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Election 2009: 1-week delay in County Council succession plan

November 9, 2009 7:46 pm
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Quick followup on the political position that’s not settled yet, West Seattle/White Center/Vashon (etc.) District 8 County Councilmember (succeeding County Executive-elect Dow Constantine): Last Thursday, we reported that the council might take action today to set a process for appointing someone to serve till next year’s elections. But council spokesperson Frank Abe says that action’s been postponed a week “as a courtesy to councilmembers who requested time for further consideration.” (Who will seek the job, given the council may decide to only appoint someone not running for the permanent job? Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a hint at this week’s monthly meeting of West Seattle’s largest political group, the 34th District Democrats, 7 pm Wednesday, The Hall at Fauntleroy.)

Election 2009: McGinn up by almost 5,000; Mallahan concedes

(Chas Redmond photo from McGinn HQ on Election Night last Tuesday)
Just out from King County – in the still-unsettled Seattle Mayor’s race:

Mike McGinn 96514 50.88%
Joe Mallahan 91575 48.28%

See for yourself here. Citywide media sources say Mallahan plans to talk with reporters at 5. 4:42 PM UPDATE: City Council President Richard Conlin has already congratulated Mayor-Elect McGinn:

On behalf of the Council, I want to congratulate our new Mayor-elect, Michael McGinn. Michael has a great track record of working for the people of Seattle. I’m very optimistic about the partnership we have the opportunity to create between the Council and the incoming Mayor. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition as he takes on his new role.

I also want to commend Joe Mallahan and his supporters for their commitment and passion for public service. It was a hard fought race that raised many important issues that our city will face in the coming years.

We have many challenges ahead, including the economic recovery of our region, managing our budget in a difficult time, strengthening regional connections, and building a new green economy.

I remember when I began my career as a Councilmember in 1998 and what it was like to have partners willing to work with me, sharing the same vision and goals. I, and my colleagues on the Council, offer the same support and partnership to our incoming mayor.

We look forward to working together to make Seattle the best city it can be.

5:05 PM UPDATE: Mallahan has conceded. ADDED 7:33 PM: Video of McGinn speaking tonight, uploaded to YouTube by The Stranger:

2 meetings set for Fairmount Playground proposals

November 9, 2009 4:12 pm
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Yet another Parks Department project is in the works for West Seattle with Parks and Green Spaces Levy money – improvements at the Fairmount Playfield playground – and now the dates have been announced for two meetings to discuss the design: December 2nd and January 6th, both at 6:30 pm, both at High Point Library. (The project objective is described briefly here, and also on the official flyer.)

Snowplows and tanker trucks in West Seattle – without snow?

(SDOT salt-solution-capable tanker truck, photographed in October)
Starting in less than an hour, SDOT will have tanker trucks like that one out around the city – then snowplows tomorrow morning — practicing the new snow plan, even though there’s not a flake in sight (though the weekend sleet/hail certainly caused a few flutters). Read on for the announcement:Read More

Remember the Nicholas Francisco disappearance? Case closed

This news release just arrived from King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. John Urquhart:

missingmanfoto.jpgA “missing” SeaTac man has been found alive and well, living in another state.

The man, Nicholas Francisco, was last seen leaving his work on February 13, 2008. He was supposedly heading home to bake cookies with his children.

Francisco’s car was found a few days later abandoned in Federal Way.

The Sheriff’s Office did an extensive investigation to learn if he had been a victim of foul play. Nothing turned up.

Last week detectives developed information that he was in fact alive. He had changed his name and was living outside of Washington.

We have closed our investigation.

This was a WSB story for a while for two reasons: Francisco had attended Mars Hill-West Seattle, and West Seattle friends of Francisco posted flyers all over the area; one of our updates during the search remains the most-commented WSB story of all time – more than 300. We’ll be checking to see if the Sheriff’s Office has any more details. 1:41 PM: Sgt. Urquhart says nope, there’s nothing more they can say, since no crime was committed.

