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FOOD: Free High Point Community Dinners to go, on Sundays

Starting tomorrow, a weekly free meal in West Seattle goes to-go – here’s the announcement:

Our free community dinner, High Point Community Dinner Church, has been serving a hot meal to our guests in West Seattle every Sunday night for 2 years. With a non-traditional set-up, we are able to get to know each other over dinner in an organic way, reaching out to people who may not typically feel comfortable in a more standard church setting. Everyone is always welcome for dinner, conversation, and prayer. Even with COVID-19, our volunteers are committed and eager to continue to serve food and show up for the community, especially those that heavily rely on the meal and leftovers to sustain them throughout the week. We are making changes to help keep people safe, fed, and encouraged by serving to-go meals outside at Walt Hundley Playfield starting this Sunday, March 15. With High Point Community Center closed, and many churches and meals cancelled, we hope to continue to help provide for those in need in our community. We thank our leaders, Verlon and Melodee Fosner, our cook and driver, all of our supporters and volunteers, and the other 10 Community Dinner locations in Seattle for coming together to be a bright spot in hard times.

Dinners to-go
Sunday nights at 5 p.m.
Walt Hundley Playfield (in the park near playground)
Organizers: Michael and Naomi Cox

The park is at 34th and Myrtle [map].

CORONAVIRUS: The Saturday 3/14 roundup

No big annouucements today, but there was some news:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From today’s Seattle-King County Public Health news release:

Public Health – Seattle & King County is reporting the following confirmed cases and deaths due to COVID-19 through 11:59 p.m. on 3/13/20

388 confirmed cases (up 60 from yesterday)
35 confirmed deaths (up 3 from yesterday)

Deaths being reported today include:

A woman in her 70s, died at Swedish First Hill on 3/12
A man in his 80s, a resident of Life Care Center, hospitalized at EvergreenHealth, died on 3/12
A man in his 80s, a resident of Life Care Center, died at Overlake Medical Center on 3/8

Of the 35 deaths reported in King County, 27 are associated with Life Care Center of Kirkland.

No additional public word of West Seattle cases beyond the two we’ve reported.

ABOUT TESTING: Also from SKCPH’s daily update, if you are wondering about the criteria for who should get tested for COVID-19 and when:

Although the laboratory test is becoming more broadly available, there are limitations in the health care industry’s capacity to obtain samples from people as rapidly as we would like. In addition, people do not always need to be tested for clinical care purposes since there is currently no medication to treat COVID-19.

Currently, anyone with a fever and cough should assume their illness could be COVID-19 and take steps to protect others in the community and household from the disease. If you are sick, you need to stay home and stay away from other people in your home. If you need to go into public to visit a healthcare provider, wear a mask and practice meticulous hand washing.

There are currently no restrictions for who can be tested for COVID-19 in Washington State. However, Department of Health Guidance to healthcare providers directs them to focus testing on people with COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath. The guidance prioritizes testing for people at higher risk for COVID-19. While anyone can ask a provider to be tested for COVID-19, testing is provided at the provider’s discretion.

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Here’s the latest from the state Department of Health.

DOH’S PLEA: As we noted earlier tonight, the Health Department is pleading, don’t hoard items like sanitizer.

SEATTLE EVICTION MORATORIUM: Announced today, the mayor has signed an emergency order for a moratorium on residential evictions. See the order here (PDF). The announcement is clear, this does NOT mean, stop paying your rent. It means eviction can’t be initiated or pursued until the civil emergency is over.

WHAT TO DO, AND NOT TO DO, IF YOU CALL 911: Added guidelines, to help keep first responders safe. Among them:

If you are calling 911 for a reason other than COVID-19 (i.e. fall, vehicle collision, etc.), it is still critical to tell dispatchers if you have symptoms. If you flag down emergency responders on the street – be sure to shout out before they meet you that you may have symptoms.

REMINDER, NO FARMERS’ MARKET TOMORROW: As announced Friday, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is canceled until at least mid-April. We are hearing informally that some vendors will be “popping up” around The Junction anyway.

VIRTUAL CHURCH TOMORROW: Some of the local churches that plan online services are listed on our changes/cancellations/postponements page; we are researching others tonight (help us out and email what yours is doing!) and will include everything we find in the happening/not happening list for Sunday, which goes live here on the main WSB page around 6 am.

