2nd year of ‘Find It, Fix It’ walks brings 1st one for West Seattle

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(City photo from Find It, Fix It walk last July in the Central District)

More than one year after the city launched a series of “Find It, Fix It” walks, one is finally scheduled for West Seattle. According to the Department of Neighborhoods‘ “West Seattle News You Can Use” newsletter, it’ll happen in North Delridge on October 3rd. Months away, but you can get ready:

Save the date! On Saturday, October 3, 2015, Mayor Murray’s Find-It/Fix-It Community Walk is coming to Delridge! The proposed walk route will include areas in and around the SW Brandon Street node.

In 2014, Mayor Ed Murray initiated Find It, Fix It Community Walks, a series of Mayor-led walks that help improve neighborhoods one block at a time. During these walks, neighbors, police, and City officials walk together to identify physical elements in the neighborhood that make it feel unsafe or poorly maintained. Examples include overgrown trees, graffiti, street light outages, and litter. Once the elements are identified, the City and community work together to fix the problems.

To date, nine Community Walks have been held throughout the city, resulting in hundreds of infrastructure improvements – from new trash and recycle bins to upgraded street lights.
- See more (here).

This year’s walks come with an added bonus. In partnership with Cities of Service – a national nonprofit that works with mayors to implement high-impact volunteering strategies – up to $5,000 in Community Project Grants will support community-led revitalization projects in each walk neighborhood ($25,000 total). …

The goal of Community Project Grants is to support the volunteer efforts of community members who are working together to improve the appearance and safety of their neighborhoods. The community engagement from this process builds unity and a common purpose that strengthens neighborhoods. For more on last year’s walks head HERE.

All are welcome to participate in the walk on October 3rd, but there are other ways to get involved as well. You and your community group can apply for grant funds to do an small improvement project, or you can serve on the Community Walk Action Team. For more information, contact the Mayor’s Find-It/Fix-It Team or contact Kerry Wade (Neighborhood District Coordinator) at kerry.wade@seattle.gov or via phone at 206-733-9091.

FOLLOWUP: New information on SWAT raid in South Delridge

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(WSB photo from Thursday)

As first reported here on Thursday, SWAT officers served a drug warrant at 9200 16th SW, which had a business license through last December as an auto-repair business. “Drug warrant” is all police would tell us about the raid – until now:

Police began investigating a West Seattle auto body shop after receiving dozens of complaints of blatant drug-trafficking. What they found was more than 15 rifles, 6 shotguns, 20 handguns, over $60,000 in cash, and almost 3 pounds of marijuana.

Narcotics detectives could tell the extent of the operation after counting 400 customers a day in and out of the auto body shop — very few with car trouble, it seemed. Detectives conducted an extensive investigation including surveillance of the business and undercover buys confirming the illegal sale of marijuana inside a cargo container around the back of the property.

Detectives developed probable cause for several suspects in the operation and obtained search warrants for the auto body shop, as well as the body shop owner’s residence, and the owner’s father’s residence.

(SPD photo)

At the auto body shop in the 9200 block of 16 Ave SW, police seized 1276 grams of marijuana, 459 marijuana edibles, 18 grams of Shatter (solid hash oil), 5 handguns, and $7325.00.

(SPD photo)

Police seized 15 rifles, 6 shotguns, 5 handguns, and $1576.00 at the owner’s residence in the 8600 block of 35 Ave SW. Two of the seized guns were reported stolen.

The owner’s father, who is allegedly the second in charge of the drug operation, lives in Burien and had 10 firearms and $54,000 in cash seized from his residence.

Four arrests were made on Thursday and the suspects were all interviewed and released from the scene.

The photos were published with an update on SPD Blotter. We’ll be following up to check on whether charges are filed.

What Seattle Police SWAT officers are doing in South Delridge

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Thanks for the texted tips about Seattle Police SWAT officers at 9200 16th SW. Unlike last week’s West Seattle sighting, this was NOT training – this is for real. They’re carrying out a search warrant, police said at the scene. Too soon for details, they said, but they described it as a “drug-related warrant.”

