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SPORTS: Slow-pitch softball returns to Chief Sealth IHS!

October 2, 2018 10:17 pm
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The photo was sent by Chief Sealth International High School athletic director Ernest Policarpio, who reports, “After many decades, the Sealth Slow-Pitch Team has returned to the Metro!! They played Lake Washington today and came up short, but spirits are high and a new excitement is running thru our halls.” Your first chance to cheer for the re-launched program at a home game at Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle, across from CSIHS) is 4:15 pm next Tuesday (October 9th) vs. visiting Juanita.

West Seattle sunset scenes: Clouds and color

October 2, 2018 8:24 pm
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Thanks to everyone who sent photos of tonight’s beautiful beginning! Above, from Philip Cox; below, from Jim Borrow:

And from James Bratsanos:

In case you haven’t already heard about it: Emergency test tomorrow morning for cell phones, TV, radio

Lots of reminders about this today but there still might be somebody who hasn’t heard about it, so we’ll join in too: An emergency test message will be sent to cell phones, TV, and radio tomorrow (Wednesday, October 3rd). From the official FEMA webpage explaining the test, which starts at 11:18 am our time:

The WEA test message will appear on consumers’ phones and read, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” Phones will display this national test using the header “Presidential Alert.” These nationwide alerts, established pursuant to the WARN Act of 2006, are meant for use in a national emergency and are the only type of alert that can be sent simultaneously nationwide by FEMA.

… Many members of the public will receive the WEA test message on their cell phones. Specifically, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT, cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA, should be capable of receiving the test message. Wireless phones should receive the message only once.

The same FEMA page has details about the TV/radio test set to start two minutes later (11:20 am our time).

SAFETY: 2 topics in the newest Southwest Precinct crime-prevention newsletter

Received this afternoon from Southwest Precinct crime-prevention coordinator Jennifer Danner, it’s the latest newsletter with prevention/safety advice:

As we head into the fall months, there are a few important messages the SW Precinct would like to remind our community about. We would like to emphasize general property crime prevention (including residential burglary and auto theft/car prowl prevention), as well as pedestrian and traffic safety- specifically as it relates to schoolchildren.

When it comes to prevention techniques for residential burglary- there are several important things to remember. All exterior doors should be strong enough to withstand force and should be secured with a deadbolt lock that has a minimum one-inch throw. Try not to leave valuables (such as packages, electronics or cash) in plain sight through windows or doors. The main entrance door to a home/apartment should have a door wide-angle (180 degree) viewer/peephole. Make the home appear as if there is someone there by leaving lights, music and/or televisions on. Install motion sensor lights to be specifically directed and focused on entry points and vulnerable areas, use lights set to a timer or leave lights on. Secure and lock all windows and doors when leaving the premises- even if you plan to return within a short amount of time! Do not leave a spare key out. Secure and maintain yard, patios and outdoor spaces – making sure you trim back all concealing shrubbery. Engraving your items and keeping a household inventory list can be extremely helpful in investigations and it allows recovered items to be returned to you – the SW Precinct has engravers that community members can check-out to engrave their electronics and personal belongings with an identifying number such as your Driver’s License number. Be consistent, and always stay vigilant and observant to what is going on around you; remember to always call 9-1-1 immediately to report suspicious behavior and if you see something- say something!

Other than residential burglary, the SW Precinct is also seeing an increase in auto thefts. Here are a few important prevention techniques to keep in mind for auto theft-

-Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you’re away, even for ‘just a minute’, please remember this is illegal in Seattle and in Washington (SMC 11.70.160, RCW 46.61.600)

-Remove remote garage door openers from vehicle

-Always lock doors and roll up windows, even if the car is parked in front of your home

-Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked

-If possible, park vehicle in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit area

-Utilize anti-theft devices

-If possible, activate alarm

With children back in school, it is crucial to be reminded about general traffic and pedestrian safety as well! Pedestrians must be very mindful of how they are utilizing the street, sidewalks and crosswalks- children should be reminded to be extra cautious when walking to and from school. Motorists and cyclists must pay attention to traffic conditions and all pedestrians. The most important overall advice for any kind of pedestrian and traffic safety is PAY ATTENTION!! Drivers, please be aware that with school back in session, children will be walking to and from schools and transit stops. As autumn approaches- there will be less daylight; please pay extra attention, as children may be out early in the morning/late in the evening and may be more difficult to see.

The full newsletter, including contact info, upcoming events, and resource links, is here (PDF).

UPDATE: Police investigating Admiral incident that sent 1 to hospital

2:57 PM: Several people have asked about an incident that brought police and fire to California/Admiral this morning. We talked with police a short time ago and they stress that the investigation is continuing but here’s what they have so far: Det. Mark Jamieson says 911 started getting calls around 11:20 am about a “possible robbery or assault” situation near the Wells Fargo branch at 2358 California SW. A man was using the ATM when “three young people approached him – they had words, and at some point they started to assault him.” That’s when the man picked up a rock and hit one of them in self-defense. He also pulled out a handgun as they scattered – no shots were fired but that too was in self-defense, so far as police have found. Officers were arriving by then and detained the man while sorting out what had happened. They also found two of the suspects, including the one who was injured, and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Det. Jamieson says they believe they know the third one’s identity. The full report should be available by tomorrow and we’ll be following up.

4:25 PM: We’ve heard from the victim’s wife. She said he was pushed to the ground during the attack and was going to a doctor to be checked out.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: As mentioned in comments, we have obtained the full incident report, with names redacted by SPD. You can see it here (PDF).

