West Seattle scenes: Moonrise; ‘Fill the Boot’; anniversary

October 18, 2013 at 9:16 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Three sights around West Seattle tonight:

We start with the mesmerizing moonrise, photographed by Carolyn Newman. (This means Saturday morning could bring a wonderful moonset IF the fog keeps its distance; you can check moonrise/moonset, and sunrise/sunset, times on the WSB Weather page.) Right before tonight’s moonrise/sunset, we were in The Junction, where we spotted firefighters from Junction-based Ladder 11 asking people to help them Fill The Boot for MDA:

(This photo & next one, by WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand)
Their donation collections at California/Alaska were just steps away from where Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) was celebrating Anniversary #9:

Proprietors Frances and John Smersh were there until 9 pm with snacks and sips for everyone who stopped in to help them celebrate. It’s been three years already since they moved the shop south from the Admiral District to its current home at 4540 California SW in The Junction.

Reader reports: Burglary attempt; stolen bike; stroller seen

October 16, 2013 at 11:00 pm | In Crime, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 12 Comments

Three reader reports to share tonight – starting with this one from a West Seattleite who doesn’t want to be identified:

I’d like to let people know about an attempted break-in (last) night near 34th SW and SW Henderson (by the Southwest branch of the library). The miscreant(s) removed an outdoor light that illuminated the area, slashed the screen in a back door, and then apparently used a baseball bat or crowbar to break the kitchen window. No one got in the house but it’s very unsettling to hear glass breaking when you’re sound asleep. I think it’s good for people in the area to be aware of these incidents so they can stay alert.

Second – be on the lookout for a little kid’s bike, spraypainted gold, stolen from a Highland Park home where its 4-year-old owner is heartbroken. More details and a photo are in this WSB Forums post.

And thanks to the tipster who spotted and photographed this abandoned – stolen? lost? -stroller:

It was spotted by the end of the Rite-Aid drive-thru in Westwood Village this afternoon.

Yet another new Little Free Library opens its door to readers

October 6, 2013 at 7:32 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 22 Comments

On Saturday, we published Brian’s report about a new Little Free Library in West Seattle; in a comment, Kris mentioned another new one, and a subsequent comment from Gay brought a promise of a photo. Promise kept – there’s the photo above, with this report:

Here is a photo of Alicia’s Little Free Library 8702 located on 48th just south of Eddy [map]. It was built by local woodworker Matt Lukin and made from all reclaimed and scrap materials. It has fir siding with a shake-shingle roof. It is super cute and has seen a lot of action during the first weekend open.


Info on registering an LFL is here. Thanks for sharing the photos (and books)!

ADDED MONDAY: As noted in comments, and the photo-enhanced tweet embedded below, LFL 8702′s crafter has a musical sideline:

West Seattle scene: Second Dreamliner’s first flyby

September 17, 2013 at 8:28 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Thanks to Mike Russell for that photo, which he captioned: “First flight of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, as seen from West Seattle just before landing.” That landing was at 4:17 pm, according to our partners at The Seattle Times, five hours after the jet left Paine Field in Everett – their story’s here.

West Seattle scene: Stars and Stripes, times 8

September 11, 2013 at 10:34 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Driving back from Alki in early evening, we noticed the Patriot Day flags flying on this building across from Don Armeni.

West Seattle film-crew sighting: Lawn bowling in Belvidere

September 9, 2013 at 1:49 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 1 Comment

Thanks to Serena and Holly for the tips about a film/video crew at work in the east Admiral area, near Belvidere and Stevens. They wondered what was up; we went over to check. The crew tells us it’s a commercial for REI – fitting location since the outdoor-merchandise giant was founded in West Seattle, and until recently was led by West Seattleite Sally Jewell, now U.S. Interior Secretary. The setting appears to be lawn bowling (as our photo shows), with a sign noticed by one of our tipsters reading “Seattle Lawn Party.” West Seattle is a fairly frequent setting for commercials, given the peninsula’s great views and varied environments, from beach to forest. P.S. Just for fun, we searched REI’s website for “bowling,” and got back only this not-exactly-lawn-size set involving zombies.