City records show an auto-repair business licensed at the site through the end of last year.

Delridge Grocery Co-op’s weekly farmstand is back, starting Thursday; looking for volunteers, food trucks to join in

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(Photos courtesy Delridge Grocery Cooperative)
The Delridge Grocery Cooperative is bringing back its weekly farmstand – different day, different location. You can help make it a success. Here’s the announcement with info for everyone from prospective shoppers to would-be volunteers:

The Delridge Grocery Cooperative will launch a ten-week summer farmstand this Thursday, July 16th. The farmstand will feature local, sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables in a festive setting from 4:00 to 7:00 pm on Thursdays for the rest of the summer. This year (its second), the farmstand will have a new location in the parking lot of the Super 24 Food Store, at 5455 Delridge Way SW, thanks to the generosity of the Singh brothers who own the Super 24. The Little Red Hen Project has partnered with the Delridge Grocery to co-sponsor the farmstand.

Along with produce, shoppers will enjoy music from local musicians including Squirrel Butter, WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow, Tim Wetmiller + friends, and Thaddeus Spae. The farmstand will also offer cooking demonstrations, kids’ activities, community organization tables, and possibly prepared food (organizers are still looking for a food truck to vend at the farmstand – food trucks should feel welcome to get in contact if interested!).

“Delridge Grocery will be opening soon, but, in the meantime, we’re bringing back fresh and affordable food to our Delridge community at our Summer Farmstand,” said Delridge Grocery President Andrea Wilmot. “So come shop, bring a friend, and sign up to volunteer.”

The farmstand is seeking a few more volunteers to assist with running the stand. Volunteers receive on-the-job training and free produce. A sign-up form is online here. Musicians and community organizations who would like to table are also welcome to sign up online. Volunteers can also help with outreach following our public meeting this Wednesday, July 15th, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at SW Youth and Family Services, 4555 Delridge Way SW. RSVP for the meeting on Facebook.

The Delridge Grocery Cooperative has always prioritized making healthy local food affordable to all Delridge residents. The mixed-demographic neighborhood is designated by the USDA as a food desert because of its lack of grocery stores, and many residents lack access to healthy food. Support from the City of Seattle has helped enable the co-op to keep farmstand prices low. This summer, clients of the West Seattle Food Bank will be able to spend their Market Bucks on produce at the farmstand. Farmstand organizers also hope to be able to accept EBT (electronic benefit transfer; the modern version of food stamps), although it seems unlikely this will be available by the first day. Until the farmstand is able to accept EBT, EBT users will receive a 10% discount on produce at the farmstand. Leftover produce will be donated to the West Seattle Food Bank and to Cottage Grove Commons, and donations for the food bank will be accepted at the farmstand: bring non-perishable food, or buy extra food at the farmstand to donate.

Potential vendors and others with questions can contact farmstand manager and Delridge Grocery board member Ariana Taylor-Stanley at taylorstanley@gmail.com or 206.660.8958.

The full-scale co-op is projected to open within six months. Permitting for construction of the store interior will begin once our bank loan application is approved. Meanwhile, more members are needed. New members can join on the co-op’s website.

How do you use Delridge Way? What works? What doesn’t? Show and tell the city ASAP!

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If you walk, drive, or ride on Delridge Way SW … if you live and/or work on Delridge Way SW or nearby … SDOT wants to hear from you as part of its Multimodal Corridor Program, and time’s running out for its online survey and interactive mapping tool. Here’s the request:

Tell us and show us:

* How do you currently use this street?

* What works?

* What are your ideas for future improvements?

For more information on this program and to find links to both the online survey and interactive mapping tool, go here.

You have until July 18th to join in on this.

UPDATE: Report of shooting at Delridge Playfield, but no victim or evidence found

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9:34 PM: Police and fire are rushing to the Delridge Playfield/Community Center park area to investigate a report of a possible shooting. They haven’t yet found the reported victim, though. We’ll update as we get information.

9:39 PM: Still no evidence of a shooting or victim, so the SFD response has been canceled.

