All aboard!

We’ve been so eagerly awaiting the return of the Elliott Bay Water Taxi, we couldn’t resist getting up to glimpse its first Seacrest arrival of the season. Below is the proof (before the sun came out!), as it approached the dock @ 8:50 am today. (The kickoff party isn’t till noon but the Water Taxi is running its official schedule; first run from WS was at 9.)


3 Replies to "All aboard!"

  • Ali April 29, 2007 (10:22 am)

    We are so excited to see it return also! We’ll be at the kickoff party today.

  • Vente Caf April 29, 2007 (3:35 pm)

    We just got back from our round trip. We caught the 11:00 to Seattle, ate at the Pike Place market, and took the 2:30 back. It was such a beautiful ride! The line on our side looks like it’s getting pretty long!

  • WSB April 29, 2007 (6:52 pm)

    We didn’t even get to take a ride today because it was insane down there when we arrived around 12:30 — learned our lesson, next time we will take the shuttle — every parking space from a long ways south on Alki/Harbor Ave, to well past Don Armeni, was taken, even some hardy souls parking on the shoulders of the roads leading uphill. Glad to see such success, though.

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