West Seattle scenes: ‘Last weekend of summer’ begins

August 31, 2013 at 9:11 am | In Seen around town, Seen at sea, West Seattle news | Comments Off

While we get going on today’s news and events – four photos we ran out of time to publish last night, as the “last weekend of summer” begins (we know it’s not TECHNICALLY the end of summer, since the autumn equinox is still three weeks away). Above, Danny McMillin photographed a stand-up paddleboarder passing a rafting sea lion; next, Ryan captured the evening “parking” scene at Ercolini Park west of The Junction:

Back to the water – John Hinkey‘s view from Constellation Park:

And, also from the Beach Drive vicinity (east of Weather Watch Park), Greg snapped the sunset colors:

Thanks as always to community photo contributors – editor@westseattleblog.com is the best way to share yours! Now, on to the rest of the weekend – lots more to report, and share, as Saturday begins.

More eye-catching military aircraft over Alki: This time, Ospreys

August 22, 2013 at 6:12 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Another military flyby turned some heads on Alki Beach this afternoon: This time, 2 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. Thanks to Danny McMillin for the photo of one of them; he also shared a picture of the four Chinooks that drew attention last weekend. Boeing co-produces the Osprey, which is flown by the U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps.

West Seattle sighting: 4 military helicopters pass Alki, Admiral

August 18, 2013 at 1:09 pm | In Helicopter, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 10 Comments

1:09 PM: Thanks to Danny McMillin for the photo of four military helicopters spotted passing Alki and Admiral within the past half-hour or so; we’ve seen Twitter mentions of sightings elsewhere around the city but don’t know yet if there’s a particular occasion, a VIP, or … ? We’re still checking around; please let us know if YOU have a clue!

1:21 PM: Could be a coincidence – but this is Boeing Family Day up at the factory in Everett, and the Chinook is Boeing-built.

8:31 PM: Still no official info. But an Alki Beach visitor got them on video:

The clip is by Ben Slivka. If we find out anything more about the choppers tomorrow, we’ll add an update here.

Around West Seattle: Midsummer night’s scenes

August 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | Comments Off

After a partly rainy day, the evening shaped up quite nicely:

Thanks to Jason for that photo from tonight’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha event – Massy Ferguson joined by young fans. The rain stopped in plenty of time for the show to go on outdoors as usual (though the Hiawatha gym is always available as a backup), and Jason reports it was “a great show.” Next Thursday, Fly Moon Royalty! Meantime, two sunset scenes:

That one is from Carolyn, by Anchor/Luna Park on Alki Avenue, while further southwest, this one’s from Tim:

(added Friday morning) And Amy shared this view from over the Fauntleroy ferry run:

(back to original report) P.S. Sorry this site was inaccessible for a while earlier tonight. Still working on repairs and upgrades; we’re working to be readier than ever for whatever fall and winter bring. Luckily, a quiet night, but any time you can’t get us here, check the WSB Facebook page and/or Twitter feed, where we promise to get you the information about anything you urgently need to know, if the main site here is somehow out of commission.

West Seattle scene: C-17′s Alki flyby at sunset

August 13, 2013 at 10:15 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 8 Comments

Thanks to Debra Salazar Herbst from Alki Beach Daily Sunsets for allowing us to use her photo of the military plane whose low Alki flyby drew some attention tonight. Several people messaged us to ask about it; we also obtained some information via Twitter, because what was apparently the same plane also caught some eyes/ears in Whatcom County. It’s reported to have been a C-17 from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Also seen at Alki: High-flying ‘Indiana Jones’; Duwamish canoe

July 6, 2013 at 6:04 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | Comments Off

More sights from Alki today: As always, Seafair Pirates Landing day also brought a pole-vaulting meet, and photographer David Hutchinson caught this sight: “Indiana Jones put in an appearance at the pole-vault competition at Alki Beach today. Unfortunately his famous whip dislodged the crossbar on his attempt.”

Further down the beach, the Duwamish Raven Canoe was visiting.

That’s Jonnica keeping watch on board. Linda from the Duwamish Longhouse had e-mailed earlier to say the Duwamish Canoe Family was headed for Alki – and we spotted it onshore after the Pirates had landed.

