West Seattle Summer Fest 2011: One last look at Day 2

(Photos by Stephanie Chacharon for WSB, unless otherwise credited)
Before we roar into West Seattle Summer Fest Day 3, one last round of photos from Day 2. Top photo – a reminder that some of what you’ll see and hear just isn’t on the schedule. For example, WSB contributor Stephanie Chacharon caught up with that musician and reports: “One-man-band Francis Brennan came all the way from Centralia to perform at this year’s Summer Fest. He stumbled upon the final day of the street fair last summer and had so much fun that he decided to return. Keep an eye out for Francis, tapping his feet to the tune of his trusty ‘contrapparatus.’ Like what you hear? He can be reached at onemanbandseattle@gmail.com.” She also spotted this balloon artist outside Petco:

And that’s another reminder to see what the Junction retailers are up to, outside and inside their stores – as the next few photos show!

When people stop by the Info Booth to ask about Summer Fest food, we remind them it’s not just in the visiting vendors’ booths. For example – above, Husky Deli‘s Jack Miller, with Tess, photographed as they sold brats outside the deli. Next, it’s the second Summer Fest for the flowery folks at Fleurt (California/Oregon):

And it’s the first Summer Fest as a Junction retailer for Frances and John Smersh of Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor), though they’ve had a booth in previous years when their store was up in the Admiral District:

And in fact, the retailer who is now in the old Click! storefront, Monica Skov of West Seattle Fabric Company (WSB sponsor), liked that idea so much, SHE has a Summer Fest booth this year:

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)
At their store, by the way, WS Fabric Company is offering classes for creators. But if you’re just not up for making your own wearables (etc.) – you might be browsing for West Seattle-themed items at Summer Fest. One place you’ll find them is CAPERS:

Now, back out onto the main festival path, California SW between Edmunds and almost-to-Genesee. At the south end, don’t miss GreenLife, presented again this year by Sustainable West Seattle and West Seattle Nursery:

Among yesterday’s speakers/presenters, SWS’s Cate White talked about protecting local waterways by minimizing toxic runoff:

One of the sustainability/ecology/nature-minded organizations at GreenLife can tell you about that topic too:

We also saw a group we suspect has been busy lately, given how many times people have asked us what to do about bee swarms:

Heading back up to our Summer Fest HQ, the Information Booth at California/Alaska, it’s been great to have reps on hand from community councils – yesterday morning, reps from the greater Delridge area were on hand, and other community councils are joining in:

Even if the reps on hand aren’t from YOUR neighborhood, they can tell you about your nearest community council and how to get involved. Then go get artsy at the Art Dive, where Soul Cat Guitars’ Dean Moller was explaining cigar-box guitars to passersby:

Further north from Art Dive (which is on California just north of Oregon), The Bad Things were among Saturday’s performers:

Here’s hoping the sun will put on a show like this before day’s out:

Among the festival-wandering families yesterday, contributor Stephanie spotted “Amy, her mother, Nancy, and her children Gabe and Abby. Amy told us that they live a few blocks away and have been coming to Summer Fest for the past five years or so. Little Gabe was having a great time, thanks in part to his new puppy hat”:

Dogs are part of the Summer Fest crowd too:

Stephanie reports that’s “Tilly and Tito Bandito, adorned in their seasonal finest, (who) made their Summer Fest debut in style. The pair, newly arrived from Chicago, is enjoying their new neighborhood, although they’re eager to make some new friends.”

Last but not least, the political side of Summer Fest:

(This photo and the next 3, by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
Vote Bot and the Washington Bus crew were on hand Saturday. And once again, we photographed any candidates from the upcoming August 16th primary caught within line-of-sight of the Information Booth (running for something? coming to the festival today? stop by!):

That’s the only West Seattleite running as a challenger in a City Council race this year, Michael Taylor-Judd (in the Position 1 race). Another West Seattle-residing candidate stopped by, Seattle School Board Position 6 challenger Marty McLaren:

And a candidate visiting from outside WS – another City Council Position 1 contender, Maurice Classen:

You’ve got more chances coming up to see and hear from candidates in West Seattle, including a big ice-cream social/candidates’ forum being organized for July 28th and a Referendum 1 forum on July 21st – more on those later today/tonight. Meantime, it’s on to Day 3 of West Seattle Summer Fest, 11 am-5 pm, see you in The Junction!

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  • randall July 10, 2011 (10:42 am)


    Anyhow, my toddler son was fascinated by Francis Brennan. Thanks for getting him in the story. We really thought he added a nice splash of color in what otherwise felt like several blocks of marketing and sales. Of course, he was busking, but earned the only dollar we spent on the street (courtesy, again, of my boy).

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