UPDATE: Firefighter, others hurt in basement fire at Alki apartment building

(Reader photo from SF)

10;48 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is arriving in the 2200 block of Alki Avenue SW [map] for what’s described as a basement fire at an apartment building. One person in the building and one firefighter are reported in need of medical treatment.

10:51 PM: The fire is reported to be under control.

(Reader photo from SF)

10:55 PM: A third person is reported hurt. As a result, more units are being sent as this is now classified as a “multiple casualty incident.”

11:02 PM: Alki Avenue is closed both ways at the fire scene. Firefighters have just told dispatch four people are injured – three civilians “red” (more serious), and the firefighter “yellow” (not major).

(Texted photo)

11:28 PM: SFD says the fire is out and that three people were treated, all in stable condition, including the firefighter, who’s being taken to a hospital. Some units are being dismissed from the scene.

1:48 AM: The cause is under investigation. We’ll update with whatever we find out about it, and the victims, later today.

11:24 AM: Seattle Fire has published this update on its Fireline site:

Last night at 10:34 p.m., the Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Alarm Center received 911 calls reporting smoke coming from an apartment building at the 2200 block of Alki Ave. SW. Ladder 11 was the first unit on scene and found smoke coming from a basement unit. As firefighters made their way to the fire room, they found the resident, a 27-year-old male, in the hallway. He was able to safely evacuate out of the building where paramedics provided medical care. He was in stable condition, but declined transportation to a hospital.

Crews were able to get water on the fire and search the home within ten minutes of arriving on scene. Smoke traveled throughout the building, leading firefighters to aid a 93-year-old, non-ambulatory lady to evacuate as a safety precaution. Paramedics evaluated her at the scene, determined she was in stable condition and did not require transportation to a hospital.

One firefighter sustained injuries from the fire, but is in stable condition. Paramedics transported them to a hospital for additional medical care.

By 11: 24 p.m., the fire was fully extinguished. Though crews remained on scene to ventilate the building to ensure it was safe for residents to return to their homes. Firefighters also assisted the elderly lady to get back home.

Investigators rule the fire was accidental and caused by food-on-stove that ignited, then extended to the rest of the kitchen. Estimated loss is $50,000.

Safety tip: Unattended cooking is the leading cause of fires in homes.

6 Replies to "UPDATE: Firefighter, others hurt in basement fire at Alki apartment building"

  • Daniel April 11, 2023 (11:04 pm)

    Wow, I lived here all last year and moved out at the end of January. I’ve always missed it but i’m glad me and my family don’t live there anymore after seeing this. I hope everyone is alright and safe. 

    • Erik April 12, 2023 (11:14 am)

      It was a wild night Daniel! Sorry I wasn’t around to see y’all off. Hope all is well! 

      • Daniel April 13, 2023 (12:08 am)

        Hey Erik! Yeah sorry I didnt get to say bye but i’m glad everyone is okay! 

      • Daniel April 13, 2023 (12:21 am)

        Sorry i never got to say bye but im glad everyone is okay! I texted Brandon to let him know what had happened, im sure he’ll connect with the landlords to ensure you guys get taken care of at the building. 

  • Rachel April 12, 2023 (1:01 pm)

    Hope everyone is doing ok after last night. Sad to see my neighbors go through that. A big thank you to the person who helped hold my cat! And I’m so grateful for the fire department who got there before the alarm was even going off.Do any of the Emerald Shores folks know if and when the landlords will be helping with cleaning or accommodations? Or have a contact?

  • KO April 12, 2023 (9:01 pm)

     Here are some photos of the fire. 

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