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West Seattle schools: Lafayette concert, West Seattle HS DECA

May 19, 2009 11:57 pm
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From West Seattle photojournalist Matt Durham of

1. Lafayette Elementary School performed their “Spring Concert of 2008” at West Seattle High Tuesday evening. 2. Anna Goldberg, Sage Kalil and music teacher Frank Seeberger play “Frere Jacques” to a crowd of approximately 300. 3. Charlie Schnell blows the trumpet during Tuesday’s concert.

Heading a bit south from Lafayette: Earlier today, we posted a request from West Seattle High School‘s DECA Marketing teacher Michelle Sloan, asking for judges for an event this Friday. She says she got a great response. We asked how her students did in their recent trip to Internationals in Southern California; she says they had a great time — the photo below shows Sumeet Chadha and Tyson Kimball, who competed in the Advertising Campaign event:

DECA is a professional organization whose high-school division is aimed at helping young people look ahead to and prepare for work in “marketing, management and entrepreneurship.”

Video: Fresh Bistro preview, three days before it opens

Our video shows executive chef/co-owner Dalis Chea and crew at Fresh Bistro tonight (street level of the now-renting Mural Apartments [WSB sponsor] in The Junction, preparing Shiso Crusted Honey Pecan Prawns (see the finished product close up here in Seattle Bon Vivant‘s photos), one of a multitude of mouth-watering-sounding offerings on the menu at a special preview. We dropped by to take a look at the restaurant, a creation of West Seattle-based Herban Feast, whose proprietor BJ Duft talked with us last fall for a super-early preview. This Friday is Opening Day, as noted here last week — here’s a look inside the brand-new restaurant:

Click ahead for more photos, plus information about the opening schedule/hours:Read More

West Seattle Weather Watch: Thunder, lightning, hail

We mentioned it during our running coverage of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting (now over) – lightning flashed, thunder roared, hail pounded on the Southwest Precinct roof. Now we have a High Point view in the photo above, shared by Marco, via Twitter. Forecast, believe it or not, says “partly sunny” for tomorrow. ADDED 10:38 PM: At the peak of the downpour, we put our video camera on the floor next to our chair in the SW Precinct meeting room and pointed it at the window. The resulting video isn’t too bad. Note the low-level ambient audio is irrelevant; the rain and hail couldn’t be heard through the window:

West Seattle Crime Watch: Suspect arrested in Alki shooting

We have mentioned this in our running updates on the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, but wanted to post it separately as well. Lt. Steve Paulsen says a “juvenile suspect” has been arrested in connection with the May 1st Alki shooting. He’s still in the middle of general Q/A with the attendees here on a variety of issues, but we will pursue more details ASAP. 8:19 PM UPDATE: The meeting’s over and we just caught up with Lt. Paulsen. Police aren’t releasing any more details right now – the investigation continues – other than the fact the suspect is “a juvenile” with “gang affiliation.” (As previously reported, the 19-year-old shooting victim was known to police as a gang member.) We’ll check tomorrow with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to see if we can find out the suspect’s status – whether charges have been filed, etc.

Happening now: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

We’re at the first West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting since the Alki shooting and other high-profile incidents (like the hate-graffiti vandalism wave, in which, as we first reported earlier today, there’s been an arrest) – there’s a sizable SPD presence here, including Captain Joe Kessler, who leads the Southwest Precinct (as well as the entire Community Police Team, SWP operations Lt. Steve Paulsen, Sgt. Jeff Durden, and city attorney Tom Carr). We will post updates as they happen. 7:34 PM UPDATE: Carr spoke first, focusing on explaining the “community prosecution” program; during Q/A afterward, that discussion also has veered into a discussion of some of the problem property owners in the Delridge area, absentee landlords who some residents here say are turning a deaf ear to complaints about unruly, criminal tenants, in units for which they say the landlords collect government-subsidy money. 7:39 PM UPDATE: Lt. Paulsen is giving the crime trends update: auto theft, car prowls, assaults down, residential burglaries up, Highland Park is a particular hot spot right now for burglaries – and many, Lt. Paulsen says, are happening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Lt. Paulsen says a juvenile suspect has been arrested in connection with the recent Alki shooting (no further details yet).

