Helpers request help, to assist crime victim’s family

From the WSB inbox — yet another event happening this very busy Saturday, but even if you can’t lend a hand, perhaps you can help with the materials they need?

This is from Need-A-Break Services. Their site is here; background on the crime is here.

Craig Hoffman was slain in the front yard of his own home on October 19th, 2007. He had come home to find intruders in his White Center home and had chased them off. He had almost caught up to them when one of the intruders turned around and shot Hoffman several times, leaving him fatally wounded.

The intruders have been [arrested]. However, Hoffman’s family is left mourning in the home that now holds fear and grief. An avid home renovator, Hoffman left several critical home repair projects undone around the house at his death. These repairs are vivid and constant reminders to the loss of his presence. Now, a local organization is seeking to restore hope by restoring the home.

Need-A-Break Services, a local nonprofit organization, is organizing a home repair project for Hoffman’s family this weekend. Need-A-Break will be working to complete the projects left undone by Hoffman and complete the home. This will include insulating the starkly cold home, finishing installation of windows and fireplace, installing siding, providing window treatments to the home in order to instill a sense of safety for the family and more. All of this work will be done in one day on Saturday, February 9th.

Need-A-Break Services is looking for donations from local businesses and individuals in order to leverage its own resources. Volunteers from Need-A-Break Services are gearing up for this project but also need some additional help from community members. People can get involved by contacting Need-A-Break Services now! We need donations, including time and talent!

If you can help, contact Need-A-Break: 253.284.4282 or

3 Replies to "Helpers request help, to assist crime victim's family"

  • JimmyG February 7, 2008 (9:23 am)

    Small point of order as the information from the email is incorrect.

    The suspects have been arrested and charged, but nobody has been convicted for Hoffman’s murder yet.

  • WSB February 7, 2008 (9:29 am)

    thanks – I will amend the copy; since they are juveniles I don’t think I’ll have much luck looking up info online to fully report their status.

  • Melissa February 7, 2008 (1:50 pm)

    Any chance you can expand the posting on the main page? I think many don’t continue after the jump. I think this post would likely benefit (get more attention & response) from more info about the situation on the main page. Thanks for considering!

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