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West Seattle weather watch: Wind advisory extended

New forecast from the National Weather Service: Wind advisory extended till 1 pm tomorrow; gusts could hit 55 mph overnight. (Wildly windy already, on our west-facing bluff.) 6:35 AM UPDATE: Looks like the worst is over; the 4 am version of the forecast, same link, mentions up to 35 mph. No West Seattle outages or major road woes reported; if you’re driving elsewhere, the “traffic incidents” link atop the WSB Traffic page can be handy.

Helpers request help, to assist crime victim’s family

From the WSB inbox — yet another event happening this very busy Saturday, but even if you can’t lend a hand, perhaps you can help with the materials they need?Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: More recent police reports

Besides the case of the laptop bandit (suspect now under arrest), we’ve got a few more police reports from the Southwest Precinct to tell you about before the night’s over:Read More

Charlestown Cafe update, from owner Larry

ccfiresmall.jpgTwo nights after the Charlestown Cafe fire, another update from owner Larry Mellum: Regarding when the CC will reopen, he says, “I can’t really give you a time frame as yet but the damage doesn’t appear to be extensive enough to cause any kind of long-term closure. Our best guess barring any setbacks would be early next week if all goes as planned.” Larry also says it’s suspected that the fryer fire started because a thermostat failed and the oil got so hot (the cook tried to turn it off but couldn’t), it “spontaneously combusted.”

In-person voting still an option through Nov. after all

February 6, 2008 7:33 pm
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Official King County news release: Mail-only voting delayed till next year.

West Seattle Crime Watch bulletin: Arrest in laptop thefts

Just talked to the Southwest Precinct – they’ve arrested the key suspect in the laptop thefts last night at Freshy’s and Monday night at Cupcake Royale. (Previous WSB coverage here and here.)

Caucus countdown: Clinton CLOSE to WS, Obama @ the Key

clintoncolormug.jpgobamabarack.jpgWith the Saturday caucuses suddenly in the national spotlight, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are both coming to Seattle in the next few days. Her appearance is scheduled for tomorrow night at Terminal 30, the cruise-ship facility on the south edge of the downtown waterfront, not that far from the WS bridge. His appearance is set for Friday, location TBA 11 am @ KeyArena. No word of last-minute GOP candidate visits, so far. More caucus info in previous WSB coverage here.

Bulletin: Alki Urban Market opens tomorrow morning

Thanks to Jo for the tip that it looks open now – we just called owner “Thampay” Thilakarajah; he tells WSB the store will officially open 7 am tomorrow. (Here’s our in-depth article from last month detailing what he says AUM will offer.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 updates, plus a van to watch for

Just off the phone with the Southwest Precinct — handcuffs_2.jpgupdates on 3 cases: FIRST — The Freshy’s robbery yesterday (original report here) — police say they know who they’re looking for and at least one suspect should be in custody soon — plus there’s a strong likelihood, as posted in the comments on the Freshy’s report, that the main suspect also was involved in a similar robbery at Cupcake Royale Monday night — “exact same M-O,” police say — ask a question about a bus route, grab a laptop and bolt. At least one witness from Freshy’s knew the suspect’s name; separate from that, regarding the discussion about descriptive factors — light-skinned black male, 17 years old, 6’2″, 190, is what’s on the report. No good description of the other suspect(s). SECOND ITEM: The Admiral rock-throwing suspects, as reported here and here: A second suspect has now been arrested; just one more left to go. (No description but police in this case too say they know exactly who they are after.) THIRD ITEM: Police are putting out two photos of a van linked to a wallet-snatching at South Seattle Community College three weeks ago, hoping it might lead to some tips:


That’s a light blue or gray ’90s Dodge Caravan with tinted windows, used as the getaway vehicle after the robbery at 7 pm January 17. Police say a woman who works in the campus library had just parked her car and was walking to work when a suspect described only as a black man in his 20s asked her for 50 cents. She thought he was a student, so she pulled out her wallet and was going to loan him the money after a promise he would find her in the library and pay her back; he then grabbed her wallet and ran, with four other suspects (no description) suddenly appearing and fleeing with him. (No description of them.) If you have any information on the van, or anything else about this robbery, here’s who to call: Detective Jim Rodgers in the Seattle PD Robbery unit, 262-2515.