WHAT ELSE IS CANCELED, POSTPONED, CHANGED LOCALLY: We’re continuing to update everything on the aforementioned list. If/when your organization, business, church, school, group, etc. has cancellations, postponements, changes, PLEASE let us know – or text/voice 206-293-6302.

HOW TO GET HELP/OFFER HELP: We’re hoping to amplify offers and requests in the days/weeks ahead. In the short run, a reader has posted a resource guide she’s put together – here’s the link in the WSB Community Forums.

DON’T HOARD! State Health Department’s plea

(Roxbury Safeway this morning – photo by Tamsen Spengler)

A plea late today from the state Health Department, in this news release:

The COVID-19 pandemic may have you rushing to the store to stock up on hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other supplies.

But before you sweep the store aisles clean of these items, you might want to remind yourself of the harm you’re causing to yourself and your community by overstocking. The more you overstock those supplies, the less is available for your sick neighbors, and for doctors, dentists, and emergency response personnel. Doing our part to keep vulnerable people healthy includes making sure they have access to necessary supplies.

Grocers say consumer overstocking – not a disrupted supply chain — is the main reason their store shelves are empty of many supplies and food items, especially hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper, and plastic gloves.

“We want the public to be assured that if they will return to their normal pace of grocery shopping that there will be an adequate supply of products for their consumption,” said Jan Gee, president and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association and its educational foundation. “We also want the public to be assured of the fact that the grocery stores are taking extensive measures to reduce any opportunity for contamination in our stores, and with the public’s cooperation, we will continue to provide a clean, virus-free environment stocked with healthy and fresh foods for everyone.”

Some consumers also seem to perceive a need to stock up on certain items such as bottled water. Health officials say water supplies are fine. Health experts emphasize the best way to protect yourself from infection is through good hygiene and limiting contact with others, not by overstocking certain supplies.


Washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds multiple times a day is the best way to reduce your risk of infection. Hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol is recommended if you aren’t able to wash your hands with soap and water.
Try to stay six feet away from others, and stay away from others in larger social gatherings.
Regularly disinfect surfaces in your home and workspace.
Stay home if you’re sick.
Don’t buy more supplies than you absolutely need.
We all want to stay healthy and reduce the risk of infection for ourselves and others in our community. Help do your part by only buying what you need, and leave some for your neighbors.

DOH has established a call center to address questions from the public. If you have questions about what is happening in Washington state please call 800-525-0127 and press #.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Scam calls; stolen green Civic; found bicycles

Three West Seattle Crime Watch items:

SCAM CALLS: We’ve received two recent reports – one today for the City Light scam, claiming your power’s about to be shut off, even spoofing the phone number so it looks legit. City Light’s Scam Alert page reminds you:

Seattle City Light Employees will:
Never call, email, or make a home visit requesting an immediate payment.
Never call on the weekend
Never call to request credit card, banking, or financial information
Never email you to request credit card, banking, or financial information
Never request credit card banking or financial information during a home visit
Never shutoff service without providing written warning in advance

The other scam report involved a call that’ll claim you have a “federal criminal offense” and have to call a certain number to speak to a “federal agent.” None of this type of action would be handled by phone. You may already savvy to scam calls but someone you know might not be, so remind them that even in the current crisis, scammers are still hard at work.

STOLEN CIVIC: Car thieves remain busy too. Second report today (here’s the first) – this one’s from Kirk:

My car was stolen from my condo parking spot on California Ave. SW & Dawson. I discovered it missing today, March 14, but it could have been stolen as early as March 11. It’s a green 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback with the license number of ADY3889.

If you see it, call 911.

FOUND BICYCLES: These were seen in Fauntleroy:

They’ve been there more than a day, we’re told. Recognize one or both? Let us know and we’ll connect you with the finder.

WHALE-WATCHING: Orcas headed this way

Kersti Muul reports transient orcas are headed up the west side of Vashon – hard to know how visible they’ll be from here when they emerge by north Vashon, but we’re publishing this heads-up anyway!

BIZNOTE: What neighboring retailers Alair Gift Shop & Coastal Surf Boutique are doing

As you’ve no doubt gathered by now – independent local businesses are doing everything they can to survive the virus crisis. Two neighboring West Seattle retailers have sent heartfelt messages to their customers, the first one forwarded by multiple people regarding Alair Neighborhood Gift Shop (3270 California SW):

This has been a really tough time for everyone.

And I really think it’s just the beginning. We have no clue what will happen next. For me at least, most of my tears have been rooted in feeling helpless. I’m a lady of action, and not being able to DO something is always when I feel the most frustrated, and always leads to the tears.

