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West Seattle Art Walk: Next lineup’s out, as growth continues

artwalk.jpgJust five nights till the April edition of the West Seattle Second Thursday Art Walk, and the full lineup’s out. (See it here.) Every Art Walk for the past few months has made history with something new — a first-ever feature, biggest-ever participant list, etc. — and this one’s no exception: This time, the Art Walk continues to grow beyond The Junction — with five Admiral participants this time! — and the listings on the official flyer/map now geographically group the venues. More on its growth, plus a closer look at a non-business Art Walk regular, ahead:Read More

More West Seattle (and slightly beyond) Saturday scenes

April 5, 2008 10:32 pm
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While more than a thousand 34th Legislative District Democrats caucused inside West Seattle High School, the intrepid WSHS Class of 2008 car wash to raise $ for Grad Night continued outside. Parent Carol Viger tells us they brought in $1,200! Next step in their fundraising — they’re giving out vouchers for shopping at Barnes and Noble next Saturday (4/12); they’ll get part of the proceeds from purchases made by people who turn in the vouchers. (Download the vouchers here.) Next, thanks to Robert Stever for this photo of a traditional Khmer dance performance during the Cambodian New Year Street Festival in White Center today:


In his e-mail, Robert adds: “In the photo, note their hands and toes turned backward. … It was cold outside, but the dancers showed no effect. See the kids in the background ready to be involved.” Last but not least, we couldn’t resist the cute pet photo:


We should have just put it on the Pets page but we’re working later tonight to update that and in the short run, this photo post was just looking for a “kicker.” The e-mail accompanying that photo was headed “Welcome Harley to West Seattle!” and went on to say winningly, “Harley is a 10 week old Black Lab that loves his new neighborhood. He will always stop and say hi for a treat or a good belly rub! Peter Brennan and Sarah Bonzer (who are getting married later this year) are the proud parents of the little guy who won’t be little for long.” Thanks as always for sending photos; e-mail us any time at

Caucusing, round 2: A (long) day with the Democrats


We’ve never before gone to a political caucus or convention beyond the precinct level (Feb. 9 caucuses this year, WSB coverage here). There’s a first time for everything, and so we are back from a long day at the 34th Legislative District Democratic Caucus at West Seattle High School. If you thought the February caucuses were lively, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve packed into a high-school gym with more than 1,000 people — and “packing in” was a challenge long before everyone entered the WSHS doors:Read More

Thriftway team thrilled by turnout for benefit barbecue


Just got word from West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction that today’s barbecue lunch to raise money for employee Julie Lynch and her family raised $3,000! That includes donations as well as food sales. Julie is fighting breast cancer and her co-workers wanted to do something to help make sure she could focus more on recovery and less on finances. They’re thankful for everybody who chipped in.

Thanks for your patience, and stand by for updates

April 5, 2008 4:52 pm
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Just back from a day of covering everything from the Thriftway BBQ to the 34th Legislative District Democratic Caucus (six and a half hours after its start, it still wasn’t over when we finally had to leave); just wanted to let you know we’re working on coverage updates to appear shortly AND if you didn’t see our note in the forum from earlier, apologies again for site trouble today … seems to be better now but we’re keeping close watch, since it’s one of those cases where our technical provider isn’t certain what the problem was, which means the “solution” could be tenuous.

See the Dalai Lama live (via video) at two local libraries

dalailama.jpgLess than a week till His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Seattle; if you want to see his appearances but didn’t/couldn’t get tickets, the Seattle Public Library is organizing the next best thing: Live video webcasts of select events April 11-15 at select library branches, including High Point and West Seattle (Admiral). Here’s the full list of dates and times. In case you’re wondering, though these are described as webcasts, the announcement doesn’t mention whether they will be viewable online outside of the library-branch events; we have a message out to SPL PR to clarify.

Free organic produce – with just one catch


That’s Longfellow Creek Farm — a quarter-acre at 2311 SW Myrtle (just off Delridge; map) where Growing Washington is inviting you to a “community-garden restoration work party” noon-4 pm April 19. Help is needed raking leaves, clipping brambles, spreading mulch, weed-whacking, and painting. The goal is to restore the site into a “functioning, food-producing garden,” and volunteers will be first in line for free organic produce — once it’s grown. They’d like you to let them know you’ll be there; register during the next week by using the contact info here.

Happening today: Caucus, car wash, sale, BBQ, more …

April 5, 2008 6:30 am
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You’ll find the full list of today’s West Seattle events in our West Seattle Weekend Lineup, but we wanted to call your attention to these highlights one more time:

WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL EVENT #1 – 34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS: Sign-ins start at WSHS at 9 am, caucusing at 10 am, for delegates and alternates chosen at Feb. 9 caucuses. More info here.

WEST SEATTLE HS EVENT #2 – “GRAD NIGHT” CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: The Class of 2008 is raising money for a safe, fun Grad Night celebration, and today’s 9 am-2 pm car wash is a big part of it. Free coffee, cocoa, and baked goods while your car is washed at WSHS! Suggested donation $10 or whatever you can give; vouchers also will be available for April 12 shopping at Barnes and Noble to benefit the same cause. (By the way, they’re also still taking volunteers, even last-minute ones, and students can get community-service credit for it; call 206/718-2442.)

GROUP GARAGE SALE: All day at Alki Community Center. (And by the way, registration opens Thursday if you want to have a sale May 10 as part of the annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, presented this year by WSB; the latest info is on our special WSCGSD website.)

WEST SEATTLE THRIFTWAY BENEFIT BARBECUE LUNCH: 11 am-4 pm, go have a freshly barbecued burger, plus chips and soda, at West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction for $7, all proceeds going to employee Julie Lynch and her family as Julie fights breast cancer.

GET INVOLVED WITH WSB FORUM COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER FOR ARSON VICTIM: Planning is going full-speed ahead for the April 19 (6 pm, Admiral Pub) fundraiser for Puget Sound Key and Lock, closed since the still-unsolved arson two weeks ago. Planning and organizing help is still welcome; join WSB Forum Community members at Admiral Pub at 2 pm today (you can also sign up for the mailing list here).

Again, that’s just part of lots happening today and tonight; find more WS events here.