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Arbor Heights alert: Smoke gets in your … drains

The city’s Neighborhood District Coordinator for West Seattle, Stan Lock, forwarded an alert about an unusual test in Arbor Heights (& White Center) next week:Read More

Gee situation update: A Huling family rebuttal

As the date for the threatened shutdown at Gee West Seattle approaches, we just heard again from the Huling family.geehulingicon.jpg Sharon Huling is the wife of Steve Huling, who ran the business before the sale to Gee. She e-mailed WSB to say, “Below is a statement that I would like to make on behalf of our family to the community. … It would be greatly appreciated if you would post it as there has been additional press about the Gee’s accusations printed today in the West Seattle Herald.” (The Herald article she refers to is here; the Times article mentioned below is here.) Her statement, unedited:

To our fellow community members,

It is upsetting to see our family’s reputation attacked in the newspapers. But I remain confident that the truth will come out – it always does – and thus our reputation will be restored. The Seattle Times article was pretty brutal to us, 19 quotes from the Gees, 5 or 6 from Steve, and select few facts. If you do the math, that’s about a 3:1 ratio (Gees:Hulings). There are also several statements in the West Seattle that warrant correcting if only in the pursuit of honesty and neighborly obligation:

First; the Gees made a promise to us not to disclose the sale price of the dealership, which they have now done (though inaccurately) and in the paper. By doing so they have broken their promise.

Second; last winter our family did not give $100,000 to the victim. What happened is this; Steve, on behalf of Huling Bros. and immediately upon learning about the questionable sale of the truck to the victim, unwound the truck sale and refunded the money to the customer. This occurred over a year ago at the time of sale. Then in January, immediately upon learning from the police that 3 former employees would be charged with a crime, our family chose to act with integrity and make restitution to the gentleman for the $70,000 our employees were accused of stealing though we were not obligated to do this. But to be perfectly clear, Huling Bros. and Steve were never accused of doing anything wrong.

Third; my husband did call Ryan Gee and Cline Davis immediately (I was present) upon learning from the police that former employees would be charged with a crime and it is they who chose not to return his phone calls thus missing out on the opportunity to secure some goodwill and stand with our family together against injustice.

Ryan Gee appears to being trying to fix the blame on my husband Steve and try him in the media. The Gees have clearly stated that they have a self-serving motive; suing us. It is very sad to read because of the vehemence of their attack and its inaccuracies. Just because Mr. Gee says something doesn’t make it so. In our great country we still honor the belief that people are innocent until proven guilty. My husband is an honorable man and I encourage the media to investigate the accuracy of Ryan’s statements, their reputation and track record in business east of the mountains and especially here with the people who worked for both of us. There you will find a story of the true tragedy; the people who will soon find themselves without a job.

Fourth; I am confused about Ryan Gee saying that their partnership “ran out of money” in his press release because one of their business partners – Wolff family members (Wolff Enterprises, LLC associated with Wolff Cos, etc.) from Spokane and Arizona – are worth hundreds of millions, possibly even a billion dollars. The Wolff”s are huge developers on a national level. One can only speculate that as such they could have made other choices like staying open until they are able to sell the dealerships thus not leaving 160 employees out on the street to fend for themselves. Our hearts go out to them and their families. Again, that is the real tragedy of this story. Still I am glad to see that our old Puget Sound competitors have been calling and making offers to many of our former employees whom they obviously value.

Fifth; I think that it is disingenuous to think that you can sell 3 dealerships in 2 weeks time, especially in this down market, this is the intent the Gees expressed to their employees last week when they announced their immediate plans to sell or close the business by Oct. 7th. It took us over a year to select a broker and find a buyer.

Sixth; besides breaking their promise of confidentiality, the Gees, as my husband stated in the WSH, broke other promises like changing the closing date for the sale at the last minute, more than once, and now they have broken their lease agreement. There have been other broken promises like saying they would meet to discuss differences, then not showing up or canceling at the last minute. Ryan has stated that they chose not to use the Huling name when in reality they did not buy the rights to use the Huling Bros. name, we purchased our name back during negotiations. What happened, happened to us, to Huling Bros. – the Gee’s are not us – a message they failed miserably at communicating to the public, a responsibility that lies with them.

Despite all of the negative press initiated by Ryan and his team, our family is doing well. There is nothing that I have written here that isn’t common knowledge, but I would like to add some additional perspective; in June the Gees – through their lawyer – wrote to Steve and his brother Tom saying that if they did not sell to them the properties the dealerships stand on “for less than market value” then they would sue us. My husband still has this letter. Ryan’s recent actions, with his threat to sue us in the Gee’s recent press release, lend credence to this statement.