UPDATE: CR-V flips after driver hits parked pickup on Delridge Way; crash caught on passing car’s dashcam

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(Thanks to Andy for the photo)
11:18 PM: A multiple-vehicle crash in the 6500 block of Delridge Way SW (map) is drawing a sizable police/fire response right now. One of the cars is reported to have rolled over.

11:27 PM: Police are diverting traffic on Delridge at the scene. No serious injuries reported, so far.

11:41 PM: Thanks to Merissa for this photo:

Meantime, WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is at the scene now and sent this:

(This photo and next two are by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)
Christopher reports police are taking one person into custody, the driver of the flipped CR-V, who hit the parked white pickup that you see in Christopher’s photo.

11:49 PM: Police tell Christopher the driver is in custody for investigation of DUI.

He was alone in his vehicle and unhurt.

Meantime, a tow truck arrived quickly and got the CR-V right-side-up. The scene likely will be cleared before too long.

1:28 AM: The crash was captured on the dashcam of a car whose driver was headed in the opposite direction – southbound – when it happened. That driver, Paul Hamaker, uploaded the video to YouTube and sent us the link. It is briefly in view – mostly the CR-V rolling, debris flying onto the street – about 2:20 into the three-minute clip he posted from the dashcam he says he bought less than a week ago. The clip ends after he pulls over, so we asked what happened next; he said he “stayed at the scene for about 10 minutes and talked to the driver and a few witnesses, glad that everyone is OK. Was quite startling to see that happen in front of me.” He also said, “It was great to see many folks come out of their houses and run to the scene to help.”

Reader report: Update on bicycle rider recovering from Delridge crash

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(WSB photo from June 19th)
Two weeks ago today, a woman riding her bicycle southbound on Delridge at Dakota was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after, according to witnesses, a driver in a Nissan sedan hit her. Many have asked how she’s doing, but although we’ve continued trying to follow up, official information remains scant; then, overnight, we received this reader report via text message:

Cyclist injured on Delridge/Dakota has progressed to trauma rehabilitation. She suffered multiple injuries but her body is intact and she has a good chance of significant physical recovery. Full recovery from brain injury and neck ligaments will be determined in the months ahead but the medical staff have been great and with the cyclist are working hard. Thanks for the concern, the medics/police/public for helping at the scene, and the witness accounts in the blog.

SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad was sent to the scene of the crash, as is customary when someone suffers life-threatening injuries (or worse). Results of its investigations usually aren’t available for weeks or even months, but we will continue checking with SPD periodically.

Congratulations! Delridge RecTech teens and international collaborators score big with animated-poem video

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Teens in the RecTech Youth Media Institute program led by Leslie Howle at Delridge Community Center are among the collaborators in that animated-poem video, which scored big in this year’s international Adobe Youth Voices competition, landing second place in the Animation category. The news comes from Seattle Parks’ Parkways website. The poem is written and spoken by Seattle artist Hollis Wong-Wear (who herself has West Seattle ties, including past work at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center). It’s about growing up – something we never quite seem to complete, no matter how “old” we’re lucky enough to live to be. Take a few minutes to look and listen, above.

P.S. We last featured RecTech in our coverage of the Delridge Projects Workshop a month ago – and we see via their website that the Delridge-focused mini-doc they screened there is available for online viewing, with a longer version in the works to be shown at the Delridge Day festival August 8th.

Big response, small fire in 6900 block of Delridge Way

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Sorry we didn’t mention this in real time, but we’ve received a few questions, so we’re mentioning it now: The big Seattle Fire response in the 6900 block of Delridge Way SW just after 10 am turned out to be a small kitchen fire, according to SFD – most units dismissed quickly, no injuries reported.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at north end of Delridge

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Thanks to the person who just texted with word that a crash is blocking the north end of Delridge, right by the ramp to the eastbound West Seattle Bridge. Everyone headed that way is being diverted onto the bridge, according to our tipster. So if you’re trying to get to West Marginal or the low bridge – try another route for a while.