Reader report: Public thanks for Good Samaritans

Just out of the WSB inbox, from Amy:

Can you help me shout out to some helpful bystanders who came to my aid yesterday? My toddler, newborn and I were leaving Swedish Physicians (on California Ave & Hinds) and getting off the elevator to the parking garage when my son’s hand got trapped in the elevator door as it opened. I tried to pull it out to no avail and was screaming for help when several people arrived. One was a man holding a small child; he put the child down and managed to extricate my son’s hand. Another woman helped me push my infant’s stroller while I got my hysterical son back up to the doctor. In all the commotion I never thanked either one of them. Fortunately his hand is merely bruised, but it was very traumatic for him and for me and I really appreciate the kindness of strangers to get through a scary experience. Thank you, fellow West Seattlites!

“Atomic Boys” update: Almost there


As we first told you a week and a half ago, the former Hart’s Gifts on Admiral just west of California is becoming Max and Quinn’s Atomic Boys Shop-O-Rama, featuring “retro and nostalgic” merchandise. After seeing the sign go up (as shown above), we just checked with owner Kent Sadow regarding progress toward opening; he says it’ll be within the next few days, adding (for everyone wondering about retro candy possibilities), “Spent the better part of yesterday pricing Sugar Daddys, Good & Plenty, Chuckles, Candy dots (on paper) and a lot more.” He promises he will let us all know as soon as the “open” sign goes up.

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Jenaya Van Horn

Today, our traditional WSB sponsor welcome goes out to Jenaya Van Horn, MA, LMFT, CMHS, whose West Seattle practice offers individual, couple, and group therapy. As you will see on Jenaya’s ad in the right sidebar — the one that is headed SAY NO MORE! — what she offers includes EFT Coaching, and here’s what she would like you to know: “The challenges we face are part of being human. They present us with opportunities to learn more about ourselves and the possibilities that life can hold. Attending to these can give our lives greater depth and make life more meaningful. This is often described as ‘work’; however, I prefer to see it as a labor of love. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Lifespan Integration, two approaches that I have seen to be helpful in resolving depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, difficulty making or acting upon decisions, addictive or self-harming behaviors, anger, grief, trauma and transitions; more gently and quickly than talk therapy alone. If you are ready to enjoy a healthy, happy life with purpose and want to explore what you can do to make your life better or different, then let’s begin.” Thanks to Jenaya for supporting WSB; if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, the first step is to check out our Advertise page. That page lists all our current sponsors; we hope that if/when you do business with any of them, you will consider thanking them for supporting WSB, as we get closer to sustainability. Thank you, and thanks to all of them!

63rd/Alki: New turn of events


The city Transportation Department says it’s looking at ways to convince more people to turn off northbound Alki Ave at 63rd, where the yellow “residential street” sign shown above seems to be too subtle a clue that the arterial ends there, instead of continuing up and through the narrow stretch where it becomes Beach Drive at Alki Point. Sandra Woods of SDOT tells WSB that might even include physical changes to the intersection, “to make the turn more obvious.” This is part of the next stage of the process regarding pedestrian improvements west of that intersection, now that the city has told concerned area residents it won’t do anything that would take away their existing non-parallel parking in the sidewalk-less zone. (That’s the proposal that brought an upset group to the Alki Community Council last month, as we reported here.) Woods emphasizes the sidewalk plan isn’t dead — it was the result of a neighborhood application/planning process — but will likely turn into some kind of what she calls a “nonconventional walkway.” Right now, the city is developing “conceptual drawings” to be presented at a future public meeting, likely late March/early April.

Another West Seattle apartment building for sale

February 6, 2008 6:03 am
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We always note the bigger commercial listings, and this one just turned up: The Limrock 11, 4501 Admiral (map), listed at $1,750,000.