See the High Point Neighborhood Center, days before dedication

Story and photos by Christopher Boffoli
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

On the surface of the amphitheater in the park adjacent to the new High Point Neighborhood Center, a representation of a phoenix is carved prominently into the concrete. This ancient symbol of renewal is perhaps appropriate for the continuing reinvention of the High Point neighborhood and its new crowning jewel that is scheduled to open this Saturday.

(A sneak peek inside the center – a closer look at its groundbreaking design – and some High Point history – ahead)Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Reminder from car break-in victim

From Jessica in Gatewood. While it pales compared to the huge crimes rocking the city at large – an officer murdered, a serial arsonist on the loose – still, a reminder it seems we can’t hear often enough:

I just wanted to report that we had a car broken into (Friday) morning. We live on Monroe Street [near 37th; map]. The car was parked in our driveway in front of the house. We know it happened sometime between 5:30 and 7:00 am. The thief broke the passenger side window and took a few items. Just wanted to get the news out and remind everyone not to leave anything valuable in their cars, because there is someone looking.

The next meeting of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council, by the way, is a week from tomorrow, Nov. 17, 7 pm, Southwest Precinct; you can contact the precinct’s crime-prevention coordinator Benjamin Kinlow regarding Block Watch and other information at any time – here’s how.

New look at what’s proposed for the Delridge Skatepark

West Seattle skating advocate/writer Matthew Lee Johnston at has a big scoop – a look at the latest versions of Delridge Skatepark design. See all seven images here; he also notes that it’ll be reviewed at the citywide Skatepark Advisory Committee meeting tonight, 7 pm at Parks HQ downtown. (Hat tip to North Delridge’s Nancy Folsom for writing about this at Delridge Grassroots Leadership.) EDITOR’S NOTE: The original version of this item a few hours ago mentioned a Nov. 23 Parks meeting – that’s about the nearby Delridge Playfield improvements, NOT the skatepark – sorry about that, and thanks to Nancy for the catch!

Today (and beyond): 3 ways to have your say – and more

November 9, 2009 6:03 am
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JUNCTION PARKING FEEDBACK DEADLINE: If you have something to say to the city about its proposal for parking changes in The Junction – no pay stations, no RPZs, some areas changing to 2-hour limits – today’s the deadline for getting your comments in; contact methods are listed here, along with details on the proposals. (Thanks to Forest for the reminder.)

SCHOOL BOUNDARY MAPS PUBLIC HEARING: Tonight at 6 at district HQ downtown, the Seattle School Board listens to public comment on the proposed attendance-area maps. (Here’s our story about the map discussion at board member Steve Sundquist‘s Saturday meeting in High Point.) You have to sign up in advance; as of early this morning, the list on the district’s website indicates there may still be slots left – here’s how to sign up.

PARK FUND DRAFT CRITERIA PUBLIC HEARING: Another public hearing downtown tonight with West Seattle ramifications: The Parks and Green Spaces Levy Oversight Committee will listen to comments about the draft criteria for proposals to get a share of the levy’s Opportunity Fund. 7 pm at Parks HQ downtown, no advance signup needed. (See the draft criteria here.)

LOOKING AHEAD TO LATER THIS WEEK: Check out the WSB Events calendar for the full list. But two things to call to your attention for starters – Wednesday is Veterans Day, which means schools, banks and community centers are closed (normal trash pickup, the city says); Thursday night is the monthly West Seattle Art Walkhere’s the fall-quarter walking map/list of participants.

The Times takes a look at The Triangle

The impending start of construction for Link, Harbor Properties‘ residential/commercial building in The Triangle (most recent WSB report here), is the main peg for a story published by the Seattle Times (WSB partner) this morning. The story also takes a wider look at the area as West Seattle’s gateway, noting the city planning work that’s getting under way (as noted here). You can see the Times’ story by going here. ADDED 8:51 AM: Side note for those interested in the future of the adjacent Junction – a reminder that the Junction Neighborhood Organization meets tomorrow night, 6:30 pm, Ginomai (42nd/Genesee), with a presentation on right-of-way improvements proposed for The Junction – benches, street trees, sidewalks, etc.