New Delridge crosswalk: City to start work after holiday weekend

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We’ve been talking about the new pedestrian-safety beacons at local crosswalks – recently installed at California/Dakota, in the process of installation at 11th/Holden, and in the works for the 5900 block of Delridge Way by the front entrance to the Boren Building, home to K-5 STEM and interim home to Arbor Heights Elementary. This afternoon, SDOT announced the timeline for installation of the latter, along with the promised crosswalk and curb ramps, and curb bulbs: “Crews plan to begin work on Monday, July 6, with construction expected to last approximately two weeks. Crews will work weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. During this time, pedestrians will follow signed detours next to the school or into a temporary walkway using the parking lane.” The improvements, which the school community and other safety advocates have long sought, are funded by the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund and SDOT’s Safe Routes to School program. (The same area is also getting a speed-enforcement camera system, as reported here two weeks ago.)

UPDATE: Fire outside 17th SW apartments, out quickly

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7:13 AM: Big fire response right now to the (corrected address) 9200 block of 17th SW (map) in South Delridge. First crews on scene say it’s a brush fire in front of an apartment building.

7:16 AM: The fire is quickly pronounced “tapped,” and they’re canceling some of the units.

7:30 AM: According to our crew on the scene, SFD is saying that so far, this appears to have been started by cigarette(s) tossed into bushes, and that it scorched a deck of the 2-story building before being put out.

ADDED: Damage is estimated at $5,000.

UPDATE: Small fire extinguished in 9400 block 16th SW

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(WSB photo)
11:55 AM: Seattle Fire is responding to a “fire in building” call in the 9400 block of 16th SW. First crews are seeing “light smoke.”

12:02 PM: Most units are being dismissed.

12:09 PM: Our crew talked with SFD at the scene. The fire started in some bags of items in an apartment area inside the mixed-use Rozella Building. They’re not sure yet what sparked the fire, but it’s out; no one was hurt.

UPDATE: Woman hospitalized after bicycle/car collision at Delridge/Dakota

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(WSB photos)
5:29 PM: Thanks to those who texted to report a crash at Delridge and Dakota (map), blocking southbound Delridge, reportedly involving a bicycle and car. We’re en route to check.

5:43 PM: Police are still at the scene, toward the side of the southbound lane; traffic is getting through both ways. More on the people involved as soon as we talk with them.

5:55 PM: We’ve just confirmed with police at the scene that a woman was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. She was riding a bike that collided with a car whose driver is still in the car so far as we can tell.

The SPD unit that investigates major collisions is here.

6:15 PM: If you are approaching this part of Delridge any time in the next few hours, please go very slowly and carefully – while as we noted, traffic is currently going through in both directions, police have to do their work in the street, to take measurements and other assessments to figure out what happened. We have seen some southbound bicycle riders divert westbound on Dakota to get around the scene.

7:30 PM: Via the scanner, we’ve just heard that investigators have finished their work at the scene. No new information on the victim’s condition.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: We’re still trying to find out more information. We have learned a little from SFD, whose spokesperson Kyle Moore says the victim is in her 30s and was in critical condition when transported from the scene Friday – unconscious and not breathing when medics first found her, but she had a pulse, and Moore says they “assisted her with breathing.”

VIDEO: ‘Delridge, all the way!’ Neighborhood-focused forum for Seattle City Council District 1, feedback clickers & all

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By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Last night’s Seattle City Council District 1 candidate forum at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center was a first even in this election year of many firsts – first one with audience-feedback clickers, first one specifically and pointedly insisting that candidates explain how they would outline and take action on particular priorities for Delridge, aka eastern West Seattle.

The forum was organized by, and held in the regular monthly meeting slot for, the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council, whose chair Mat McBride energetically emceed it over the course of almost two hours at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

There to answer the questions and goodnaturedly endure the feedback were seven of the nine D-1 candidates you’ll see on your August 4th ballot – left to right across the stage, Phillip Tavel, Shannon Braddock, Arturo Robles, Lisa Herbold, Jody Rushmer, Karl Wirsing, Chas Redmond. McBride explained that Brianna Thomas had RSVPd to participate as well but had to cancel at the last minute because of a family-health emergency.

