New connectivity choice?

Noticed recently that a lot of land-use applications in West Seattle these days — these addresses in Gatewood, Delridge, north end of Delridge, Admiral, Morgan Junction — are for wireless antennas for something called Clearwire. Thought maybe that was just a front company for the various wireless companies, but have since learned otherwise. And today, driving along Cali Ave, we noticed another Clearwire application sign up in front of the block of apartments/stores just south of the Junction 7-11. The Clearwire Web site does not mention how soon the company expects to launch West Seattle service; separate from the controversy over too many antennas going up too close for comfort, I’m interested in the possibility of an alternate broadband provider. Service from the Comcast monopoly is not really that Comcastic for us, and Qwest DSL doesn’t seem to be an option in our neighborhood. So we’ll keep an eye on this one too …

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  • The House June 7, 2006 (5:22 pm)

    If high speed Internet is something you’re looking for, you should check out Sprint. They offer wireless Internet known as EVDO that is almost as fast as DSL/Cable. To boot, the service broadcasts off their existing cell sites….no need for more towers in the area. I use it (as I am am an employee) and the service works great throughout West Seattle.

  • wsb June 7, 2006 (7:57 pm)

    thanks – didn’t know that! although cell service is a little splotchy in our part of the south end of the west side. will investigate nonetheless.

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