We are thankful for and we welcome the positive reinforcement from our friends, former employees and former satisfied customers whom we cultivated through our good standing in the Seattle business community for over 60 years. Under Steve’s leadership our dealership sold thousands of cars a year over the course of many years. Huling Bros. consistently earned the highest ratings for customer service in the industry from the manufacturers and the public. Steve was also was awarded the Time Magazine Dealer Quality Award for the state of Washington and belonged to many civic and business organizations. We will continue to support and be active members of the community. We are deeply saddened that 3 men, who only worked for Huling Bros. a few short months, have caused so much heartache, for the victim and for everyone involved. We are people of integrity and we will continue to hold our heads high.

Most sincerely,
Sharon Huling

We are e-mailing Gee Automotive with a link to this post and offering them the opportunity to publish an unedited statement here too, if they so choose. Meantime, the clock ticks to this Sunday, when we will see if one of West Seattle’s biggest businesses does indeed close, costing more than 100 people their jobs.

More on today’s West Seattle Bridge suicide

(Our original report is below.) This is at least the third one since mid-June, that we know of; the other two didn’t get much attention elsewhere (here are our posts from June 19, and September 27) but this one is all over the rest of the “conventional media” because the man who killed himself first pulled a gun at his doctor’s office on Queen Anne. Here’s the Times story; the P-I story; the KING story; the KIRO story. No further details about the man’s identity so far except that he was 30 years old; we heard a radio report some time ago that he jumped while “driving home” so that could mean he lived in WS.

Yet another West Seattle Bridge suicide

The Aurora Bridge has gotten all the local attention in this sad arena but it may be time for some signs and phones on our bridges too. One of the people who wrote us about the deadly West Seattle bridge jump last week just e-mailed to say “it’s happened again” (she works in the area). The 911 log shows a “7 per rule” call (which usually means life-threatening injury/illness suspected) for that vicinity an hour ago – SW Spokane/Delridge. (1:15 PM update, just received another report from the area, so we’re taking the question mark off the headline). National suicide-prevention hotline: 800/SUICIDE. Local Crisis Clinic: 206/461-3222. Suicide is an epidemic and needs to be addressed, not hidden in shame-ridden reticence to talk about it. If you didn’t read it when we posted it last June, read this 2004 Seattle Weekly article (whose author, Philip Dawdy, has an excellent blog about mental-health issues, Furious Seasons), which addresses it better than anything we’ve ever seen. 1:35 PM UPDATE: Unlike last week’s jump, this one is getting “conventional media” coverage — this story just posted says the person committed suicide after confronting his psychiatrist.

From Fauntleroy

October 3, 2007 12:32 pm
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First, a couple updates on this morning’s “doomed duplex” post. Seems demolition permits must be after-the-fact formalities unless all this happened in the hours after the permit was issued yesterday … the duplex and its former neighbor are already gone:


We also heard back from the ex-duplex’s former tenants. They found another rental just a block away; not as small as the ex-duplex (900 sf) but comparably priced per sf (less than $1 per). The kicker … it’s a townhouse. 2 stories, 8 years old. So perhaps some of today’s teardown replacements are tomorrow’s affordable rentals. Meanwhile, in future Fauntleroy construction news, a week after we mentioned the “one of the last (lots of its kind)” listing on the curve, a sign just went up:


Happening later today & tonight

October 3, 2007 11:29 am
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A few highlights from the Events page (additions welcome; let us know!):

4:30 PM: Celebration scheduled to mark the start of construction phase 2 @ High Point; park at West Seattle Elementary, event at 31st & Holly (hope the weather clears!)

6:30 PM: North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting @ Delridge Library

7:00 PM: Southwest District Council meeting @ South Seattle Community College

7:30 PM: Opening night @ ArtsWest for “Bat Boy” (through November 10th)

Doomed duplex, the follow-up

Among the newly granted permits in the city’s latest “daily issuance report”: demolition of this duplex at 5935 Fauntleroy, which we wrote about exactly four months ago after hearing from its saddened, and surprised, tenants:


What’s replacing it? The usual. Meantime, we’re going to see if we can dig up the ex-tenants’ e-mail address and find out where they landed.

Coffee for a cure

Brand X may be giving away music, but Tully’s is giving away money. To a good cause, that is. Starting today, through the end of the month, Tully’s is donating part of the proceeds from several items — including an Alki Bakery-created cookie — to the battle against breast cancer. (Tully’s has two WS locations, Fauntleroy/Cali and Alki across from the Bathhouse.)