So I have a plan.

Step #1 (for me as a business)

I did a full cost analysis of operational cost by hour (with the help of the amazing Lori- thank you!). All week I’ve been closing early and just kind of winging it. The basic process behind determining when to close was “after two hours goes by without a customer, then I’ll close”. But that’s not helpful to anyone and we need some consistency. So we have new hours effective today. This will save about 6 operational hours per week, which is a start.

We also have a store text line where you can always reach out if you have any questions.

Alair Text Line For Customer Service: 206-659-7152


Step #2 (for me as a person)

I started Alair because I love this community and wanted to have a business that was for profit but also gave back as much as possible. I believe in only growing responsibly. I believe in kindness. And I believe that it’s really really easy for everyone to make another person’s day a little better.

So how can we help each other right now?

We have a lot of teachers in our community that just learned the schools are closing for over a month. Some of those kids rely on school meals to eat every day. And parents are working their asses off to feed them, and could be possibly be facing layoffs, less hours, etc.

We are going to help. OF COURSE WE ARE.

Starting today and for as long as we need to, we are having a food drive. Some of us are not worried about where the next meal will come from, so let’s help some other folks feel that same security. Please bring any non-perishables to Alair starting today, and we will figure out a plan to get it to the right place. I have been talking with a couple of teachers from the districts that need it the most, and we are working on it. But the first thing is start collecting food, so please bring what you can. Preference on things that are easy to make- microwave soups, easy mac, etc. I’m all ears on this one so let me know if you have any ideas here or if you’re with a school that has a need.

Step #3 (for Alair, how to survive this, and how to make everyone feel comfortable)

I have been cleaning and sanitizing the f— out of everything.

I have pulled all testers and samplers and have antibacterial wipes at the store if you need me to wipe things down before you grab them.

We have the website looking good with lots of things to do at home added on there- puzzles, idea boxes, etc. It’s a continual project and I’ll add new stuff every day.

We have the gift concierge service available for anyone that would like to stay out of the public for now.

We have been doing FaceTime shopping and local delivery (within West Seattle) on a case by case basis! Email or Text if this is the option for you! (We are also working on a more formal plan for this)

The online-shopping link is here. Text # is above; email is

Meantime, here’s the email update from Coastal Surf Boutique next door at 3270 California SW – it was sent as an image so we can’t cut and paste:

It’s been less than half a year since Coastal moved “up the hill” from Alki.

We’re continuing to publish business messages/updates as we get/find them – is best – thanks!

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash at 8th/Roxbury

1:39 PM: Avoid 8th/Roxbury – a big “rescue extrication” response is headed that way for a crash. One person is reported trapped. More info to come …

1:43 PM: First crew on scene says everyone is out of the vehicle. They’re downsizing the response.

1:52 PM: Photo added – it’s a flipped car. We’re checking with fire/police about injuries.

1:56 PM: A second vehicle was involved; its driver came to a stop about 30 yards away. Our crew has been told, no serious injuries.

BIZNOTE: Second Gear Sports offers options for shoppers

March 14, 2020 1:30 pm
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 |   West Seattle businesses | West Seattle news

From Second Gear Sports in Morgan Junction:

Second Gear Sports remains open with regular business hours to serve our community. While Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our community, we want to ensure that kids and adults take time to get outdoors and avoid cabin fever, while following the guidelines for social distancing. We have a great selection of bikes and other play gear that allow for social distancing while being outdoors. We will have frisbees and other items in the coming weeks. We are also beefing up the presence of our online store on our website

We can take orders online and by phone and will even offer curbside and home delivery. Should you prefer to visit us in person, please know that as a consignment store, we have always had rigid cleaning and disinfecting procedures for intake items. However, we have stepped up our efforts with thorough cleaning and disinfecting of our store at multiple points throughout the course of business. Our staff are healthy and ready to serve you!

If you go in person – or to pick up a purchase at curbside – SGS’s address is 6529 California SW.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen dark-green Altima

March 14, 2020 11:12 am
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Angie‘s car was stolen from Delridge/Henderson around 8:30 Friday night: “2016 dark green/blackish color Nissan Altima. Plate #BIF6114.” If you see it, please call 911.

Remembering Ginny Sundberg, 1925-2020

Here’s the remembrance being shared for Ginny Sundberg, who lived in West Seattle for many years:

Virginia May (Freeman) Sundberg, 94 beautiful years old, went peacefully home into the presence of God on March 11, 2020 at her home in Regency on Whidbey (Assisted Living Facility) in Oak Harbor, Washington.

