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And in the batter’s box …

Thanks to the e-mail tipster who told us about the latest “coming soon” sign to sprout in The Junction — the former West Seattle Books space just east of Cupcake Royale is about to become “Swee Swee Paperie.” All I can find out about it so far online (aside from a city business license listing that merely affirms the address as that of “Swee Swee Paperie and Studio LLC”) is this blurb that came up after a long semi-bloggish entry about gift wrapping, on a site with party tips:

Ann Conway, a clothing designer in the fashion industry for over 15 years, is preparing for the Fall 2006 opening of her gift-wrapping and contemporary stationery store – Swee Swee Paperie, in Seattle, Washington.

More exciting than those six blue planes we spent the weekend with …

… is the fact that a fellow blogger is actually claiming to be excited to be “scooping” WSB. And more exciting STILL is what “Robla” has posted — a link to the Westwood Village website (scroll down the directory on the right) revealing that PIZZA IS COMING TO WV!!!!! (oh yeah, and Taco del Mar, too, but we’ve already got that in Jefferson Square)

Now the big question — does anyone have any idea what a “Gionnoni’s Pizza” is? Google draws a big fat blank (aside from the aforementioned Westwood Village link). What is this dastardly trend of places opening without websites where we can find out more about them? (like Talarico’s, which finally advertised a website in the Hi-Yu Festival booklet but as of this writing, that website is still “under construction”)

Anyway, thanks, “Robla”! We had news about a new Junction biz (thanks to a tipster) but now it’ll have to wait till later …

In case you are keeping score

Transportation votes we’re facing in November:

Tax to fix up roads (Fauntleroy didn’t make the Dirty Dozen but would THIS smooth it out?)

Tax for more-frequent buses

–Tunnel vs. no tunnel, unless council members decide to just be the deciders, which is what today’s P-I recommends

The first and third ones might be a nearly moot point, though, given that driving is getting less affordable by the second. Perhaps time for Councilguy Dow to propose keeping the Water Taxi in service TFN, instead of sailing on toward the usual September shutdown. (Not like Elliott Bay freezes over or anything, though the dock at Seacrest could use a little salt at times.)