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West Seattle wildlife: Baby hawk rescued in North Delridge

Behind the mesh is a baby hawk just rescued tonight near Dragonfly Pavilion in North Delridge (in the Longfellow Creek-side park area south of Allstar Fitness). Galena White says her neighbor found the baby, who was unable to fly; they tried to find expert help to rescue it, worried it would be easy prey for a predator if let alone, but no one was able to respond. Sarvey Wildlife Rescue advised them to try to catch it. And they did. Galena says her neighbor has dubbed the hawk “Mordechai“; the bird is en route to Five Corners Animal Hospital, and Sarvey will retrieve it from there.

Happening now: Alki Arts celebrates 1st anniversary

Alki Arts owner Diane Venti, right, is celebrating her gallery’s 1st anniversary on into tonight – violinist Geoffrey Castle was scheduled to perform starting at 7. In our photo above, Diane is with nearby residents Celest and Karen, who made the first purchase of the day. The gallery’s featured artists today are Karen Dedrickson and John Constantine:

Alki Arts serves as more than a gallery – Diane also has opened it up for community events, from parenting workshops to parties to even a future-of-journalism discussion. It’s at 2820 Alki SW, online at and on Facebook here (where the party invite says tonight’s festivities continue till 10).

Update: Citizens take fast action in medical emergency during festival

That photo and the next one, just sent by a WSB’er who didn’t want to be identified, shows the first hint we had at the information booth of the emergency that was happening just yards away outside Cupcake Royale (previously reported toward the end of our afternoon festival coverage). Suddenly sirens pierced the ongoing buzz of festival revelry, and people rushed to clear tables from SW Alaska east of California so the Seattle Fire vehicles could get through.

We don’t know the condition of the man who suffered cardiac arrest. But we do know that if he has survived, heroic action by a bystander is no doubt the reason. A witness told us he collapsed; the bystander was soon doing CPR, as evidenced by the scanner call WSB contributor Katie Meyer heard, “citizen CPR under way.”

The call was a Medic Response, 7-per rule – enough personnel needed to make sure resuscitation can be performed. Following Medic 32 from nearby Station 32 (38th and Alaska) came Engine 32, Engine 29, and Medic 44 (an SUV-type unit with the on-duty supervisor). SFD personnel took over CPR. Festival crew and police worked to keep the scene clear, eventually putting up yellow tape – not because it was a crime scene, but because a crowd of gawkers gathered and needed to stay back. The CPR continued, and scanner traffic indicates other resuscitation means were used.

Festival crews cleared the curbside lane on the east side of the street all the way from Alaska to Oregon. The man was moved into the medic unit, where efforts continued a while longer before the crew left for the hospital, and while they were in transit. And that’s the last we heard. Two things worth noting: If there is an emergency and there is nothing you can do to help, please stand back and keep the area clear – the gawkers were way too close here. Also, consider learning CPR – you might be the bystander sometime, when someone suddenly collapses or is seriously hurt. Here’s one option we found for CPR classes in West Seattle; please let us know about any others you’re aware of, so we can add the info here.

10:47 PM: We have exchanged e-mail with the aforementioned bystander, who prefers to remain unidentified. He says he wasn’t the only citizen to jump in and help – a Cupcake Royale team member, he says, “took charge and did the mouth-to-mouth and got me going” on the chest compressions.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2011, day 3: Sunday afternoon updates

High-thin clouds, not too hot, not cold, it’s the “just right” final afternoon of West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction. Belly dancing’s on the “informal stage” here at California/Alaska (by our HQ in the Information Booth) right now; it was TILA Real Estate’s “Minute to Win It” a bit earlier:

(No, that’s NOT Guy from the Food Network. Excellent lookalike, appearing here for his second consecutive year.) And we just heard from Stu Hennessey of Alki Bike and Board with a reminder that his electric-bike/conversion demo is coming up in the GreenLife area at 2 pm (west side of California, just north of Edmunds). Police tell us it’s been a trouble-free Summer Fest from their standpoint. Whether you’ve already been or not, c’mon down for the final hours – booths till 5, music till 5:45. P.S. Shoutout to the North Andover, Massachusetts, family and friends of Alex Young, who is enjoying Summer Fest with West Seattle relatives and dropped by to say hi. Farmers’ Market is on till 2.

2:17 PM UPDATE: That’s Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy, putting on a martial-arts demonstration a few minutes ago. The sun’s back out, and the blue sky is winning the battle over the clouds. We’ve seen some other sights – they went by too fast even for us to photograph, but we saw someone pushing a dog in a stroller.

