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Two more semi-mysteries apparently solved

Highlighting here because you’d miss ’em unless you happen to check back on certain comment threads: First, the closure of El Chalan (ex-Ezell’s, ex-Wendy’s, south of White Center) is explained in a new comment on this post; second, those late-night half-closures on the WS Bridge are demystified by a commenter here. (Regarding the El Chalan site, records from the King County Parcel Viewer confirm the “Nickels Brothers Partnership” ownership — and an entry on this page from King County court records suggests some sort of recent court action was involved, elaborated on somewhat here.)

Tomorrow’s the big night

February 4, 2007 8:03 pm
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Second-to-last reminder: Tomorrow night, The Hall @ Fauntleroy, 7 pm, the entire County Council plus reps of Seattle City Light among others, our chance to hear them explain why we were in the dark so long after the December windstorm, and what’s changed (if anything) to prevent a rerun “next time” … we’ll of course post a report here afterward, but a full house would sure make a nice statement to TPTB.

If you see this before 3:30 pm or so

Got a request for a WS Super Bowl poll. Bears or Colts? We don’t have time to go find some site that’ll give us real poll code but tell everyone your prediction in this post’s comments! (P.S. If you’re making Super Bowl guacamole — which we did LONG before it was trendy — Thriftway has a killer deal, tons of mega-ripe avocadoes for 45 CENTS EACH.)

Election eve-eve

Yard signs have finally popped up, but, especially if you don’t have a kid in Seattle Public Schools, you still might not be entirely aware there’s an election on Tuesday. Yes, there is — almost $900 million dollars worth. Here’s our 2 cents, if you haven’t already voted by mail, or haven’t really thought much about which way to go: Seattle School District Proposition 1 could be considered discretionary; it spends hundreds of millions on construction projects (including a new Denny Middle/Sealth HS campus here in WS) that some say don’t represent the most urgent needs for this kind of $. However, Seattle School District Proposition 2 is NOT discretionary. A “yes” vote on Prop 2 renews a levy (in other words, no change in tax rate) that provides a quarter of the district’s budget. If you vote no on Prop 2, students WILL be hurt. And unlike some of the people in this article, many local families don’t have the $ to just say “oh well, it’s off to private school then” (and trust us, even if they do, some private schools are startlingly overrated). No matter what you decide to do regarding school Prop 1, please vote yes Tuesday on school Prop 2.