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West Seattle Crime Watch: Making progress against burglars

handcuffs_2.jpgIn addition to the call for witnesses that we posted this afternoon, we have one more bit of news tonight from the Southwest Precinct – this is directly from a detectives’ progress report forwarded to WSB:

For the first three weeks of 2008, (January 2, 2008 to January 23, 2008) Southwest Detectives were assigned 38 cases for investigations.

Detective have identified a few groups of individuals who they believe are responsible for a pattern of burglaries. Detectives have built cases on several of these individuals within these groups which has greatly interrupted these patterns.

21 of those cases have been cleared with arrests.

14 cases, detectives have developed leads and/or have identified the suspects (filing pending).

3 cases, no leads at this time.

Detectives have noticed a substantial decrease in residential and commercial burglaries.

Just anecdotal, but when we reviewed six days worth of police reports at the precinct yesterday (resulting in this writeup posted last night), we did indeed notice fewer break-in reports than we’d seen in recent weeks.

A tale of two open houses: Spring Hill, RapidRide

A few notes from these two public open houses in West Seattle tonight:

SPRING HILL (THE MIXED-USE PROJECT, NOT THE RESTAURANT) OPEN HOUSE: No new info or drawings since the Southwest Design Review Board meeting earlier this month (WSB coverage here). Project manager Barbara Hartley told WSB they hoped to use tonight’s open house to clarify some points of concern voiced at that meeting, such as the separation between Spring Hill and the building to the north (25 feet total), and gather more comments before architects revise the plans for the next SWDRB meeting (she says they’ll be ready next month, if the city can get them on the schedule). She also says they’re leaning toward designating the “residential units” as apartments, since “that’s where the development synergy seems to be right now, especially in West Seattle,” and for the ground-level commercial, they have no “anchor tenant” yet but are envisioning professional offices.

METRO RAPIDRIDE OPEN HOUSE: No major new info since the presentation we covered at the Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) meeting earlier this month (WSB writeup here), but a few additional infoboards not shown at that meeting were on display here — including one listing possible stoplights that could have “transit priority” as part of speeding up the bus trips. (How much faster? one reader asked in earlier comments — Paul Roybal of Metro told WSB tonight, about 25% faster than the current 54.) We also learned tonight that before RapidRide starts up in 2011, Metro will do a West Seattle-wide review of ALL bus routes in 2010, figuring out how to make it all work together. Open houses without full presentations don’t make good writeups but they are EXCELLENT ways for you to get questions answered and register opinions, so if you have even the slightest interest in RapidRide, we strongly urge you to get to one of the next three West Seattle events: open house 5:30-8:30 pm Tuesday (1/29) @ West Seattle Senior Center, info table noon-3 pm Wednesday (1/30) @ WS Senior Center, 6 pm Feb. 19 @ Southwest Library. And an online questionnaire is still available for you to answer by Feb. 1; find it here. You can find more Metro contact info for RapidRide comments here.

2 quick notes: Tunes and treats

January 24, 2008 5:44 pm
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TUNES: KUOW profiled the West Seattle Big Band today. Jim Edwards sends this link.

TREATS: Free “Deathcake” tasting 1-3 pm tomorrow @ Cupcake Royale. (Hat tip to C Ro.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police are asking for your help

The West Seattle crimefighters at the Southwest Precinct are hoping handcuffs_2.jpgyou might be able to help with one of the cases we reported in last night’s West Seattle Crime Watch update — involving six young men/boys attacking and trying to rob two men on a Metro bus around 6:15 pm last Saturday as it headed across The Bridge, from downtown to West Seattle. Contrary to what we wrote last night, it seems there WERE other passengers on this bus when this happened, so police believe there are more witnesses. As reported, they arrested three teenage suspects shortly afterward, but now need to find the other three. If you were on that bus when this happened, or have any otherwise-obtained information about it, Detective Nick Bauer at the Southwest Precinct wants to hear from you at 206/233-7830.

Reader report: “Enhanced” license apparently a hot ticket

Two days after the new “enhanced” driver licenses became available at the Westwood Village licensing office and 10 other spots statewide, we just got this report from Kevin (thank you!):

You may want to mention to your readers that the wait at the West Seattle Driver’s License Office are pretty long. I just called today (two days after the program started taking appointments) and I couldn’t get an appointment until March 7th. If your readers want to get an EDL/ID they need to call into the office pretty quick. They can only schedule for 3 months ahead of time, and they are getting all booked. Once March appointments are all taken, it will be til end of quarter before you can apply again.

The number to call for an appointment is here.

More details on newly announced Denny-Sealth meeting

As we reported last night, the school district has decided to hold an official public meeting on the Denny-Sealth proposals Feb. 4, the night before a meeting that the Westwood Neighborhood Council had already scheduled for Feb. 5. We e-mailed community liaison Eleanor Trainor from Seattle Public Schools today, asking for a few more details on the Feb. 4 meeting, and here’s what she just sent:

The meeting is scheduled for February 4, in the Sealth library. There will be a “gallery walk” at 630p during which folks can get a look at the latest drawings and ideas, in addition to chatting with district staff and leadership who will be on-hand. The meeting portion of the evening will begin at 7p.

If you missed last night’s update – the district also says the School Board will make its final decision on the Sealth-Denny project at its regular Feb. 27 meeting.

Helping hands


Over the weekend, we mentioned a West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor) delegation had gone to Lewis County to help with relief work from the December flood damage. A member of the delegation has now sent us the photo you see above. Aaron says, “Our little friend provided us with a little distraction from the physical pain our bodies were feeling! A lot of work yet to be done down there. I encourage all your readers to consider taking part in the effort.” Here’s another story of helping hands, just out of the WSB inbox:Read More

Hi-Yu update: How to apply for the scholarship program

January 24, 2008 10:30 am
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As promised in our Hi-Yu update last week, we have more information on how to apply for the Miss West Seattle Hi-Yu scholarship program. As Hi-Yu’s Colleen Gants put it, “It’s a neat way for West Seattle young women to get involved in the community, participate in Seafair, gain professional speaking experience, and join in good old fashioned fun – complete with floats and all”:Read More

Happening tonight: Bus, building, play


5:30-8:30 PM TONIGHT, THE HALL AT FAUNTLEROY: The first West Seattle open house where you can find out more about the future Metro service known as “RapidRide.” (That photo shows what the special buses will look like; it’s from the RapidRide briefing at the last JuNO meeting – WSB coverage here.) Metro managers want to hear what you think NOW, as they make key decisions about the route and station siting.


4-7 PM TONIGHT, WEST SEATTLE SENIOR CENTER: The development firm BlueStar Management is following up the Jan. 10 Design Review Board meeting (WSB coverage here) on Spring Hill, the mixed-use building proposed for 5020 California and neighboring sites (shown above are the early drawings from the DRB meeting), with a public open house for anyone interested in the latest info about the project.


7:30 TONIGHT, WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL THEATER: Thanks to TC for that photo showcasing the title of the WSHS play “Love, Sex, and the IRS,” which the WSHS Drama Club is staging tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night. Plot summary from the Westside Notes e-mail list: “This absurd farce will “drag” you through a wild tale of cross-dressing, mistaken identities and hilarious comic lines. Remember the saying “one lie leads to another?” Well, in this case the lies start when Jon and Leslie, out of work musicians trying to save money, take advantage of Leslie’s ambiguous name and file tax returns as a married couple. The IRS is now investigating them and that is where the cross-dressing comes in. Add a fiancée, a girlfriend, a mother and an affair, and you have all the ingredients for mayhem.”