2 parking notes: RPZ proposal change; Junction parking meeting

RPZ PROPOSAL: The City Council’s Transportation Committee took a look today at the proposed changes to the Restricted (formerly Residential) Parking Zone rules – changes that have drawn concern from some West Seattle neighborhood leaders. Admiral Neighborhood Association vice president Jim Del Ciello was among those who spoke at today’s hearing, as the Seattle Post-Globe reports, while also noting that councilmembers made a few tweaks, such as lowering the percentage of non-resident cars that have to be noted in a neighborhood for RPZ consideration (the original proposal said 50%, councilmembers want 35%). A public hearing is set at City Hall next Wednesday, May 27th. Next update focuses on Junction parking of all kinds:

JUNCTION PARKING COMMITTEE MEETING: The Junction Neighborhood Organization has been hoping to get an RPZ designation for part of its area, in the city’s Junction parking review that’s under way now (photo above is from our coverage of the second “walking tour” back in March). Last night, the next step in that review took place, with the first meeting of the Junction Parking Committee. Members received the latest timeline for the parking-review process:

Meeting 1: May 2009 – Overview of parking project and committee
Meeting 2: July 2009 – Review of preliminary parking study results and on-street parking tools, including bicycle, motorcycle and scooter parking
Meeting 3: September 2009 – Review of final parking study results and off-street parking, including city policies, Junction off-street lots, park and rides
Meeting 4: November 2009 – Draft preliminary recommendations and Transit & TDM, including RapidRide, In Motion
Meeting 5: January 2010 – Draft final recommendations
Meeting 6: March 2010 – Announce final plan and prepare for implementation

This is the same process first announced more than a year ago (original February 2008 WSB report here), which could result in new parking policies for The Junction, possibly even on-street pay stations.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Hate-graffiti vandalism suspect caught

(WSB photo from May 5)
Breaking news: A commenter on our earlier report says a suspect is in custody in the hate-graffiti vandalism around West Seattle (first report May 4), and we have confirmation from a reliable source. Leaving a message for the Seattle Police media unit to see what details they can share. P.S. Just took a second look at the comment that brought us first news of the arrest – it’s from a writer who identified himself in an earlier comment as one of the victims:

Just an update:

The police have caught the person who has been writing anti-gay slurs all over West Seattle. Kudos to the Seattle Police Department! Great Job!

I hope he spends some time behind bars so he has time to think about what he’s been doing and the grief that he’s been causing people.

6:27 PM UPDATE: Seattle Police have released a bit more information about today’s arrest, which is also now posted on the SPDBlotter site. The suspect is described as a 31-year-old man, booked for investigation of property damage, still under investigation for possible “malicious harassment” — as in, hate crime. Detective Jeff Kappel in the media unit told WSB that since this is an “active investigation,” he isn’t releasing more details such as where and how the man was taken into custody, which the SPDBlotter item says happened just after 1 this afternoon.

West Seattle student attacked while arriving home from school

Just received this report from a longtime WSBer:

Someone assaulted our 14 year old on her way home from Madison today.

It occurred in the alley behind our house as she was entering the access code to open the garage.

The attack occurred at 2:25 pm approximately. We have contacted and met with Seattle Police department.

The attacker was white, 16 or 17, wore a black hoodie and had freckles. He asked her the time and then grabbed her from behind in the crotch.

She yelled fire as she has been trained to do and kicked him.

He ran off. … Three police cars are looking for the creep.

We have a followup question out for any more generalized location info we can share without violating the victim’s privacy. 5:39 PM UPDATE: The location was a few blocks due south of Madison.

Ken Griffey Jr.’s mom Birdie to host West Seattle golf tournament

Great name to have if you’re going to host a golf tournament — “Birdie.” Ken Griffey Jr.’s mom Alberta “Birdie” Griffey will host the Seniors for Juniors Golf Tournament, 1 pm August 21st at West Seattle Golf Course. It’s not just a tournament but also a fundraising auction and barbecue, with entertainment by comedian Rod Long. Entry fee is $100/person; call 206-725-0688 or e-mail (more info at

Video: Formerly Cavvy’s, now “the store with no name,” is open

Neighboring entrepreneur Rick of Rick’s Barber Shop shared the news last weekend that this was imminent, and today, it really happened: We’ve seen it with our own eyes. The many-years-closed shop formerly known as Cavvy’s, 5247 California SW (map), is now open again. Under new management, but “old” ownership – the building’s owner, Wayne Whitten, is trying his hand at retail ownership (he’s worked at stores including McLendon’s). Check the video clip above for a look all around the store (starting with the life ring from the state ferry Walla Walla): “Everything’s for sale,” Wayne told us. Cash only. “Like a yard sale!” says one of the cheery makeshift window signs. But there is something he needs – a name for the shop. Note the old sign is gone:

“What should we call it?” he asked. We didn’t have a pithy suggestion – he says barber Rick offered “Wayne’s World”; we said we’d ask you. So if you have a suggestion, leave a comment. And drop by to see Wayne, who’s expecting to be open 10 am-5 pm Tuesdays-Saturdays TFN, with more merchandise to be added, including what he calls “antiquey” items:

Not a bee in her bonnet, but bees in her bin

Amanda from SOMA Bodywork (WSB sponsor) also mentioned this in the WSB Forums, but in case you are or know a beekeeper and haven’t seen this yet:

I was gone for a week and a swarm of honeybees has moved into my worm bin. Real honeybees like we had when I was a kid. I hardly thought they existed anymore! I actually wondered if someone had lost their swarm. Anyway, I’d love to have access to my worm bin again, so if any beekeepers out there are interested in capturing them, call me! 206-979-6106. Between Juneau and Findlay on 46th Ave SW.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Graffiti vandal may have struck again

Police are trying to catch whoever is vandalizing various spots in West Seattle with hate graffiti. A WSB’er reported yesterday that she called police after seeing a vandal in the act. Today, we just got a note from Alex, who says it appears the site where the vandalism originally came to light, a Morgan Junction garage door, has been vandalized again. As someone suggested in a comment on a previous report, at this point, given the persistence of this, and the status of the acts as a potential hate crime, call 911 if you think you see someone doing it.

Hour to spare Friday morning? West Seattle High School needs you

May 19, 2009 1:58 pm
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We told you last month about the DECA Marketing students from West Seattle High School headed to Internationals competition. Now their teacher Michelle Sloan has a request for the community, to help with some more-local judging:

Every few months, students in the marketing class make projects and compete with other teams in the class.

This time our project consists of creating a hotel and marketing it. At this time we are looking for judges who would be available Friday May 22nd from 11:00-12:00.

The judges can be community members, business owners, people with backgrounds in advertising, graphic design, and marketing.


They can reach me at

Safe Futures car wash this Thursday

May 19, 2009 12:39 pm
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The forecast looks promising so far as car-wash weather goes – here’s the announcement from SafeFutures Youth Center:

Car Wash to Help

SafeFutures Youth Center After-School Program

May 21st, Thursday, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

6337 35th Avenue SW (next to U-Haul)

Earlier this year, we covered Seattle Police making a donation to SafeFutures, which is headquartered near the car-wash site.

Shorewood Christian School 50-family yard sale this weekend

May 19, 2009 11:59 am
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Just out of the WSB inbox:

Amazing Yard Sale Memorial Day Weekend

More than 50 families from Shorewood Christian School have amassed valued treasures, tools, building supplies, collectibles, furniture, TONS of children’s/baby clothing & toys, housewares, books, electronics, sporting goods and sooo much more!! You really have to see it to believe it…we’re not joking!!!

Date: Sat., Sun., Mon., May 23, 24, 25th.

Location: 10300 28th Ave. S.W. West Seattle. Cross streets are 28th and Roxbury. Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Tuesday links: Metro optimism; tide turning; sidewalk-art pix

METRO OPTIMISM: Kery Murakami at the Seattle Post-Globe (the citywide news site run by ex-P-I journalists) writes that a Metro audit report discussed this morning suggests bus-service cuts forced by budget woes may not have to be as big as feared. See his story here.

TIDE TURNING: Fascinating study reported at Three Sheets Northwest (hat tip for pointing it out): Along the West Coast, the difference between daily high and low tides is growing. Researchers aren’t sure why, but they’re working on it. This by the way gives us an excuse to remind tide-walking fans that the next round of noteworthy minus tides starts this Friday morning – here’s the tide chart.

SIDEWALK ART UPDATE: If you’re on Facebook (where you can “friend” us as WS Blog), check out the photo album by SuttonBeresCuller showing the latest photos from its sidewalk-art installation in front of the new Morgan Junction Park. We first reported on the plan for this installation exactly 7 months ago; other neighborhoods declined the chance to get it, but Morgan Junction had no qualms and it’s there now for your sidewalk-chalking enjoyment.

