And yet more from Admiral

Just verified a reader tip that Auto Buff, west of Metro Market, is moving next week (you can’t miss the huge banner out front, with the address of its new location on the east edge of The Junction). No detectable permit movement on the 42nd/Admiral mixed-use project planned for that spot, though.

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  • dq April 26, 2007 (9:34 am)

    i know that intersection is already grocery store row, but i would love it if the rumor that THIS is where TJ’s is going were true…. (and only if they include sufficient parking!) :)

  • Robert April 26, 2007 (10:10 am)

    I’m ranting, but what is with that pathetic disclamier at the DPD site: “Please note: Due to extremely high volumes, all reviews are currently up to 4 to 6 or more weeks behind the posted initial plan review cycle target dates. Corrected reviews are all running 4 to 6 weeks total.”

    They’ve had that up for at least a year now. It’s lame.

  • Chet April 26, 2007 (10:48 am)

    Yup and you know they are pushing developers proposals through more quickly than that.

  • Admiral Janeway April 27, 2007 (6:30 am)

    So what’s going to happen to the Auto Buff/Dry Cleaner/restaurant site?

  • Chet April 27, 2007 (8:18 am)

    I’d like to see how they are going to handle parking (underground? hopefully?) whether TJ’s goes in here or some other grocery store as is the plan if memory serves me correctly. I believe competition is good but we don’t need another grocery store in this area or in WS in general. PCC, 2 Safeways, Metropolitan, a new Whole Foods and QFC all within the same square mile is more than enough. Admiral and California has already gotten more congested with the opening of the Safeway fuel station. Although, traffic would flow better if people would read and obey the traffic signs. It’s one of many reasons why I don’t buy gas there.

  • Jan April 27, 2007 (12:31 pm)

    Chet…people read signs? I live 1/2 block south of the Safeway station on 42nd Ave. SW.We all park behind our buildings. The alley is designated One Way, and there are 2 very large signs that state that at the entrance to the alley at the service station. It’s incredible how many people simply ignore them and speed down the alley the wrong way. I have nearly been nailed backing out a few times because I’m looking in the wrong direction to see who’s coming down the alley the right way….

    hmm..OK…that’s my whine for the day :) I’d like some brie with that whine…hehe

    TJ’s would be a nice addition, but only if there was underground parking…

  • Chet April 27, 2007 (1:32 pm)

    Yeah, Jan, I know the area you are talking about.. I feel your pain and share your love of brie and wine. Cheers!

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