3:34 PM UPDATE: The photo’s from WSB contributor Stephanie Chacharon, who explains, “Visit Team Red Footed Boobies outside the post office! Passing out bottled water and boobie cookies in return for a donation to the Susan G Komen Foundation. (And keep an eye out for them at Alki on a sunny day soon!)” Meantime, before the festival ends, we had to go get a photo of this year’s single most-talked-about food item:

That’s the deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It had the buzz all weekend long. Its creators are online, here. (And of course, they’re on Facebook.)

4;24 PM UPDATE: There is a medical emergency right here at California and Alaska – a man collapsed and medics have been giving him CPR ever since they rushed over moments later (we’re told a citizen had started CPR before their arrival). Tables were quickly cleared on the east side of SW Alaska to clear a patch for three fire units that are here. They are about to take the man to the hospital; we will write more about this separately.

4:39 PM UPDATE: Medic 32 has left with the patient, with three other fire units following. Efforts to save him were continuing.

4:53 PM UPDATE: The festival’s wrapping up for vendors; even the info booth will be broken down close to 5, so we’ll have to move on. The last music act starts at 5 – The Fuzz.

West Seattle traffic alert: Spokane Street Viaduct partial closures ahead

July 10, 2011 12:52 pm
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A reminder before we get back to West Seattle Summer Fest coverage – three nights this week, the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct (that’s the West Seattle Bridge between I-5 and Highway 99) will be closed overnight, 11 pm-5 am, Tuesday-Thursday nights. (That also means the exits to The Bridge from I-5 will be closed during the shutdown.) It’s part of the ongoing SSV-widening work; here are the details on SDOT’s “On the Move” site.

West Seattle Rotary Berry Sale: Strawberries today for walk-ups

July 10, 2011 10:35 am
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While you’re in The Junction for the West Seattle Farmers’ Market and/or Summer Fest, drop by the Keller Williams lot on the east side of California just north of Oregon to get stocked up on strawberries. The West Seattle Rotary Berry Sale (WSB sponsor) has a few more buckets left and will sell them to walk-ups, first come first served, 11 am-2 pm today. $25 for 7 1/2 pounds, $40 for 15 pounds. Freezable if you don’t have some massive use for them all immediately. (And you can order the next two rounds, blueberries and/or raspberries, in advance online.)

West Seattle Summer Fest 2011: Your guide to Day 3

Third and final day of West Seattle Summer Fest is about to begin. Vendors are scheduled to be open 11 am-5 pm; music goes till 5:45 pm. Below the map, some highlights:

MUSIC – ALL ON THE CALIFORNIA-NORTH-OF-OREGON STAGE: Here’s the lineup. The live music starts at noon with the 85th Street Big Band, and runs through The Fuzz at 5. The official Summer Fest beer garden is up near the stage, too, by the West Seattle Eagles‘ aerie.

LIVE PERFORMANCES AT CALIFORNIA/ALASKA: Not in the festival guide, but you’ll find a list at the Information Booth. We’ll update this when we’re back on site in a bit, but we know it starts with TILA’s “Minute to Win It” at noon, and later, there’s another Sugar Rush cake-eating contest (above, our photo from Saturday’s edition).

SUMMER FEST KIDS’ AREA: Open 10 am-5 pm today. The rides are at SW Alaska and 44th SW, mostly in the Wells Fargo parking lot but a few actually on Alaska, next to the Farmers’ Market. Here’s our earlier report listing the rides and the pricing. Free activities too – like art!

SIGN UP FOR WEST SEATTLE IN MOTION: WSB is media sponsor for West Seattle In Motion, as noted earlier this week. The “drive a bit less and get fun incentives for keeping track” program, running through fall, officially launched with Summer Fest, and if you sign up at the In Motion booth, we understand you’ll get your free bus tickets and access to other deals on the spot. In Motion is in booths 26-28, on the east side of California, midblock between Alaska and Edmunds

HACK-CYCLE: Last chance to check this out in the corral by Junction Plaza Park (Alaska between 42nd and California). And bring your neglected/no-longer-needed bike, to get a crash course in tool-wielding while transforming it into something new … or show up and help human-power the project. It’s explained here.

GREENLIFE: The sustainability zone is in a parking lot on the south end, just past Bikram Yoga, and east of the 44th/Edmunds Chase drive-thru. Today’s demonstrations start at 11 am with “Green Cleaning Materials,” and continue till “Making Beer at Home” at 5 pm. Full schedule here.