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition at HPAC, on “polluters’ plan”

That video is from three months ago today, when the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition gave river tours after releasing its report on a community-created vision of the polluted waterway’s future (our full report is here). Last night at the Highland Park Action Committee‘s environmentally themed meeting (earlier reports here and here), DRCC’s Cari Simson told the group about the latest turn in the road to that cleanup: A coalition of those she described as “the polluters,” referencing the contamination that has made part of the river a Superfund site, has released its own draft report regarding the future cleanup — a “draft feasibility study” (officially announced here) – and DRCC isn’t liking what it’s seeing so far. Read on to hear why – and to hear about upcoming events (boat tour, kayaking tours and more) in which you can participate:Read More

Trouble hearing? West Seattle group wants to see you tomorrow

May 19, 2009 9:50 am
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This is Better Speech and Hearing Month, and the West Seattle chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America is reaching out to invite more people to participate. Here’s the announcement Kacy asked us to share:

Do you, or someone you know, avoid crowded situations because it’s so much work to follow the conversations? What about hearing the birds chirping? Or feel that people are mumbling?

Did you know that

* 1 out of 10 Americans has a hearing loss?
* 15% of baby-boomers have a hearing loss?
* the majority (65%) of people with a hearing loss are below retirement age?

Come to a meeting of the Hearing Loss Association of America, West Seattle chapter, and find out more!

Wednesday, the 20th of May, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

West Seattle Christian Church, 4400 42nd Ave SW (SE corner of 42nd and SW Genesee; map)

For more information, contact Kacy at

By the way, we are publishing individual stories on many more meetings and other announcements now, as we get them – most of them will be directly linked from our new Announced page. (Check it any time from its tab beneath the sunset photo atop WSB pages.) That’s in addition to what we’ve been doing for a long time, adding events and announcements to the WSB West Seattle Events calendar; the Announced page is just one more way for you to get a quick look at what’s just been announced, in addition to viewing the Events calendar by date. And thanks for sending us your announcements, events and news – any time!

Update: Car overturns after collision at 35th SW/Webster

(replaced original cameraphone photo with this picture, 9:27 am)
Thanks to James for the call on this (206-293-6302 any time): We’re at the scene of a “heavy rescue” call in the 7500 block of 35th SW (map): A car overturned just north of John’s Corner Deli (left background of our cameraphone photo); traffic is getting by, but slowly. 9:04 AM UPDATE: Police at the scene tell us they are still sorting out exactly how this happened; a tow truck is at the scene now to right the flipped car before getting it out of here. We’re told that car’s driver was taken to the hospital; it’s believed to have been on Webster, trying to turn onto 35th, when it collided with a silver Toyota – that car was not as badly damaged and there’s no word of anyone from the Toyota having to go to the hospital. 9:27 AM UPDATE: The scene is clear and traffic’s back to normal. 11:20 AM NOTE: A source confirms the Toyota’s driver was not seriously hurt. No updates on the other driver’s condition so far. ADDED 12:32 PM: Video as the flipped car was pulled back to right-side-up by the tow crew:

Today/tonight: Rainbow Festival, Crime Council, TV transition help

May 19, 2009 6:21 am
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RAINBOW FESTIVAL: The annual celebration at South Seattle Community College happens today through Thursday. It’s a campuswide event celebrating food, music, people, and more. Today’s events:

11 am-2:30 pm: Arts & Crafts Vendor Fair
· Native American flutist and performances
· Henna artist
· New Heights – alternative rock
· Choker making
· Lunch – Salmon Bake
· 1 pm: Screening and discussion of “We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes” (Olympic Hall 105)

For events Wednesday and Thursday, go here – one highlight, we’re told by Seattle’s Poet Populist (and SSCC’s own) Mike Hickey, will be the Girl Power Poetry Slam at 1 pm Thursday, with Karen Finneyfrock (who was also a Poet Populist contender) and Tara Hardy.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: We’ve had some high-profile cases, with the May 1st Alki shooting topping the list, since this group’s last meeting, and as we’ve noted many times in the ensuing weeks, this is your best chance to get the latest directly from local police leadership – and bring them your questions and concerns. City attorney Tom Carr also will be a guest at tonight’s meeting. 7 pm, Southwest Precinct.

