FOLLOWUP: West Seattle neighbors’ generosity helps theft victims restart their business

One month ago, we reported on a work-van theft that left Alejandra and Obed unable to operate their small business. Their friend Brenda then sent organized a crowdfunding campaign to help them get back to work, and now she has this update:

Thanks to the amazing support of the West Seattle community, the crowdfunding campaign has raised just over $6,000, allowing the couple to replace nearly all of the tools and equipment that were stolen and have their business up and going again! They are very thankful for the community’s help and everyone’s generosity.

Also, some of the West Seattle Blog readers and those who donated to the Go Fund Me asked how to learn about their services. I am attaching a photo of Obed using one of the new tools [above] and their business card with their services and contact information.

Thank you again to the WSB and the WS community for turning this unfortunate incident into a story with a very happy ending!

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  • 935 April 29, 2022 (7:14 am)

    Dear WSB – I cant seem to locate the Melgars or Morning Star Construction on the Dept of L&I website. Are they registered?

    This tool is available to discover license and bonding:

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