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Caring for the creek

Catching up from the weekend, we have another work-party report from one of West Seattle’s treasured greenspaces: Lina Rose from EarthCorps says 10 volunteers joined her and forest steward Kirsten Rohrbach to clear almost 1000 square feet of invasive weeds from the Thistle Street Greenspace along Longfellow Creek, including clearing space around young cedar trees planted along the creek trail. Lina sent photos; first one shows what it looked like before they dug in:


Next, volunteers in the middle of their work:


No “after” photo – you’ll just have to go see for yourself (Thistle Street Greenspace is one of those places we’ll admit is on our “haven’t been there but must go soon” list; it’s easy to find, just off Thistle east of Chief Sealth HS). Next work party there is September 22nd; other Longfellow Creek sites have monthly work parties, listed here (and also always included in our weekly West Seattle Weekend Lineup posted every Friday morning).

Restaurant mystery still simmering

Two more bite-size notes on the restaurant listing mystery: Alki blogger C Ro writes @ Metroblogging Seattle that she got e-mail from Blackbird saying it’s definitely not them; the last (as of this writing) comment on the original post claims an employee of that restaurant says it was them but the listing was a “mistake.” Can there be such a thing as a “mistaken real-estate listing,” expert readers? Whatever the case, the mystery continues! (By the way, publicly available listings mention one other nameless restaurant for sale in WS, this one in 98136 zip code and mentioning Cali SW.)

Our version of a pledge drive, sort of

You know how it’s done on public TV, big ballyhooed episodes of Dr. Who or Riverdance or a Dr. Christiane Northrup lecture or something, interrupted every five minutes by Wheedling For Dollars? Read More

Putting a lid on it

August 27, 2007 3:08 pm
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 |   Highland Park | West Seattle parks

Tonight, the Highland Park Action Committee invites you to a brainstorming session about improvements at Westcrest Park as the city gets ready to put a lid on its reservoir. (If you’re scratching your head wondering where Westcrest is — it’s in southeast WS — and it’s got the only official off-leash area in WS, among other things.)

Time and tide

If you share our night-owliness, you may be happy to hear the weather looks promising for tonight’s big (well, technically, tomorrow morning) lunar eclipse. (The height of the excitement, according to NASA, is between 2 and 4 am. You’ll probably see us out looking for the latest-available latte before Ladro closes at 11ish, or is anyone open later?) Since it’s a full moon as well, that brings tidal extremes; we were down by the water for some low-tide sights this morning. First photo, a starfish hugging one of the pilings at Seacrest; second, a NOAA ship passing Alki (with the help of NOAA Ship Tracker, we think it’s Miller Freeman, but aren’t 100% sure thanks to reader Frank @ NOAA for informing us it’s the Okeanus Explorer):


Another condo conversion on the south end of Morgan Junction

At 6970 Cali, the Watermarke Apartments (photo below) are going condo. First we heard from a reader who was about to rent an apartment there – planning to move in next week, in fact – then got the news “oops, sorry, the building’s been sold, no new tenants, and the old ones have to vacate.” Then we discovered that one of those tenants just posted about it at Seems to be getting to the point now where we can ask, which apartment buildings in WS are not going condo?


Log in, sail out

vashonferry.jpgThe website for Washington State Ferries wi-fi service now says wi-fi for the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run is delayed yet again and now not scheduled to start until September 17th. (The same WSF page allows you to check the service status on individual ferries where it’s installed.) However, commuters driving through West Seattle on their way to the Fauntleroy dock can get a wi-fi fix at yet another stop along the way — the Corner Inn at Fauntleroy/Cali now has huge signs in its windows announcing FREE WI-FI.