UPDATE: Seen on West Seattle Art Walk, May edition

6:37 PM: Couldn’t be a more perfect night to get out and enjoy art – it’s West Seattle Art Walk night!

That’s Megan Simmons, who’s at Next-to-Nature in The Junction tonight. Right across the street, Rachel Austin is painting at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor):

And on the same block, at CAPERS, you can enjoy art from this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour competition:

Winning artist Sheila Lengle was there too; photo to come! Most WSAW venues are open at least until 8 – see the map and list in today’s highlights.

ADDED 7:55 PM: That’s Sheila above with son Rafferty and grandkids Lathan and Quinn. As reported here back in March, her artwork Garden Girl in Red Shades won the competition to be featured on this year’s poster and ticket book for WSGT (which is on June 23 this year). You’ll be able to bid for it during a silent auction on tour day, with proceeds going to this year’s tour beneficiaries.

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