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And the next Junction-area mixed-use site is …

… currently home to 2 houses on 42nd, just listed at $1.5m “to be sold together.”

A tale of Good Samaritanism, and Bad Driverism

Just received a note about something traumatic that happened on Admiral earlier today, with a request to let everyone know about those who did a very good deed as a result. We’re putting it up exactly as we received it, and it’s a bit long, so if you’re seeing this on the home page, click ahead to read:

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Condo name game, the latest

The place to play that game right now is on the south end of Cali; hot on the heels of NoMo 12 comes SeventyOne, a condo-conversion apartment building SoMo, er, south of Morgan Junction, having its first open-house weekend as we write, just days after the remodeling crews cleared out. It’s got its own hypey website, of course, which proclaims that SeventyOne “redefines style on California Ave.” (Pardon our obsession with accuracy, but must ALL these condo-marketing websites have typos? This SeventyOne page alone has four.)

Farmers’ market faves

spiky2.jpgChecked out the WS Farmers’ Market a few minutes into opening day, and we are thrilled to see that our personal faves are back, including Eats Market Cafe, Herban Feast with its strawberry-lavender lemonade, and best of all, Langley Fine Gardens, which brings over beautiful plants from its Vashon nursery, including exotic solanums like the one at left (3 for $8!). The market’s open today till 2.

All aboard!

We’ve been so eagerly awaiting the return of the Elliott Bay Water Taxi, we couldn’t resist getting up to glimpse its first Seacrest arrival of the season. Below is the proof (before the sun came out!), as it approached the dock @ 8:50 am today. (The kickoff party isn’t till noon but the Water Taxi is running its official schedule; first run from WS was at 9.)


Schoolhouse blues

fauntleroyschool1951.jpgOn this busy spring Sunday, perhaps between your Farmers’ Market stop and your Water Taxi trip, take a little time to help ponder the future of the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. A community open house is happening there 11 am-2 pm to facilitate and inspire that pondering. And there’s urgency — the school district still owns this 90-year-old treasure (the child-care center, events hall, and others based there are tenants) but is indicating it’s time to sell off this and other “surplus property.” If you have only driven by, perhaps heading to or from the nearby ferry dock, you may not realize how large the schoolhouse property is; as a result, as one reader wrote to us, “there are developers who are hovering over the property.” Will it be the next townhouse cluster — or will the community rally to preserve it? Drop by today to offer ideas … or absorb them … a rare chance to do something before it’s too late.