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They’re not just going after “House” after all

Earlier this week, we discussed the notice (however official or unofficial) that frequent WSB contributor “The House” got on the windshield of his parked-on-the-planting-strip car in Westwood. At the time, he suggested that police should be focusing instead on the seemingly abandoned RVs lining nearby streets. Tonight, good news for “House” and neighbors — we spotted Seattle Police enforcers in action (on Trenton west of the Westwood Village turn-in) along RV Row:


Get ready to walk the (Art) Walk

art+walk.jpgGreat news – looks like decent weather to stroll The Junction during tomorrow night’s monthly West Seattle Second Thursday Art Walk. The official Art Walk blog lists participating artists, with a reminder that you can get a free glass of bubbly at West 5 if you mention you’re Art Walk-ing; we’ve also heard from Dan at Ginomai on the north end of the route (Genesee/42nd) and he says, “We have a number of studio open houses as well as an additional 3 West Seattle artists showing in our community room. Free off-street parking lot to begin your walk from!” 6-9 pm tomorrow.

Meet the new wall, not the same as the old wall

Another building permit’s in the books for the fast-moving QFC/Office Depot mixed-use property on Alaska north of Jefferson Square, and a new retaining wall at the back of the site has replaced the old now-knocked-down wall — this view just in from WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli:


Traffic alert: Truck/train track trouble just east of WS

October 10, 2007 5:04 pm
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If you are heading home from downtown or heading toward South Seattle, this could affect you: South Spokane Street/East Marginal Way is blocked by a truck that’s flipped onto the train tracks. This is under the bridge, so if you’re not taking surface streets, you should be OK.

Reader recommendation request, revised: Home wireless net

UPDATE from originally posted RRR: WSB reader Kmac wants advice on the best HOME wireless internet provider. Kmac elaborated in a comment on our previous post:

… I’m looking for PROVIDERS of wireless internet service at HOME. I really don’t want to call Comcast and sometimes I can’t go out and need to stay home. Yes, I’m one of the few folks still without internet service at home and bizarre, bizarre – I only have one wireless network close to home I can “link” to, but I have to be out on my balcony. I think I remember a year or so ago a company new to WS offering internet service, but they weren’t offering it everywhere – at least not yet in Alki. So…that is my need….wireless internet at home that isn’t from Comcast.

The company Kmac refers to is likely Clearwire. How’s that working for WS users? And how about the wireless phone companies who also offer wireless broadband? Plus — any little-known options? Comment away!

“Bat Boy” boffo, says Weekly

The ArtsWest production gets a thumbs-up (fangs up?) review in this week’s edition (second item here). Next show: tonight.

KFC remodel: Sorry, no extra side dish


So sorry to disappoint the folks who have been e-mailing us asking if the remodel at the 35th/Avalon KFC is going to add a franchise from KFC’s sister brands, such as Taco Bell or A&W. We just checked with the regional offices of Harman Management, the owner/franchisee. Regional director John Margo was out but a spokesperson for him told us there are NO plans to make that location more than a KFC. They say the remodel (here’s all the specifics, from the city permit files, on exactly what it involves) is moving along well, though they are not sure how much longer it will take.

Reader recommendation request: Best West Seattle wi-fi

REVISION FROM ORIGINAL POSTING: WSB wants to know your favorite spot for free wi-fi in WS (originally attributed to a reader who actually was asking about home wireless internet, so we are posting a separate item). Back when we were all quaking in anticipation of Freeway Fright ’07, we had intended to come up with an official list — but as we all know, FF ’07 never did explode into a commutastrophe, so we dropped the effort. Some readers noted their faves at the time in comments on this post, and Jerry at JetCityOrange pointed everyone to a WS-wi-fi Google Map he put together on his “About West Seattle” page. Various other websites aren’t necessarily reliable — this one, for example, lists at least two WS places that have been closed a while (Bikes & Brew and Carosello). So what’s your fave? Let’s see if we can crowdsource the latest list.

Happy homecoming

kittyone.jpgWe promised you an update once it was confirmed: The cat pictured at right, found at 35th/Thistle and taken care of for more than a week before its finder e-mailed us for help, is now home. His name is Max; his owner saw Max’s photo on WSB just before catching a plane out of town but managed to get a housesitting friend to go retrieve Max and bring him home. Gotta love a happy ending.

A few more days to go for La Rustica fire repair/remodel

A member of the family that runs the well-regarded Beach Drive Italian restaurant La Rustica had told us they hoped to reopen last night, after adding some remodeling work to the repairs following last month’s small fire. However, the work’s not quite done yet, so LR was still closed last night; our family contact says they are “working hard to open ASAP,” adding “the kitchen remodel is looking great!” and noting they have a big reservation for Saturday night & “intend to keep that reservation.”