In case you are keeping score

Transportation votes we’re facing in November:

Tax to fix up roads (Fauntleroy didn’t make the Dirty Dozen but would THIS smooth it out?)

Tax for more-frequent buses

–Tunnel vs. no tunnel, unless council members decide to just be the deciders, which is what today’s P-I recommends

The first and third ones might be a nearly moot point, though, given that driving is getting less affordable by the second. Perhaps time for Councilguy Dow to propose keeping the Water Taxi in service TFN, instead of sailing on toward the usual September shutdown. (Not like Elliott Bay freezes over or anything, though the dock at Seacrest could use a little salt at times.)

2 Replies to "In case you are keeping score"

  • frustrated August 8, 2006 (2:19 pm)

    Additional taxes for road maintenance?? and all Conlin can do is blame Eyman? How long are we going to let our electeds sit back and do nothing while blaming Timmy.

    Road maintenance is a basic service of government. Why wasn’t this planned for and addressed when Timmy’s initiatives passed??

    Our electeds are incapable of getting anything done right. Buth, it figures. Since we don’t have district elections for the council, we get a bunch of carbon copy councilpeople.

    Oh, I miss the Charlee Chong days!

    On the water taxi, I think it is really cool. I would be interested to see what kind of loss it operates at and what the subsidy per pasenger is. I have a feeling that those funds could be better spent on more frequent express bus service.

  • Mickymse August 9, 2006 (2:47 pm)

    Dow’s working on it, I believe, based on my last conversation with him about transportation issues in the City…

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