Each person in attendance was offered a clicker-type device to be used after each candidate’s reply to a question, with four options for rating the reply, with the results then shown on the big screen behind the candidates. Here’s what the clicker (borrowed from the city Department of Neighborhoods, which uses them at certain types of meetings, according to district coordinator Kerry Wade) looked like:

Each of the seven participating candidates had randomly drawn a specific Delridge-priority question to answer in the first round, then got to choose which one of the priorities to address in round two, and finally, it was “talk about whatever you want” for round three. Our first clip has the introduction to the event plus the first round:

Ahead, highlights of the replies from our as-it-happened notes, plus video of the second and third rounds:
Click to read the rest of VIDEO: ‘Delridge, all the way!’ Neighborhood-focused forum for Seattle City Council District 1, feedback clickers & all…

SDOT confirms West Seattle’s next school-zone speed camera will be on Delridge by the Boren Building

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SDOT‘s been saying for months that it was about to announce its next round of school-zone speed cameras, and every time we’ve checked with them, they’ve said the most likely contender in West Seattle would be Delridge Way, by the Boren Building (home to STEM and interim home, for one more year, to Arbor Heights Elementary). Now it’s official. Just in from SDOT:

To reduce speeding and improve safety for school children, contractors working for the City of Seattle will begin installing speed enforcement cameras for six schools starting Monday, June 15.

[The only West Seattle location is]:

* Delridge Way SW for K-5 STEM at Boren

Once functional the cameras will take photos of vehicles that exceed the school zone speed limit of 20 m.p.h., and drivers will receive citations in the mail. The school zone speed limit is in effect for approximately one hour in the morning as students arrive at school and one hour in the afternoon when students are dismissed. Flashing beacons have been installed to emphasize the times when the school zone speed limit is in effect.

The camera installation work will occur from June through August. Seattle Police will issue warnings for 30 days beginning September 9 and will start issuing citations on October 9.

See the full announcement, including the other five new camera sites around the city, by going here. West Seattle already has three school-zone speed cameras: Fauntleroy Way by Gatewood Elementary, and two on SW Roxbury, by Roxhill Elementary and Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School.

TOMORROW: Show off your ‘safe travel habits’ along Delridge during SDOT event – rewards may follow

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SDOT director Scott Kubly returns to West Seattle tomorrow – this time to launch a series of “positive reinforcement” events tied to the city’s Vision Zero safety campaign. From 8-8:45 am outside the interim home of Arbor Heights Elementary (5950 Delridge Way SW) on Wednesday, according to the announcement, “Kubly, Seattle Police, and community transportation safety advocates will be out rewarding parents and kids that follow the rules of the road and practice safe travel behavior as the summer school break is days away.” If you’re caught “practicing safe travel habits,” you might get “a $5 coffee gift card and safety swag (all items grant funded),” SDOT adds. This is the first of three events around the city this week; the other two will be downtown at noon Thursday and at the Fremont Bridge on Friday morning.

Delridge Day 2015: Two months away! Want to be a sponsor, vendor – and/or festivalgoer? Here’s what you need to know

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(WSB photos from 2014 Delridge Day)
Two months until the 2015 edition of Delridge Day – 11 am-3 pm Saturday, August 8th, at Delridge Community Center/Park, presented by VieWS (Visualizing Increased Engagement in West Seattle), with co-sponsors including WSB. This year, look for the return of the skating competition – a natural feature, given that Delridge Skatepark is right there – family fun, food trucks, and more.

Read on for the full news release:
Click to read the rest of Delridge Day 2015: Two months away! Want to be a sponsor, vendor – and/or festivalgoer? Here’s what you need to know…

UPDATE: Fire call in 8800 block Delridge Way SW

June 7, 2015 at 3:55 pm | In Delridge, West Seattle fires, West Seattle news | 1 Comment

3:55 PM: Third big fire response of the day, this time to a 2-story apartment building in the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW (near Trenton). The first units on the scene aren’t seeing anything so far. More to come.

