@ Fauntleroy Community Association: Dogs, dock, ex-substation

Three ongoing concerns are in our toplines from Tuesday night’s Fauntleroy Community Association board meeting:

OFF-LEASH DOGS: The issues at Lincoln Park have been a longterm concern for FCA. Some dog owners counter that West Seattle needs more off-leash space for dogs, with only one area currently, in Highland Park’s Westcrest Park. FCA’s Kim Petram went to a city focus group/presentation last month that’s part of a process under way to work on a long-term plan for them, what the city’s calling the People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan. She said discussion focused on maintenance and upgrades of the city’s 14 current off-leash areas, and there was no discussion of expanding them into parks that currently don’t have them. A plan will be drafted and, Petram said, public comment is expected to be open January 4-22 (also mentioned toward the bottom of the city webpage). A Seattle Parks rep is expected to be at January’s FCA meeting to talk more about all this, and FCA plans to ask about the plans for dealing with off-leash dogs in parks without off-leash areas, since that otherwise does not seem to be part of the under-development plan.

FERRY TERMINAL: Gary Dawson, FCA’s point person on ferry issues, says Washington State Ferries has work ahead on rotten pilings at the dock, but needs to find a work window to avoid interfering with salmon. No date announced yet; the north Vashon terminal work continues and is a priority. Meantime, now that traffic-control officers are back at the terminal, traffic flow is becoming something of an issue, in terms of working out when to stop the vehicles coming off ferries and when to let them go; that’ll be addressed with the off-duty officers who are doing the directing.

FORMER SUBSTATION: As reported here in September, the Fauntleroy Community Association has been given a year to figure out how and whether to purchase the former Fauntleroy Substation, one of the ex-substations the city’s disposing of.

There’s no decision yet on how to pursue the possibility; FCA is still looking at how to talk with the neighborhood about the possible purchase so that a plan can be drafted and shared with the city.

The Fauntleroy Community Association board meets second Tuesdays at historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, 7 pm. Between meetings, watch fauntleroy.net for information.

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  • Mark Ahlness November 13, 2015 (5:43 pm)

    About the off-leash dog issue. Several attendees at a recent focus group session came away with serious concerns about the process. Parks has said they will develop their Plan using information gathered at focus groups as a “foundation” – but some of those attending the session said they felt the materials, questions, and information shared were misleading and already weighted in favor of the last three “Options” – 1) off leash areas in regional parks, i.e, Lincoln, 2) off leash areas on nature trails, and 3) off leash on Beaches, i.e, Puget Sound in West Seattle.
    The Seattle Nature Alliance has requested that Parks restart the process with important stakeholders included, such as Seal Sitters and Seattle Audubon, who have not been included in any meaningful way thus far. We have also requested an extension of the short time allowed for public comment in January. Finally, we have reached out to Neighborhood District Councils so they could have time to ask Parks for a presentation at their next meeting – there is very little time for that to happen. I am pleased to hear that Parks will be sending a representative to the Jan. FCA meeting, but the public will still need more time to digest the new proposal, and to offer meaningful feedback.
    Meanwhile, there is much more information available on our website: http://seattlenaturealliance.org/2015/10/27/dog-policy-sharing-seattles-parks-and-natural-areas/

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