Happening tonight: Bus, building, play


5:30-8:30 PM TONIGHT, THE HALL AT FAUNTLEROY: The first West Seattle open house where you can find out more about the future Metro service known as “RapidRide.” (That photo shows what the special buses will look like; it’s from the RapidRide briefing at the last JuNO meeting – WSB coverage here.) Metro managers want to hear what you think NOW, as they make key decisions about the route and station siting.


4-7 PM TONIGHT, WEST SEATTLE SENIOR CENTER: The development firm BlueStar Management is following up the Jan. 10 Design Review Board meeting (WSB coverage here) on Spring Hill, the mixed-use building proposed for 5020 California and neighboring sites (shown above are the early drawings from the DRB meeting), with a public open house for anyone interested in the latest info about the project.


7:30 TONIGHT, WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL THEATER: Thanks to TC for that photo showcasing the title of the WSHS play “Love, Sex, and the IRS,” which the WSHS Drama Club is staging tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night. Plot summary from the Westside Notes e-mail list: “This absurd farce will “drag” you through a wild tale of cross-dressing, mistaken identities and hilarious comic lines. Remember the saying “one lie leads to another?” Well, in this case the lies start when Jon and Leslie, out of work musicians trying to save money, take advantage of Leslie’s ambiguous name and file tax returns as a married couple. The IRS is now investigating them and that is where the cross-dressing comes in. Add a fiancée, a girlfriend, a mother and an affair, and you have all the ingredients for mayhem.”

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  • Jim Clark January 24, 2008 (11:41 am)

    Metro needs to put the Rapid Ride on the fast track on this should be implemented way before the 2011. Order the freaking buses and get it rolling.

  • g January 24, 2008 (2:56 pm)

    compared to the 54 express or 116 we have now, how many minutes will rapid ride shave off a trip from, say, fauntleroy ferry to downtown?

  • Al January 24, 2008 (7:02 pm)

    I just got back from the Rapid Ride open house. Here’s what they are saying, at least what the gentleman I spoke with said: 1) The proposed RR route will replace the regular 54 route and follow the route as it exists now – using Avalon heading both east and west (no more bridge ride up the hill) 2) There is only ONE stop proposed between Alaska & Morgan Jct at Findlay 3) Apparently, the 54x will remain as is 4) They were ‘surprised’ to hear everyone complaining about the 21 route – this route will not even be reviewed by Metro until at least 2010 or 2011 – a travesty in my opinion 5) the curb bulbs will not jut into the street, but take as much space as a parked car so should not interfere with traffic 6) bus only lanes are being studied for both directions of Alaska between Fauntleroy and Alaska Jct. 7) the removal of the Viaduct and Spokane St construction will not even be discussed, this is like spraying insecticide into a jar of bugs – he ran away when it was mentioned 8) These people do not understand how bad traffic gets or how mass transit is used/needed by West Seattlites. 9) Connection to the 21 may be lost if the 35th/Avalon stop is not utilized 10) The route could go all the way to Westwood Village – as planned now, it starts at the ferry dock. Get out there and give them feedback now! Metro seems set on this route and from what I understand, it’s not rapid, it reduces service, could make you use more transfers, may not connect with the 21 route, and the funds to be expended on this RR could be better used to expand existing service and routes.

  • DALYDBL January 24, 2008 (9:09 pm)

    Yikes! The plot summary and title of the play sound very adult. I wouldn’t want my fourteen year old to be in it!

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