Tuesday tidbits, early afternoon edition

-After driving under the Fauntleroy overpass “Help 7-year-old Dylan fight leukemia!” banner again, we caught the phone number (and realized we originally posted the wrong name – surname on the banner is actually Redlinger). So we called that number last night to try to find out more; it was answered by a very generic voicemail/machine message. We left our contact info; no response yet.

-More on the lightning-speed condo conversion at the newly renamed West Water, south of Morgan Junction. Sarah e-mailed to say she saw a TV commercial for it, adding: “Thought it was interesting that they didn’t show any pictures of the condos themselves, but there sure were plenty of Alki and downtown!”

-One week till Election Day. You may well have voted already (if you vote in person, like us old traditionalists, this may be your last chance, we’ll see you at the polls). There’s been so much great election coverage all over other media sources lately that we haven’t had anything unique to add, but here’s one note we’ve been meaning to mention — if you are still trying to sort out where you stand on Proposition 1 (“Roads & Transit”), Chas Redmond pointed out the recent Sustainable West Seattle forum on Prop 1 is captured in a podcast (mp3 download) on the SWS site. One other election note – saveseattleschools.blogspot.com has an interesting West Seattle-specific observation on the School Board District 6 race. (Though the entire city votes on every School Board seat that’s on the ballot, whoever wins District 6 — Steve Sundquist or Maria Ramirez — will be “our” representative, replacing Irene Stewart, who decided not to run again.)

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  • Al October 30, 2007 (1:57 pm)

    Whomever is doing the marketing for West Water – this is really aggravating to me for some reason – they are leaving small (about 6″ x 8″) signs all over the place. They read “West Water” only. For example, down both sides of Fauntleroy pretty much all the way from Alaska (and I’ll assume past Cali), these signs are stuck in the median between sidewalk and street. At least one per block. Not very visible to autos, but adds more trash for us peds. I want to know who is going to clean them up?

  • flipjack October 30, 2007 (2:45 pm)

    Like Jan mentioned before. Waste Water is more appropriate. Howabout making little cards that say Waste Water.

  • MargeC October 30, 2007 (4:32 pm)

    We’re traditional voters as well – I was getting a bit concerned last week as we had not yet received the official Voters’ Pamphlet. Looked up the website and found out that it had been mailed (supposedly) on Oct 5th. Also heard from two neighbors that had not received theirs either. I called the Elections office Friday and requested they mail us ours ASAP – they finally arrived today. Anyone else have this problem?

  • jissy October 30, 2007 (6:07 pm)

    Marge C — just a heads up/FYI for you. I have a P.O. Box (@ Westwood) and on the table in that area of the Post Office there were a ton of Voter’s Pamphlet’s. I’m not sure if people discarded them or extra’s were left for people on purpose. I’ve noticed this happening often with other things that all customers receive, i.e. The Banana Pages etc…. May want to grab an extra there if anyone is still missing one.

  • Keith October 30, 2007 (6:09 pm)

    The leukemia kid banner is gone. Also noticed a pile of election-related signs near Walking on Logs – looked like they’d been removed from the ground and piled up near some sort of posted notice.

  • Sue October 31, 2007 (6:51 am)

    MargeC, I got my pamphlet about 3 weeks ago, even before I got my ballot.

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