West Seattle 4th of July scenes: Along the shoreline

July 4, 2013 at 5:25 pm | In Holidays, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 3 Comments

After leaving the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s Log House Museum, we traveled Alki and Harbor Avenues to see what’s up this 4th of July. Above, at 59th/Alki, we found the AMNO & Co. underwater-robotics team with fundraising refreshments (they’re there until 6 pm) – here’s our recent story about them. Right across the street, perhaps the most unusual food truck we’ve seen at Alki:

Yes, it’s a truck promoting Birds-Eye frozen food. Exactly what we had on our mind on the national barbecuing holiday. From there, more routine sights, including what you’ll always see at Don Armeni and other northeast-facing points by early afternoon on the 4th – people staked out for a fireworks view:

Whatever you do – be safe. We’re hoping for a quiet night. But we’ll be covering breaking news 24/7 as always, so if you see/hear something, 206-293-6302.

Update: Parks Department says it’ll remove Alki mystery ‘installation’; someone beats them to it; another appears

June 23, 2013 at 11:29 am | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 94 Comments

The mystery “installation” – first noted here on Saturday, when it originally held a flag across which the word ENOUGH had been painted – is still at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. It’s been further altered, per the photo above sent by Jennifer this morning. But it won’t be there much longer, Sandra DeMeritt from Seattle Parks tells WSB:

The Parks Department will leave it in place for Sunday but it will be removed at some point on Monday and brought to the Southwest (Parks) Headquarters. Anyone interested in claiming it can contact me after Monday. Since we will have to pick the piece up with a front loading tractor, it may get damaged in the process.

We did move the sculptural pieces off of the sponsored brick work on Sunday. It is all now sitting on the concrete pad directly beneath the Liberty Statue. We noted that some paint did drip onto the brickwork but hopefully we can get it removed this week without any damage to the bricks.

We are currently checking on one report of another “installation” elsewhere in West Seattle.

ADDED 11:43 AM: A few minutes after we published this, Alki resident Misa Moore sent photos including this one:

Misa wrote, “We live across the street from the statue, so when I looked out this morning I noticed the profile had changed, I went to check it out and it looks like the artists came back last night with a ton of new installations. It looks like a lot of work went into it; we didn’t hear or see a thing either time.”

1:08 PM UPDATE: It has been dismantled, as commenters reported.

2:01 PM UPDATE: Adding photos. Our photographer spoke with the man whom bystanders told us chopped most of it up with an ax/hatchet. He wouldn’t identify himself but said he did it because he believed it was “illegal.” The pile of resulting pieces in the photo above is by one set of trash cans, while these components that had been added last night are by another:

Police reportedly arrived at the scene after our crew left; we went back as soon as we got word of that, but they were gone by the time we arrived. Meantime, earlier we mentioned word of another one elsewhere:

If you don’t recognize the spot, that’s the southeast corner of California/Alaska, vacant almost a year now because of the two-building mixed-use development whose groundbreaking has since been postponed indefinitely (the owners have ceased commenting publicly on when it’ll get going). The mats say SIMPLE LIBERTY OR … TYRANNY.

West Seattle scene: Seen at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza

June 22, 2013 at 10:20 am | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 54 Comments

Thanks to Dan for the photo of this guerrilla art/protest that appeared at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza this morning. Babs sent photos too, wondering “what’s the story?” We don’t know who created it; do you?

7:33 PM UPDATE: Went to the beach to see if it was still there. It is, with the flag removed, as commenter Dian noted at mid-afternoon:

West Seattle Flag Day 2013: Junction stars and stripes; ceremony at American Legion Post 160; The Mount

June 14, 2013 at 12:16 pm | In Holidays, Seen around town, West Seattle news | Comments Off

The West Seattle Junction Association‘s flags are out, we noticed while going through “Downtown West Seattle” a bit earlier – that’s one of two Flag Day notes we are sharing; second one came in right about the same time we photographed the Junction flags – it’s from American Legion Post 160 Commander Kyle Geraghty:

A brief ceremony observing Flag Day will be held in front of the West Seattle American Legion Post 160 at 7 pm, located at 3618 SW Alaska.

All Veterans, family members of Veterans, and community members are invited to attend.

If you have a soiled, faded, or torn American flag, this would be a perfect opportunity to drop it off so it can be disposed of properly.

After the ceremony, the West Seattle American Legion Post 160 will observe the 238th birthday of the United States Army with song and light refreshments.

ADDED 11:36 PM: Providence Mount St. Vincent had its own take on Flag Day:

Special-events director Anna Cronin shared the photo, explaining, “Providence Mount St. Vincent closed employee appreciation week with a Flag Day celebration, honoring employees’ more than 51 countries of origin. With approximately 500 employees, The Mount is the largest employer in West Seattle, and very proud of the hard-working, diverse staff. The flags will be placed around The Mount campus to proudly celebrate and honor staff throughout the summer.”

