Preaching in the halls of teaching

The Mars Hill-West Seattle blog reveals that the mega-evangelical mega-church will make its WS debut on the campus of Chief Sealth High School, since its new digs at the ex-Doxa on 35th won’t be ready in time for the planned fall debut. Wonder if this will draw any controversy a la Antioch Bible Church’s activities on an Eastside public-school campus. (P.S. If you haven’t read much about Mars Hill, let alone been there, it just got another national writeup, this time on Salon.)

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  • eric September 14, 2006 (8:01 am)

    Free speech is free speech. as long as they are not preaching to children during class time, I don’t see the big deal with it – although I am sure some in “blue west Seattle” will…. Of course, if it was a Muslim or Buddhist church, there would be no complaining.

    I am assuming they (and any other group using school facilities) are paying for the use of the building. That’s a good thing. The Seattle School district could use the money! I wonder where all the money from such building uses goes? Does it go back to the district or to the school directly? How much does the district make from renting out its facilities? What is that money earmarked for?

    Maybe instead of continuously trying to raise my property taxes, the district should look at how it could maximize the benefit from their biggest assets – their land.

  • guest September 14, 2006 (8:23 am)


    They will not be preaching during school hours and more money for the schools is always good.

    I’m not a member of the church, but I also think that Salon article portrays Mars Hill in a pretty negative light, much more so than I think it deserves. Maybe, if you want more information you should go to their site as well.

    This church seems to be creating alot of controversy lately and most of it seems to be coming from this Salon article, two other local blogs have commented on this article and one of them has two pieces on it.

  • Tria September 14, 2006 (9:34 am)

    Separation of church and state. Public school buildings are state.

    No church demonination warrants an exemption–it doesn’t matter whether SOME of its members are self-proclaimed Christians who get off on hating and attacking anyone whose politics are “blue” or whose religious beliefs they feel entitled to mock as heathen and inferior.

    Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you.

  • dw September 14, 2006 (10:29 am)

    It really bother’s me that these right wingers are building church’s in Seattle. I wish they’d stay on the Eastside where they belong.

  • Eric September 14, 2006 (10:27 pm)

    dw and tria – typical Seattle “progressive” libs.
    what harm is this doing you? why do you paint anyone that doesn’t share your views with such a broad brush? Why does someone being a Christian automatically make them haters or right wingers? I suppose you are fine and dandy with the Seattle public schools allowing Muslims time off for school for prayer?

    Yes, we are indeed very accepting and tollerent here in good ol’ blue west seattle.

  • guest September 15, 2006 (7:58 am)

    Tria. You can rent the space out if you would like also. They allow groups to do this and because of their faith they should not be allowed. So you are not a fan of hating or attacking people I would assume from your comment, yet aren’t you doing the same thing because you don’t agree with these people. I would agree that there are some very harsh churches out there when it comes to certain issues. I would probably argue that from what I have understood from looking around at different churches that although Mars Hill sticks to it’s beliefs, they’re very accepting of people coming to their church.

    Stop building churches and stay on the Eastside. Well if you’re upset at building churches, Mars Hill isn’t building a new church, they’re simply moving into an old church that has been there for a very long time. The church was there before Mars Hill was around.

  • Chief Sealth Grad September 15, 2006 (11:55 am)

    I am truly AMAZED at the INTOLERENCE of the left. I was always taught that it was the Conservatives who were intolerent. Makes me want to change to Conservative. Grow Up People. This is a country that ALLOWS FREEDOM even if it isn’t YOUR definition of “the good life”.

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