DEVELOPMENT: Another West Seattle project that’ll do Early Community Outreach for Design Review

October 2, 2018 1:42 pm
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A fourth West Seattle project is now listed as a participant in the city’s new Early Community Outreach for Design Review program – seven townhouses with six offstreet-parking spaces planned to replace a 66-year-old triplex at 1604 SW Henderson [map]. This means the developers are supposed to contact nearby residents for feedback before the project gets to official Design Review. So far, two other projects in the program have had informal community meetings – announced via postcards to people living close by – and we covered both: 5616 California SW and 1772 Alki SW. The third program to appear on the city’s list is 5009 Fauntleroy Way SW – no early-outreach meeting on the schedule so far.

TRAFFIC ALERT: 99/509 crash

12:31 PM: This is happening just east of West Seattle:

Initial report from Seattle Fire was that a van had overturned. One person is being taken to the hospital by medic unit and the medics’ radio report described the crash as one vehicle, high speed, hitting a tree.

12:51 PM: SFD texted the photo we added above and says the injured man is in stable condition.

UPDATE: Another boat in trouble in West Seattle waters

11:48 AM: Thanks for the photo and tips. Another sailboat in trouble on this slightly blustery day – this one has come ashore at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook on Beach Drive. Seattle Fire has a fireboat and land crew checking it out.

4:19 PM: Several more readers have sent photos of the grounded boat as the day has gone on the one above is from Sarah). Commenters say its owners are aware of the situation.

6:21 PM: The owners are also the publishers of Beach Drive Blog, where they’ve posted more about what happened.

Ferries’ future: ‘Citizen team’ organizing as Triangle Route schedule change nears

(WSB photo, Fauntleroy ferry dock, this morning)

As we’ve been reporting in coverage of the Triangle Route Task Force advisory group, Washington State Ferries is preparing for the first major change in years to the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth schedule. The new schedule hasn’t yet been finalized; the task force got a look in August at two possible options, and a proposal will be out soon for public comment. With that as a backdrop, a new community group is organizing, and sent us this announcement:

Everybody has an opinion on how to fix the triangle route ferry schedule — lots of discussion and controversy. It’s not just about the time the boat is moving. It’s total time including the annoying wait in a ferry line while congesting and polluting the dock neighborhoods.

So, how would life be different if you knew a boat would leave at least every 30 minutes from the Fauntleroy dock throughout the day? Ferry waits would be dramatically reduced. On average, ferry users save an hour a day — an hour now mostly spent congesting and polluting the Fauntleroy dock neighborhood.

How could it be possible? The answer is so counter intuitive that you will laugh. Every boat should stop at every dock on every triangle route run, from early morning to evening. A group of Vashon commuters has completed over the last 18 months a professional, thorough process engineering ferry efficiency study. It shows that clearing the Fauntleroy dock of both Vashon and Southworth cars every 30 minutes is feasible and would reduce dock area waiting cars by 50% while creating 20% more departures. That’s a fact-based prediction based on detailed ferry observation, data collection and analysis.

You would be right to say “prove it.” We couldn’t agree more. We need the legislature to approve funds and direct WSF to test the concept with a pilot project. We need to be positive and professional with WSF and Olympia or nothing will happen.

We have put together a citizen team to make this happen. Want to help too? Email us at and we can work together for positive change.

WSF is planning public meetings for schedule comment starting later this month, including a 5-7 pm meeting October 23rd at Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW).

West Seattle Tuesday: From WWRHAH to whales, and more!

(Golden-crowned Kinglet, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

Ready for a busy Tuesday?

FREE PLAY SPACE: Starting today, as previewed here, the West Seattle Church of the Nazarene is opening its nursery area as a free playspace for kids, 9 am-noon, two days a week. (4201 SW Juneau)

BUGS! First of four lectures at the Senior Center of West Seattle by West Seattle entomologist Jen Paur, 4-5 pm. Fee. Details in our calendar listing, including how to call to sign up. (4217 SW Oregon)

MAKE MUSIC! Rehearsals start tonight for some of the West Seattle Community Orchestras groups, and it’s not too late to sign up – see our recent story and the WSCO website. Times/locations vary.

ENVISIONING SOUTH PARK’S NEW ZONING: Residential Small Lot zoning, that is, as proposed in the HALA MHA plan. Local architect and housing advocate Matt Hutchins leads a discussion, as explained here, at South Park Hall, 6 pm. (1253 S. Cloverdale)

WESTWOOD-ROXHILL-ARBOR HEIGHTS COMMUNITY COUNCIL: 6:15 pm, upstairs at Southwest Library, WWRHAH resumes regular meetings – agenda info here. (9010 35th SW)

WEST SEATTLE BIKE CONNECTIONS: 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House High Point – agenda info is here. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

ORCA-TOBER: 7 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), you’re invited to join The Whale Trail‘s Orca-tober gathering! $5 suggested donation at the door; kids free. (5612 California SW)

OUNCES TRIVIA: Free trivia at 7 pm at Ounces. Prizes! (3809 Delridge Way SW)

‘GEEKS WHO DRINK’ TRIVIA: 8 pm at Whisky West (WSB sponsor). More info here. (6451 California SW)

THERE’S MORE! See the complete calendar here.

UPDATE: ‘Derelict vessel’ off The Arroyos; big initial response downsized

7:39 AM: A sailboat off The Arroyos is taking on water, and that drew a big initial response, but it’s being downsized because they don’t believe anyone’s on board. It’s described as a small old wooden sailboat “in disrepair” that’s apparently been off the 11400 block of Arroyo Beach Place for a few days.

7:45 AM: This has now been declared a “derelict vessel” that SPD will “impound.”

8:05 AM: Added a photo of the boat, tweeted by SFD. (Added later below, photo by Chris Frankovich, with Coast Guard checking out the boat.)


October 2, 2018 7:06 am
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(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:06 AM: No incidents reported in/from West Seattle so far this morning.