West Seattle real estate: ‘For sale’ sign at ex-Life Care Center site

April 13, 2013 at 10:16 am | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 1 Comment

Thanks to everybody who e-mailed us to point out the new “For Sale” sign outside the former Life Care Center of America site at 47th and Admiral. It’s been more than two months since the facility closed; there’s been widespread speculation that some sort of development would follow, but so far, there’s nothing showing in city files for the site, so this is the first public sign of something happening at the property. We’ve tried to find the listing online, but so far, it’s not coming up anywhere, even on the website listed on the sign; we have left messages for the brokers and hope to hear back. The property is currently zoned as LR1, explained in the city code as primarily intended for “low-density multifamily housing” such as townhomes and rowhouses.

… And this is NOT an April Fool’s sighting

April 1, 2013 at 12:53 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 26 Comments

We can say that with relative certainty because this is the SECOND West Seattle sighting of this exotic bird that’s been brought to our attention in the past few days. The first one – from Scott, who saw it Friday at 16th and Kenyon – was a little too blurry to use, but when Chelsea sent this photo from Delridge and Webster this morning, we thought it might be time to see if anyone is missing this long-tailed bird that she described as a golden pheasant.

First West Seattle April Fool’s sighting of the day…

April 1, 2013 at 9:13 am | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 62 Comments

No, it’s not Photoshopped, but yes, it’s a prank. We thought someone was just trying to be April Fool’s funny via Twitter when they tweeted at us this morning, “Uh, they’re putting a Wal-Mart in the hole at Fauntleroy and Alaska?” THEN came the note from a local resident reporting their spouse saw a sign about Wal-Mart and was therefore wondering when the LA Fitness plan changed. So of course we had to go take a picture. Sorry, Wal-Mart fans, it’s still going to be an LA Fitness with apartments on top … whenever construction gets going. (The last public review was three months ago.)

More West Seattle Easter scenes: Peeped house; bunny car; egg hunts; more

March 31, 2013 at 3:06 pm | In Holidays, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Around the town on Easter, from your cameras and ours ….

Every year, somebody gets Peeped – last year, a home near Lowman Beach; this year, it’s the Lorentz home in North Admiral! They shared the photo of what the Easter Bunny did after he came in through the chimney …no, wait. 1900 block of 41st SW, if you won’t believe it till you see it firsthand.

On Alki, the Easter Bunny seems to have an engine along with the bunny ears and bunny nose:

Thanks to Lisa Ruiz for sharing that photo. Whatever form the Easter Bunny took, s/he was busy at C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor):

The annual C & P Easter-morning egg hunt drew dozens — little kids went first. Over at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market, the egg hunt was ongoing, but we did drop by the info booth as participants recycled the plastic eggs:

Steps away, the crew from Blue Geisha Tattoo painted faces, and arms:

And then there’s the Easter Weasel – featured on the WSB Facebook page.

West Seattle weekend scenes: Mystery messages materialize

March 3, 2013 at 2:39 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 39 Comments

Last night, Kristina told us about that photo via the WSB Facebook page:

At Lowman Beach this morning, there was a sign “I surrender” on a log – someone went to some trouble to letter the sign, and to cut the groove into a log to attach the sign, and I wonder what it’s about. … Who put it there? What does it mean? It’s beautiful and thought-provoking and I am appreciative: thank you.

Reminded us of a stenciled message we noticed on a Lowman Beach log and showed here almost six years ago. But apparently it’s not just a Lowman phenomenon – Kristina then e-mailed this afternoon to say she came across this today in the Schmitz Park area:

Clues, anyone? Seen others?

West Seattle scene: ‘Restored my faith in humanity’

February 6, 2013 at 9:01 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 11 Comments

That’s what Chris W wrote in his note to us accompanying this photo. He took it in front of the Mason Wiggins Realty office at California and Andover (map). So if you lost something there – now you know who to call! (P.S. If you lose or find something, you’re also welcome to post about it in the WSB Forums – except for lost/found pets, which have a page of their own.)

West Seattle scene: Parking on slope, by Walking On Logs

January 20, 2013 at 1:41 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 29 Comments

Two people have e-mailed us wondering how this vehicle managed to wind up on the slope along the Fauntleroy Way end of the West Seattle Bridge, just north of Walking On Logs. Nothing obvious on the police/fire logs – so we don’t know; do you? We went over for a look and a photo; no damage visible so far as we could see.