TV TRANSITION HELP: This has been going on at Youngstown Arts Center for quite some time, but the delayed Digital TV transition is now less than three weeks away, and if you’re not ready for it, it might be time for extra help. Drop in at Youngstown 6-8 pm tonight or 4-6 pm Saturday for workshops in partnership with Reclaim the Media to help you figure out if you still need to take action to be sure your TV will work after June 12th. (For more info on the TV transition, check out this page from the city’s website.)

Rainbow Festival today-Thursday @ South Seattle Community College

May 19, 2009 3:55 am
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Here’s the list of events – you can check here for updates:

The public is invited to celebrate cultural diversity at South Seattle Community College’s 19th annual Rainbow Festival, May 19-21. The three-day event is a free ticket to explore what the world has to offer, without ever having to pack your bags. Most events take place at or near the Clock Tower Plaza at the center of campus (alternate rain site Jerry Brockey Student Center, rooms A & B). More events are being added, so visit the website for schedule updates: .

Tuesday, May 19

· 11 am-2:30 pm: Arts & Crafts Vendor Fair

· Native American flutist and performances

· Henna artist

· New Heights – alternative rock

· Choker making

· Lunch – Salmon Bake

· 1 pm: Screening and discussion of “We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes” (Olympic Hall 105)

Wednesday, May 20

· 11 am-2:30 pm: Arts & Crafts Vendor Fair

· 10 am: Keynote speaker and Q&A with Rory Ong, Associate Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies at WSU (location TBA)

· Caricature artist

· Wacky Olympics & bubble blowing

· Asian Pacific Islander cultural performances

· Orbitron – hip hop

· 1 pm: Workshop, “The Resistance of Philippine Cinema,” by Geologic, poet and vocalist for hip hop duo Blue Scholars (Olympic Hall 105)

· Student talent show

· Lunch – Siva Pasifika API cuisine

· 7:30 pm: Recital featuring South students Ana Mia Keely, mezzo soprano, and Wu Tianhao, cello, plus instructor Victoria Kincaid-Theriault, piano (Olympia Hall Auditorium) and violinist William McAdams

Thursday, May 21

· 11 am-2:30 pm: Arts & Crafts Vendor Fair

· Free massages

· 11 am: Keynote speaker and Q&A with South instructor Allen Stowers

· Basketball tournament

· Nueva Era – Salsa, Latin Jazz

· African cultural performances

· Lunch – African cuisine

· 1 pm: Girl Power Slam Poetry with nationally-recognized poets Tara Hardy and Karen Finneyfrock (Olympic Hall 120)

All events are free and open to the public.

Driving directions:

Moms and Babes group starting up in High Point

Attention, families:

June 4: Moms & Babes group starting up! Join other moms and babies for stories, songs, and lots of fun! Time: 12-1 pm – Where: High Point Library, 35th and Raymond

Summer Beat benefit for Bahia Street at Youngstown Arts Center

May 19, 2009 3:18 am
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Coming up later this month at Youngstown Arts Center:


Brazilian and African musicians and dancers are samba-ing and drumming their way into summer as part of a fundraiser benefiting young women and girls in Salvador, Brazil.

Bahia Street’s Summer Beat a Brazilian Festival includes dance workshops, a live performance, and food and drink as a way to share the unique blend of African and Brazilian culture in Salvador. Tickets are for a donation of 10 dollars, and the event will take place on Friday, May 29, at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle.

Bahia Street is a nonprofit based in Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom that breaks cycles of poverty through education for impoverished African-Brazilian girls and young women. Bahia Street supports a center in Salvador that educates these girls for university study, giving them access to a life outside of the relentless cycle of poverty and violence that plagues their neighborhoods.

Because of Bahia Street, six girls have gone from illiteracy to university and have become activists for their communities. Outside of Brazil, Bahia Street promotes greater understanding about collaborative international development.

The event starts at 6 p.m. with workshops offering dance lessons in the Brazilian dances samba and capoeira. While the majority of the event is for ages 21 and up, these workshops are open to all ages.

A live performance begins later on in the evening, and authentic Brazilian food will be served. The performance features Brazilian dance and music from groups Vamo La, Tudo Beleza, Bahia in Motion, Bantos Capoeira Seattle, and Jeff Busch, as well as West African dance and music groups Thione Diop and Yeke Yeke. The performance will end with DJ Darek Mazzone from KEXP’s WoPop world music show.

More information can be found at Tickets will be available at Youngstown on the day of event.