3:58 PM: Most of the units are being canceled after firefighters found this to be a case of “food on the stove,” saying the resulting kitchen fire is out.

4:04 PM: Our crew says one unit is left at the scene, and traffic along Delridge is not affected.

AS-IT-HAPPENED: Delridge Projects Workshop! Voice your vision for eastern West Seattle’s future

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9:54 AM: We’re in the gym at Southwest Teen Life Center, where the Delridge Projects Workshop is just getting under way – and if you’re not here yet, it’s not at all too late. Until about 10 am, people are wandering around checking out info-easels on the three “projects” in question – involving transportation, neighborhood planning, and “natural drainage” (raingardens and more). Then the agenda says about 15 minutes of introductions will follow, and then people who are here will get to spend 30 minutes finding out and talking about each of the “projects” – whenever you get here, just drop in on one of the sessions, which are scattered around the gym. It’s slated to wrap up at 11:45 am with entertainment – a performance by local youth. We’re checking out the transportation project first and will add some notes as this goes along.

10:09 AM: “The fact that you’re here shows that Delridge is on the move,” said Willard Brown of Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, co-emceeing the introduction, including acknowledging members of a community advisory team that’s been working on all this. This gathering itself is another in the city’s series of experiments with different formats of “community engagement” – city officials have been heard to acknowledge that it’s hard to draw people to a standard-format community meeting, so they’re trying a variety of formats (and a lot of surveys!) to see what works. We talked with one rep here who said that they’ve reached out by sending someone door-to-door to personally talk with residents, and in another area of the city, attendees at a meeting like this almost invariably said they’d heard about it from the person who showed up at their doors.

10:25 AM: We’re sitting in on the “Delridge Multi-Modal Corridor” presentation first with SDOT’s Sara Zora, who reminds everyone that the speed limit on Delridge will change to 30 mph this year. A table in this corner is making the presentation simultaneously in Vietnamese (as seen in part of our Instagram clip above). Timeline for this project: “Conceptual designs and evaluation of alternatives” August-December, another phase of “public engagement” starting in January, and design stretching over most of 2016. Then it’s on to small-table discussions; here, one group is offering suggestions as well as critiques of current conditions along and just off Delridge.

10:42 AM UPDATE: The format might not be allowing as much time as these discussions need – it seems this table is just getting going, barely 10 minutes of talking, when bells are ringing and announcements are declaring everyone needs to wrap it up and move to another “station.” Acoustics in here are a challenge. We’re moving over to the “Natural Drainage Systems” station – raingardens, bioswales, Combined Sewer Overflow-reduction projects have been talked about a lot in West Seattle in the past five-plus years, and here the specific focus is to reduce pollution (much of which comes from rainwater runoff) in Longfellow Creek. … Update: The map here has marked streets that might be good candidates for “natural drainage” but the city reps are hoping participants will help them identify the best candidates – maybe synergizing with other priority projects, for example. People have asked about other projects – the CSO work at Delridge/Orchard, the RainWise offerings in the county’s project areas – and the city reps have explained those too.

11:11 AM: A lot of what the “natural drainage” team is hearing so far has to do with concerns about lack of sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities in the area – one woman is telling them it’s “unconscionable” for the city to be spending money on raingardens instead of installing sidewalks in areas where they’re missing. On the positive side, side conversations are starting between neighbors who might not have met before – one involved community gardening, for example. Now it’s on to the third “station,” which for us is the North Delridge Action Plan.

11:51 AM: The Action Plan station consisted entirely of small conversations – two, three people – near the easels about specific “nodes” in North Delridge (the Brandon Node business district-let, the Campus Node in the Delridge Community Center/Youngstown Cultural Arts Center area, the Sylvan/Orchard Node area, etc.). Now the event is wrapping with the preview of the Rec-Tech program youth-media-program-produced video about Delridge; the full version will be shown during the Delridge Day festival in August.