SIDE NOTE: Noticed while there that the sculptures themselves are sporting new red and blue garb to promote Camp Fire candy sales:

According to the regional Camp Fire council, you’ll see Camp Fire youth out and about selling candy starting Friday.

4:41 PM NOTE: The vehicle is still there, as is another one parked in the pullout by it (facing the correct direction) with its emergency flasher lights going. That car was parked there when we first went by at noon but, though it appeared unoccupied, we didn’t pay much attention – till noticing just now that it’s still there.

6:45 PM: Mystery solved. See Andrew’s comment; also, we received this note from another reader:

I was leaving WS at approximately 9.30 this morning and saw the silver Toyota – traveling westbound – hit the central reservation pretty hard (rear end bucked up in the air, thought for a moment it might actually bounce over). Saw other westbound vehicles braking in my rear view mirror – embarrassed now but didn’t feel in a position to stop and call it in safely, and by the time I got to work had already forgotten about it.

There is nothing on the fire 911 log, so apparently – as Andrew’s comment suggests – the driver didn’t need attention from medics. The SUV was gone by 6:45 pm tonight (we passed the area again heading outbound on the bridge).

West Seattle scenes: Five views of a beautiful Friday

January 11, 2013 at 11:01 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 4 Comments

(Photo by Machel Spence)
A beautiful day, from the frosty floor of Lincoln Park, to the frosty tip of the story pole at Rotary Viewpoint Park …

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
… to the mighty Olympics in the west …

(Photo by John Hinkey)
… and mightier Mount Rainier to the south …

(Photo by Myrtle)
this beautiful day is ending with tidepool exploration by flashlight at Constellation Park.

(Photo by Leslie Dierauf)
(Along with low-low nighttime low tides, including one more at 11:13 pm tomorrow – -2.4 feet – the morning “king” tides are arriving too, 12.8 feet at 5:47 am tomorrow.) Thanks to everyone who shared photos!

West Seattle scenes: From Santa to sunset

December 21, 2012 at 9:13 pm | In Holidays, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 6 Comments

We’ve been out covering some of tonight’s events – but before we get to those, three sightings. Above, WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams spotted Santa Claus by the Vashon ferry line in Fauntleroy! That’s not far from where the jolly old soul also spent part of this evening listening to last-minute Christmas wishes – among other things – at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor):

Santa being a ubiquitous sort of gent this time of year, those of course were not the only places he was sighted tonight, but we thank Julie for sharing the photo of the classic beard-authenticity check. As you can see in the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide, Santa will be back at Thriftway each of the next two days (1-4 Saturday, 3-7 Sunday), as well as a few other spots.

Finally, a lovely view at sunset – looking toward downtown – shared by Toni T:

(Right about then, we were at Alice Enevoldsen‘s winter-solstice sunset watch – story on that, coming up.)

Found in West Seattle: ‘Bizarre sculpture’ turns up on streetcorner

December 16, 2012 at 3:12 pm | In Highland Park, Seen around town, West Seattle news | 44 Comments

The photo is from Highland Park’s Dina Johnson, who explains:

Yesterday a bizarre sculpture appeared on the Henderson street sidewalk near the corner of 13th Ave [map] in Highland Park.

We thought the thing might have fallen off a passing car, or stolen from someone’s yard. Or maybe it was part of an art installation in a rather unconventional gallery? Maybe someone is looking for it.

It’s the size and shape of a sitting child. It’s heavy; it appears to be made of plaster covered with fabric and wire mesh and glue. The face is a strange painted mask. A tuft of onion grass is attached to the head. It’s slightly damaged – one foot is missing, the other has broken off next to it.

We left it there all day and night, but no one came to retrieve it. We will put it out for garbage pickup if you post the pic and no one claims it. I have respect for art, but really, it’s kind of creepy.

Clues, anyone?

West Seattle scene: Google Street View back in town

November 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm | In Seen around town, West Seattle news | 4 Comments

The Google Street View car’s been here before – our most recent report was in July of last year – but we’ve never before had a sighting report from a park pathway! Betsy shared that photo taken this afternoon at the south end of the Lincoln Park waterfront. The list of counties where Google Street View is collecting new imagery does indeed include King.

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