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Friday night photos – plus, prominent photoblogger moving here

First: Deb sent the link to this West Seattle post on Vintage Seattle, through which we learned that VS blogger Jess Cliffe is moving to WS this weekend; welcome! Now, some current-day pix (from before the rain swept in):


That’s from Marybeth, as is this surf-level bird’s-eye view:


Next – two photos courtesy of Chas Redmond, who was on the Lincoln Park shore at a moment today when the water was sapphire blue:



Chas reports the afternoon winds gave that kayaker quite a bit of trouble.

Another new West Seattle map

Last weekend we told you about the draft West Seattle Walking Trails map (if you haven’t checked it out yet, feedback is still welcome) – tonight, the new Discovery Map, which we heard about from the folks at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor). They’ve written about it on their bizblog (if you haven’t already seen the entry in the latest roundup on our Blogs page), and are offering free copies at their shop in the Admiral District. You can also preview the map online.

Admiral Safeway: Looking ahead at its future

More future West Seattle development news, this time from Admiral Neighborhood Association president Mark Wainwright: He says a representative from Safeway has contacted the ANA because, according to Mark, “They would like to start the process of redeveloping the Admiral store, and want to talk to the community. … No specifics at all right now, but it’s great that they’ve reached out to us early on.” It is indeed considered ideal for neighborhood associations to get first word of something major like that, and it’s another good reason to be involved with the association that represents your neighborhood — to see if there is one, check the WEST SEATTLE NEIGHBORHOOD GROUPS list in our sidebar.

Motorcycle crash at 35th/Graham

Just saw a major medic call at 35th/Graham on the 911 log and got a simultaneous reader report — “terrible accident, motorcycle hit by a car and destroyed.” Heading over to check it out. 4:17 PM UPDATE: Got there within minutes of the original post; the motorcycle was upright but clearly damaged (will add a photo in a minute); no car in sight, except for two police cars bookending the motorcycle, before a tow truck arrived moments later. The road was open. Our original tipster said the motorcycle rider appeared “hurt” but “was moving around.” 4:21 PM UPDATE: Photo added:


A few fast Friday afternoon site notes

Before the next wave of news hits (we have some in the hopper, never fear), a few quick WSB notes:

NEW PAGE FINALLY READY FOR PRIME TIME: You may already have checked out the page titled MORE (in the navigation tab bar below the page header on all WSB pages) – We wanted to tweak it before officially announcing it but it seems announceable now: It’s where you can find the latest West Seattle headlines from citywide media sources (and a few regional/national ones that might mention WS from time to time). MORE is based on the same tech application that powers the BLOGS page, which displays the latest excerpts from 100-plus “Other Blogs in West Seattle” — so those are both pages you can check out any time to find fresh West Seattle stuff to read.

WSB MOVES FROM GOOGLE BLOGS TO GOOGLE NEWS: In recognition of the fact that we are as much a news site as a blog (if not more so), Google is now aggregating WSB content in Google News, rather than Google Blogsearch. You won’t see all WSB posts there; some are too short, but the meatiest stuff should turn up there (and is always quickly indexed in regular Google Search as well).

WSB FORUMS MILESTONE: More than 400 WSB readers are now signed up for the forums, a heartening percentage of the thousands who read them. Anyone can read ’em; registration is required to post or comment, and we’re glad to see participation hit that level after just 2 months. We set them up so you could “talk amongst yourselves,” particularly with WSB Reader Recommendations — and here’s one great example of how WSB’ers helped each other, the saga of the metal plates. Also, we recently added a West Seattle Rants and Raves forum, thanks to a reader suggestion.

PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO VOTE FOR WSB: For the second year in a row, WSB is in the “final four” of the Metroblogging Seattle blog tournament. Their format is a quirky little thing that’s a takeoff on NCAA March Madness; voting takes only a second, and you don’t have to register for anything – just go here (we’ve got a link at the top of the right sidebar, too). Voting’s open till Wednesday, after which we will plead for your vote one more time if WSB reaches the finals. Thank you!

License your pet, or else

The city just issued a reminder that it’s patrolling parks and neighborhoods to check for licenses.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: March marches in

Prime rib, puppets, yachts, health, discount comedy if you mention WSB, classic-rock tributes, a book sale, live theater, and lots more — 49 West Seattle weekend events listed ahead:Read More

Harbor Properties buying West Seattle’s only motel – and more


As we briefly reported yesterday afternoon, Harbor Properties not only is building Mural in The Junction and proposing a residential/commercial building on the ex-Huling land it’s just bought at 38th/Alaska, it’s also “under contract” to buy West Seattle’s only motel — the former Travelodge, now Seattle West Inn and Suites. This morning, we have more details — on all three — after talking with a Harbor Properties executive:Read More

Hey, bidder, bidder: School-surplus auction tomorrow

Thanks to Eddie for the tip: Seattle Public Schools is raising a little extra cash by auctioning a lot of stuff off at Boren tomorrow, starting at 9 am. More info (list, photos, etc.) here.