INFORMATION BOOTH:More reps from neighborhood groups will be there today, along with the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and WSB (hi!) – we have festival guides and other info about not just Summer Fest but also other big events in the weeks ahead as well as West Seattle in general, come say hi – can’t miss it in the heart of the festival zone, California/Alaska (right under the traffic signals).

West Seattle businesses: Redline ‘resurrection’ in the works

Hard to miss the flyers around The Junction, affixed to utility poles, touting “resurrecting the Redline,” the bar/restaurant that used to be in the 35th SW/almost-Avalon spot now inhabited by The Bridge. The flyers mention Twitter (here) and Facebook (here) accounts that so far are fairly devoid of details, so we dug up contact information for former Redline proprietor Scott Goerig, to ask if he’s involved: Scott’s reply: “I am part of a team who are in fact doing it, as I retained the brand. The twitter and facebook are brand new and will be updated as we progress construction and can let West Seattle know where, what, and when as we progress. Its gonna be a state-of-the-art electrifying spot that will appeal to every single person. Think of it as a popular board game, good for use; ages 2 – 102. Stay tuned.”

West Seattle Summer Fest 2011: One last look at Day 2

(Photos by Stephanie Chacharon for WSB, unless otherwise credited)
Before we roar into West Seattle Summer Fest Day 3, one last round of photos from Day 2. Top photo – a reminder that some of what you’ll see and hear just isn’t on the schedule. For example, WSB contributor Stephanie Chacharon caught up with that musician and reports: “One-man-band Francis Brennan came all the way from Centralia to perform at this year’s Summer Fest. He stumbled upon the final day of the street fair last summer and had so much fun that he decided to return. Keep an eye out for Francis, tapping his feet to the tune of his trusty ‘contrapparatus.’ Like what you hear? He can be reached at” She also spotted this balloon artist outside Petco:

And that’s another reminder to see what the Junction retailers are up to, outside and inside their stores – as the next few photos show!
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West Seattle Sunday: Alki Arts’ birthday, and more

July 10, 2011 7:53 am
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(Fireboat and ferry, seen off Alki before the Seafair Pirates’ Landing on Saturday)
The final day of West Seattle Summer Fest gets going at 11 am in The Junction, and we’ll have the daily guide later this morning (along with a last round of Saturday photos). First – a quick look at other highlights of what’s happening around West Seattle today:

LITTLE LEAGUE CAR WASH: West Seattle Little League 10-11 All-Stars’ fundraiser car wash for state tournament expenses, Bar-S Playfield (64th SW and SW Admiral Way), 10 am-2 pm (details here).

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: Yes, even on Summer Fest Sunday, the show must go on for the Farmers’ Market, usual hours, 10 am-2 pm in The Junction (44th/Alaska).

FLING A FRISBEE: The monthly second-Sunday edition of West Seattle Family Ultimate Frisbee is scheduled at 11 am, Hiawatha Playfield (2700 California SW), southeast corner.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALKI ARTS!: It’s the Alki Arts (2820 Alki SW) one-year anniversary celebration, with artists’ demonstrations and live music, refreshments (including champagne), and a gallery-wide 10% off sale for the day. Artists’ demonstrations start at 1 pm and go until 6 pm. At 7 pm, violinist Geoffrey Castle will perform (till 9 pm).

CONCERNED ABOUT THE STATE OF HEALTH-CARE COVERAGE?: The Health Care for All/Action Team is a grass-roots group concerned that our state has 800,000 citizens with no health-care coverage. If this issue concerns you too, they invite you to join them today, 2-4 pm at Southwest Library‘s second-floor meeting room (9020 35th Avenue SW).

WEST SEATTLE GET FIT, NEXT ROUND: Tonight, it’s West Seattle Get Fit Info Night, 5:30 pm at West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor; 3727 California SW), with training starting July 31st – goal is to run the Amica Seattle Half Marathon at the end of November, “couch to marathon training plan.”

BUY YOUR WEST SEATTLE GARDEN TOUR TICKET(S)! It’s now one week till this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour (co-sponsored by WSB), and this is a perfect day to stop by one of the locations where the ticket book – which has coupons as well as the tour-site locations (etc.) so it’s a deal that could ultimately not cost you a thing. Ticket locations include two in The Junction, if you’re going for Summer Fest and/or the Farmers’ Market today – ArtsWest and TrueValue.