Mid-afternoon update

The Seattle Times also is reporting on the City Light press conference from a few hours ago; its article includes a breakdown of which areas still have outages, including curiously, separate mentions of WS and Delridge. Uh, hello, Delridge is part of WS, Times people …

-Another “pocket” report is in — one side of the street still out at Fauntleroy & Raymond.

-During the torrential rain that preceded the wind, Me-Kwa-Mooks had a major mudflow (from the looks of the gutters along the east side of Beach Drive nearby, looks like it ran along the streets). Here’s how it looked from the street when we went by a while ago:


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  • Moke December 19, 2006 (3:32 pm)

    We’re at the north end of Lincoln Park and we are in one of the pockets with no power as of 1:30 PM on Tuesday. Interestingly, there is a tree hanging across one of the streets which is held in place by power lines. We have seen no sign of a work crew since the fire department blocked the street; the fire department had been called because of flames associated with the tree on the power lines. You would think they would have trimmed the tree by now. A call to City Light indicated that repairs may not be completed for 72 hours– that’s Friday.

  • Mickymse December 19, 2006 (4:38 pm)

    Well… Historically speaking, Delridge is NOT part of West Seattle. :-)

    But you’re right, everyone today puts them together.

  • Kathleen December 23, 2006 (10:26 pm)

    I live by Me-Kwa-Mooks and talked to a city utility rep last week just after the storm and mudflow. He said it was caused by a storm drain failing further up the hill, causing the mud and water to overflow down the hill. My wet basement is wetter now. I hate to say it, but the ivy removal effort in the park last summer didn’t help the situation and a fair amount of new plantings in the area cleared of ivy washed away, too. Bummer.

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