Floating a concept: What Hi-Yu has in store this year

February 29, 2008 7:03 am
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There’s the latest example of plans for summer getting under way well before the end of winter – that’s a preliminary sketch for this year’s West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival float, which represents WS in parades all over the region and of course appears in the big WS parade too. As previously reported here, this year’s theme is Luna Park, celebrating West Seattle’s historic amusement park. The sketch was shared with WSB by Danette Carufel of the Hi-Yu Committee, who also says:

Hi-Yu is still looking for a place to hold work parties (painting, cutting, gluing) to help build the float. If you know of an empty work space or garage that could be used please contact us through the Hi-Yu website. Once a location is found we will schedule work parties and hope that the community would like to join us in building the float. If any clubs, organizations or anyone looking for community service hours would like to join us at a work party please (also) contact us.

We’ve got one more sketch to show you, plus Danette has a few words of thanks regarding a recent Hi-Yu event:Read More

5020 California, 9030 35th advance through Design Review

February 28, 2008 11:59 pm
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springhilld.jpgAt left is design option D for 5020 California, aka Spring Hill (not the restaurant), which got the best reviews from the Southwest Design Review Board tonight at Denny Middle School during a semi-rare second round of “early design guidance,” mandated because the first round didn’t go well (WSB coverage here). One of the main concerns that architect David Hewitt was asked to address with this 6-story, 90-unit apartments-and-retail building was the fear it would leave the single-family neighborhood behind it with their alley-facing back yards staring at a big hulking wall. Board members’ consensus tonight was that the revised proposals removed that concern, and also moved more of the building’s “mass” onto the California SW street front, as they also had asked. The dozen or so neighbors who attended tonight’s meeting voiced fewer concerns than the larger group who showed up last month; one outspoken neighbor, Nancy Woodland, noted that reps from the developer, BlueStar (which is also handling Fauntleroy Place, aka the Whole Foods project), had even come to her house for a first-hand survey. Next step for Spring Hill will be the “recommendations” Design Review meeting. Before re-reviewing Spring Hill tonight, the SWDRB got its first look at 9030 35th SW, smaller but not without controversy:Read More

Alki’s spectacular sunset


Thanks to Marybeth for sharing that sunset photo from Alki, and this one:


Basketball playoffs update: West Seattle HS boys win

February 28, 2008 9:59 pm
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Thanks to Paul Cozens for the latest update:

In a hard-fought battle which went down to the last second, the West Seattle boys beat Cleveland 56 – 53 Thursday night at Bellevue Community College (BCC.)

West Seattle now plays Seattle Prep for third place in the Sea-King District. The game is at 3:00 PM on March 1 at BCC. Win or lose, the Wildcats are going to the state tournament!

Let’s see how many fans we can pack in the BCC gymnasium Saturday.

Go West Side!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Latest report roundup

Postponed from last night: the latest reports from the Southwest Precinct:Read More

West Seattle rabbi sentenced for 47th/Admiral crash

Per KOMO website: Ephraim Schwartz, the West Seattle rabbi who hit and killed city council aide Tatsuo Nakata at 47th/Admiral in November 2006, must pay a fine and do community service, and loses his driver’s license for 2 years, but no jail time. 10:36 PM UPDATE: Many more details in this P-I story, including City Attorney Tom Carr calling the sentence “outrageous” and the judge calling Schwartz “a lousy driver.”

About the Westwood pit-bull case, and dogs on the loose


That’s a photo sent to WSB by a man who lives in the Westwood neighborhood where police shot two dogs, described as pit bulls, night before last. (Original WSB report here.) The neighbor believes those are the same dogs – even if not, he says there’s a dog problem — irresponsible owner problem, maybe more like it — in his neighborhood: “I have called Animal Control AND Police on these dogs NUMEROUS times. I have photos attached of the dogs hunting/stalking during the day right in a neighborhood where children play outside all day and walk to and from school. … I have many, many photos of these and other loose dogs stalking my neighborhood day and night.” On the night of the police/dogs confrontation, we heard scanner traffic indicating a history of previous trouble with the dogs that police shot. Now we’ve seen the full police writeup of what happened Tuesday night, and thought you might be interested in additional details:Read More

Coyote sighting & TV-crew sighting

smallercoyote.jpgIf you’re wondering what the TV live truck is doing at Lincoln Park, channel 4 is following up on our report Monday about the “Coyote Warning” flyers papered throughout the hillside neighborhood over the central part of the park. Haven’t seen their story yet but the reporter told us they found the family who says a coyote snatched their dog. Meantime, we got a coyote-sighting report this morning from Dean, who wrote: “I live on the hill above La Rustica along the Me-Kwa-Mooks greenbelt and about 1 am today i was awakened by a howling coyote nearby. Very cool!” (Reminder, info you should know about coexisting with coyotes is in this WSB report about the recent citywide info meeting.)

