Restaurant mystery still simmering

Two more bite-size notes on the restaurant listing mystery: Alki blogger C Ro writes @ Metroblogging Seattle that she got e-mail from Blackbird saying it’s definitely not them; the last (as of this writing) comment on the original post claims an employee of that restaurant says it was them but the listing was a “mistake.” Can there be such a thing as a “mistaken real-estate listing,” expert readers? Whatever the case, the mystery continues! (By the way, publicly available listings mention one other nameless restaurant for sale in WS, this one in 98136 zip code and mentioning Cali SW.)

1 Reply to "Restaurant mystery still simmering"

  • WS Realtor August 27, 2007 (9:02 pm)

    Pretty tough to have a listing be a mistake… I guess the agent could have uploaded all the data without permission ($5,000 fine). That “blind” listing on Cali could be anything, but a “mistake”? Not so much, a mystery? Absolutely.

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