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Over the weekend, we mentioned a West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor) delegation had gone to Lewis County to help with relief work from the December flood damage. A member of the delegation has now sent us the photo you see above. Aaron says, “Our little friend provided us with a little distraction from the physical pain our bodies were feeling! A lot of work yet to be done down there. I encourage all your readers to consider taking part in the effort.” Here’s another story of helping hands, just out of the WSB inbox:

On Monday, between visits (first and second) to the King Day/Day of Service work at West Seattle Elementary School, we detoured over to South Park in hopes of catching up with some of the Southwest Precinct police officers who joined in a graffiti paintout. They were already done when we arrived, but we asked organizers to send us any followup information that would be available, and they’ve just done so, along with photos of other volunteers in action that day:



South Park has fairly close ties with West Seattle, as our neighbor to the southeast and also as part of the area patrolled by the West Seattle-based Southwest Precinct officers. Project organizer Jennifer Tee from AmeriCorps sent the photos you see above, plus this writeup:

On Monday, January 21 the Sea Mar AmeriCorps team, South Park community members and residents, the Growing Roots AmeriCorps team, Consejo staff and youth volunteers, Renacer staff and youth volunteers and the Seattle Police Department came together to clean up South Park.

Around 45 volunteers spent the day painting over graffiti and picking up garbage throughout several South Park neighborhoods. This is the third time the community of South Park has gathered to do a neighborhood clean-up and graffiti paint-out but the first time they have had such a large group of volunteers involved in the effort. At the end of the day the group had collected a large truck full of garbage bags (and a few pieces of furniture) and had painted out the graffiti on fences, walls and garages throughout South Park.

Muy Macho, Jalisco and Costco donated food and the group gathered at 1:00 to share a light meal, remember the important work of Dr. King and celebrate the success of the day. Volunteers received heartfelt thanks from community members who expressed their appreciation for being able to accomplish so much in just a few hours. Many folks who work with organizations in SP were able to meet members of the community, great conversations were had and connections were made.

South Park residents are invited to use supplies housed at the South Park Community Center, FREE of charge, to paint out graffiti at any time. These supplies are provided by the City of Seattle and therefore are available to the community. Please help us get the word out about
these resources.

Special thanks to Lora Suggs, Julie Krippner, Carmen Martinez, City of Seattle Graffiti guys, Seattle Police Department, the SPNA, the South Park list serve, Consejo, The Growing Roots AmeriCorps team, Magda Herrera De Leon, Yanin Gayton, Ignacio Ayala, Muy Macho, Costco, Jalisco, the Sea Mar HealthCorps team and all of the volunteers and South Park residents who donated supplies, transport and time to make this day possible!

We look forward to future community collaborations!!!

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  • Praying Man-tis-i January 24, 2008 (7:24 pm)

    Hey, it’s Kermit! All of the years I’ve lived in the great northwest, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one of these fellas out in the wild. Very cool!

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