Cheap comedy for WSB’ers, and other Admiral events

Didn’t know about this till it landed in our inbox but we of course have no choice but to let you know: Admiral Theater boss Steve Garrett admiral.jpgis offering WSB readers a discount at this Friday night’s comedy performance by Dante (from “Last Comic Standing“) — according to Steve, “Tickets are normally $15 in advance, $20 at the door, but we are extending this to West Seattle Blog viewers: Come into the theater before the show and mention that you saw it on the blog and receive comedy tickets for only $10.” Also mentioned in the latest Admiral bulletin, this Saturday night’s the monthly “Rocky Horror Picture Show” extravaganza, and next Wednesday night @ 7, the 75th anniversary showing of “Duck Soup,” which Steve says “will be introduced by Frank Ferrante, world-class Groucho impersonator.” (Dante’s show Friday is at 10 pm, according to the Admiral website; you can find out more about him on his MySpace site, which includes clips.)

Three Thursday afternoon notes


5 months after we reported townhouses are planned for the site of that 95-year-old house at 5232 California (across from West Seattle Nursery), the demolition permit has just been granted.


A few blocks north, 5020 California — the “Spring Hill” mixed-use proposal — gets its next Design Review Board hearing, featuring the new design options shown above (full details reported here), 8 pm tonight @ Denny Middle School Library (after the 6:30 pm review of 9030 35th).


1 month after that new paint job went onto Slices on Alki – it’s applied for a new liquor license; the applicant is “Cocktails Inc.” and the category is “snack bar.”

New info today about Harbor Properties’ Junction-area plans

Harbor Properties — currently developing Mural on land including the ex-Petco lot along 42nd, across from Jefferson Square — is going public today with more info about its Junction-area plans. First, as reported here earlier this month, it’s proposing a 6-story mixed-use building (mostly residential) along 38th, south of Fauntleroy, on parcels including a former Huling Bros. service facility and West Seattle Montessori School, and Harbor Properties has now closed the deal for the Huling-owned portion of that land. The other bit of new info: Harbor is also “under contract” for the site of West Seattle’s only motel, the ex-Travelodge, now Seattle West Inn and Suites (site of a headline-making crash last week), and other nearby sites. What will go there? We’re scheduled to talk with a Harbor Properties executive a little bit later this afternoon, and you’ll see a full report here later tonight.

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: State Farm’s David Newman

Another new sponsor joined WSB this week — West Seattle State Farm Insurance agent David Newman (shown at right below in the afternoon sun/shade outside their office at 3435 California Ave a few days ago, with, left to right, administrative assistant Maggie Johns, associates Corrie Greene and Chris Little, and wife Melissa Newman), who you can reach online or at 932-1878:


Here’s what David wants you to know about his business: “We are a friendly office located in the heart of West Seattle, and take pride in our effort to support our West Seattle neighbors the best we can. Between our longtime staff and agent, we have a combined professional experience of over 50 years. West Seattle families who understand the importance of properly insuring themselves are happy that we take the time and make the effort necessary to protect the things that they find important. This office has a long history of supporting local youth sports teams and schools with sponsorship and donations. Most of our new clients find their way to us by referral. We are making a concerted effort to market our service in an ecologically friendly way by doing all we can to avoid mass mailings and other ecologically damaging mediums. Thanks for your business – it means a lot to us.” That’s one thing you can say for online advertising – it’s green! And it’s a great way to get your name in front of thousands of people who live and/or work in West Seattle, 24/7/365; to find out about joining the roster of our much-appreciated WSB sponsors, please start here.

Beat the gray-sky blues: Think Summer (Fest)!


Nothing like a blue-sky photo from last summer to chase the gray-sky blues away if you have ’em … that’s from West Seattle Summer Fest 2007, and we’re rerunning it as we share the news that the dates are set for Summer Fest 2008, as published on the SF site: Friday-Sunday, July 11-13. West Seattle Junction Association executive director Susan Melrose tells WSB that the first planning meeting of the year happened just last night, so look for more details to come; they won’t start taking applications for table space till April.

Change at the top at the Southwest Precinct

fann.jpgBefore we post an overdue Crime Watch roundup plus a followup on the Westwood pit-bull-shooting case from the other night, we have news about the Southwest Precinct itself: As part of a leadership reorganization involving several precincts and divisions within the Seattle Police Department, Chief Gil Kerlikowske is moving the SWP’s commander, Captain Mike Fann (official SPD photo @ left), to lead the Traffic Unit, and moving Captain Joe Kessler to head up the SWP. Capt. Fann has led the West Seattle-based precinct for almost three years. (P.S. The semi-nearby South Precinct is also getting a new commander, Captain Les Liggins.)