Virginia (Ginny) was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, on October 16, 1925 to Edward Maurice Freeman and Stella Marguerite (Jenkins) Freeman. Her early years were spent in Mount Vernon, where she attended Ridgeway Grade School and later graduated from Mount Vernon High School.

After high school, Ginny moved to Seattle, where she attended Wilson’s Modern Business College, and went to work for Seattle Transit. During this time she worked as a maid/housekeeper to earn her room and board. At a point in her life Ginny considered absolutely critical, she moved into the home of a fellow transit worker, Sylvia (Berg) Severiede.

The Bergs attended the Norwegian Danish Methodist Episcopal Church (Central Methodist) at Boren and Stewart in Seattle. On her very first Sunday attending church with the Bergs, Ginny met Roy Sundberg, another pivotal event in her life. Virginia gave her life to Christ at a Youth For Christ meeting in Anacortes in 1945 where she played the piano for the trio Roy sang in. This lifelong commitment to Jesus shaped Virginia’s entire life. Roy and Virginia were married on October 18th, 1946 and they spent the next 67 years together, raising their family and enjoying God’s many blessings. Ginny thoroughly enjoyed and thrived being a stay-at-home mom. Her life was centered on her home, family, and church.

Ginny (Virginia) was preceded in death by her loving husband Roy. She is survived by her son Gary Sundberg (Kerry Heavey) of Bend, Oregon; son Terry Sundberg (Kathy Olund) of Winlock, Washington; and daughter
Merrie Burley (Mark Burley) of Coupeville, Washington. She enjoyed and treasured every one of her 7 grandchildren and their spouses, as well as her 15 great-grandchildren and her large extended family.

Services will be held for Virginia on Monday, March 16th, 2020 at 1 p.m. at Wallin Funeral Home in Oak Harbor with a reception to follow. Her family is so very grateful for the loving care “Miss Ginny” received from her Regency on Whidbey (Assisted Living Facility) “family” and the exceptional terminal care provided by Hospice of Island County, as well as her care at Whidbey Health. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Funeral arrangements made through Wallin Funeral Home.

(WSB publishes West Seattle obituaries by request, free of charge. Please e-mail the text, and a photo if available, to

THE LIST, UPDATED: What is, and isn’t, happening on your West Seattle Saturday

(Steller’s Jay, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

It’s been a long week. Now – the final weekend of winter. Here’s what’s happening, followed by what’s not happening:

GROUP RUN: West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) is continuing with its weekly free group runs, like this one. Meet at the shop by 8 am. (2743 California SW)

WEST SEATTLE LINUX USERS GROUP: Meeting at 9 am via Zoom – info here.

WEST SEATTLE ULTIMATE FAMILY FRISBEE: Organizer Timothy won’t be there, but you can be – 9 am at Walt Hundley Playfield, He shares the COVID-19 safety recs from Disc NW. (34th & Myrtle)

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES: Last scheduled weekend for sales. Buy yours online!

WINE: The Viscon Cellars (WSB sponsor) tasting room is open, 2-7 pm. (5910 California SW)

DAMON BUXTON: Guitarist at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. All ages. No cover. (5612 Californa SW)

(updated, 11:06 am, postponed to TBA date) RECORD RELEASE: Sweet Jesus at The Skylark, 8 pm doors, 9 pm music. $8 cover. 21+. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

THE LOOSE HEELS: Danceable country classics at Parliament Tavern, 9 pm. $8 cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

Next, from our our cancellations, postponements, changes page):

CLOSED – City and county libraries
CLOSED – Community centers, pools, other Seattle Parks facilities
CANCELED – Family Reading Time at Paper Boat Booksellers
CANCELED – Seattle CYO Athletics games
CANCELED – Middle-school (SPS) basketball playoffs
CANCELED – Free Tax Help
CANCELED – Northwest Symphony Orchestra concert
CANCELED – Live music at Pacific Room
CANCELED – Downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade (which had had some WS participants)
POSTPONED – Magical Strings at Kenyon Hall (new date – June 27th)
POSTPONED – West Side Presbyterian Garage Sale (new dates are June 5 & 6)
POSTPONED – Pathfinder K-8 PTSA fundraiser (new date = May 15th)

Please continue sending in not only cancellations/changes but also announcements of what IS happening – or text 206-293-6302 – business info welcome too – thank you!