the community.” Jason explains, “Makerspaces are known as great places to find equipment that might be difficult to otherwise access and some level of technical support to help use them. We’re working to provide both of these things, as well as a strong community that centers around thoughtful classes, clubs, and workshops.” They’ll be offering memberships, with fees “structured to provide multiple levels of access to the space, including a lower-cost option accessible to most folks, and higher tiers for folks looking to help grow and expand the capability of the space for community benefit (as well as to help provide support for lower income folks).” Classes will be open to non-members too. All in all, Jason says, “The vision of Solder and Bubblegum is to be something truly different and unique.” Set your calendar for noon-4 pm Saturday, June 22 to visit and find out more.

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  • Kyle June 5, 2024 (12:28 pm)

    As someone who rents a smaller place and likes to make cosplays– love to hear this! 

  • HS June 5, 2024 (12:40 pm)

    WHAT? I’m so excited to see this opening up!!

  • Delridge resident June 5, 2024 (2:49 pm)

    NO WAY!! I’ve been dreaming about using a makerspace for a few small things around the house and now I can look forward to making those dreams a reality. I’m pumped! 🛠️

  • Mary Sturgeon June 5, 2024 (7:23 pm)

    Super excited to see our opening listed here! We’re hard at work getting ready to open the doors! Just wanted to add a note that Jason has been working hard to get the word out, but the Makerspace is a woman-owned undertaking – I would really like to see more femme folks getting out there and making stuff out in the world, and this is my attempt to create a space that encourages that. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!~Mary

  • Falcon June 5, 2024 (8:07 pm)

    Oh man! I am so excited about this! I fool around with Pi projects and cardboard robots with my 10 year old all the time. I have to work during the grand opening, but hopefully I’ll make my way in there to check it out later that week.

  • Eric Carroll June 5, 2024 (8:19 pm)

    Heck yes !  Stuff an old guy always wonders about . Was at burning man 23 years ago and didn’t know how people came up with their artistic ideas . I was a feed people person . 

  • Photon June 5, 2024 (10:16 pm)

    Exciting! How lucky are we to have this in our neighborhood?! The grand opening is in my calendar. 

  • teachmehow2solder June 5, 2024 (11:05 pm)

    This is super exciting, as someone who lives next door and needs to learn how to solder for a project!

  • Jason Sturgeon June 6, 2024 (4:26 am)

    Thank you all so much for the warm response! We’re really excited to share this with the community. If you’re planning to come, please RSVP here! You may also see our new pride themed flyer around town soon! 

  • Not a Boomer June 6, 2024 (8:15 am)

    You lost me. I’ve never heard the term Makerspace, which makes your article almost nonsensical. I asked my family about it and none of them knew what a Makerspace is, and my family consists of people from every generation. I asked my neighbor, and she didn’t know. Same with our mail person. From your article, workshops and clubs is very broad, and electronics and video games is very narrow. So it’s a club for gamers in a room full of computers? I googled it, which said, “there are many different definitions for Makerspace,” and it started in libraries.” So this is related to the tool library on North Delridge then? What would I see when I walked in? What does the company do or what would I do there? I’m keeping an open mind and honestly want to know more.

    • Pigeon Point Resident June 6, 2024 (9:50 am)

      While this place isn’t associated with the Tool Library, that’s a good frame to understand what a Makerspace is — while a Tool Library can provide access to people or equipment you might otherwise not have for home improvement projects, a Makerspace is that same thing for hobbies.Makerspaces can apply to a lot of different crafty/hobby things, this one is geared towards “nerdy” hobbies, particularly for people starting out who may want to try something like making costumes for cosplay, modifying electronics for gaming, 3D printing, etc. It’s a space to provide access to tools and knowledge you may otherwise have trouble finding on your own.

    • Blondie June 6, 2024 (1:15 pm)

      There’s no reason to be rude about it. Even if it’s not for you, there are other people who are excited about the launch of this. Just because a place where you get food is called a restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t call it a cafe. Attempt to be more open minded. 

    • bolo June 6, 2024 (10:48 pm)

      King County Library System has makerspaces for several years now, at the Bellevue and Federal Way branches.

  • Jason Sturgeon June 6, 2024 (3:48 pm)

    Thanks so much to all for the excitement and good will.It’s also fair to note that there are a ton of folks that aren’t familiar with Makerspaces and how they operate. We’re also especially excited to share THIS Makerspace, as we believe the concept is truly something that is very unique. (I DID really appreciate the comparison to a restaurant, Blondie!)While many folks have never heard of this concept before (this is quite normal), we’re looking to share Mary’s vision with the world. So happy to have you all with us!Also note that if folks want to join the Discord to stay up to date, here’s the invite link: case folks don’t know what Discord is, it’s a compartmentalized social media messaging platform. More info here: )

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