West Seattle scene: Green Party’s past & possibly future presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein visits

June 6, 2015 at 12:46 am | In Delridge, West Seattle news, West Seattle politics | 4 Comments

Such a busy Friday night, we didn’t get to stop by the West Seattle Tool Library for this visit of a past and potentially future presidential candidate – but thanks to Chas Redmond for sharing the photo of Dr. Jill Stein. He says about 25 people were there to hear from and talk with her in the North Delridge evening sunshine. Dr. Stein was the Green Party‘s candidate in 2012 and with 456,169 votes became “the most successful female presidential candidate in U.S. history.” She formed an exploratory committee earlier this year to consider seeking the Green Party nomination again for 2016.

‘All we can promise you is effort’: Neighbors, police, other city reps talk South Delridge troubles @ WWRHAH

June 4, 2015 at 7:26 pm | In Crime, Delridge, Neighborhoods, West Seattle news | 7 Comments

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

It’s the neighborhood where West Seattle’s most-recent murder happened, the still-unsolved shooting death of Stephen Jeffries Jr. on New Year’s Eve 2013:

(WSB photo from April 2014 vigil)
It’s the neighborhood where drive-by gunfire hit at least one car during a rampage two months ago:

(WSB reader photo from April 2015)
And – as a result of those cases and more – South Delridge is a neighborhood where people are pleading for more police presence.

Residents from South Delridge made their case face-to-face with Southwest Precinct police on Tuesday night at this month’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting. While they’re not in the boundaries that semi-new council has been serving, that was part of the point – since they are not affiliated with an existing community group, their area doesn’t have its own “micro-policing plan” … yet, though WWRHAH co-chair Amanda Kay Helmick pointed out she had added it as a priority in theirs.

More than two dozen people were in the upstairs meeting room at Southwest Library as neighbors told their stories and heard what police and other city representatives can and can’t do.

(From left, CPT Officers Kiehn and Flores, City Attorney’s Office liaison York, CPT Officer Nicholson)
SPD had four reps, including Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis and three of his four Community Police Team members, Officers Jon Flores, Jonathan Kiehn, and Erin Nicholson. Also there: Matthew York, SW and South Precincts’ liaison from the City Attorney’s Office, plus a representative from the city Department of Planning and Development.

Helmick opened by introducing a resident who brought a list of eight properties that he described as problematic for the neighborhood, with problems from squatters to drug use, and worse.

Click to read the rest of ‘All we can promise you is effort’: Neighbors, police, other city reps talk South Delridge troubles @ WWRHAH…

SATURDAY! 3-in-1 way to plug into Delridge neighborhood’s future

June 3, 2015 at 9:15 pm | In Delridge, West Seattle news | 1 Comment

Saturday’s approaching, so you’re days away from a three-in-one way to share ideas for, and get information about, eastern West Seattle projects and plans. From the city:

Join us at the event to join your neighbors to:

*Provide direction on the North Delridge Action Plan (North of SW Elmgrove St.)
*Help design future multimodal improvements to Delridge Way
*Learn about Longfellow Creek Basin Natural Drainage Systems

Here’s what we have heard at previous Delridge meetings:

*Create more community and cultural gathering places
*More places to shop and eat
*Improve walking, biking, and transit connections
*Create more recreation and cultural programs

The Delridge Projects Workshop – which we mentioned 2 weeks ago along with a survey you should answer if you haven’t already – is set for 9:30 am-noon Saturday (June 6th) at Southwest Teen Life Center (2801 SW Thistle). Lots of background info, here.

Police checking on reports of what sounded like gunshots

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In case you’re wondering, as are some who’ve messaged us – police are checking on reports of possible gunshots heard between High Point and Delridge. One texter said it sounded like six to eight shots in the Home Depot area; the area officers are investigating is west of there, near 27th and Shinkle (map). No report of anyone or anything being hit so far; often it’s impossible for officers to know whether it was gunshots or fireworks unless they find shell casings and/or property damage. We’ll update if we find out anything else.

Today’s other West Seattle broadcast: Listen online to KUOW’s ‘Week In Review’ from Youngstown

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Before KEXP‘s six-hour live West Seattle Junction broadcast got going at noon, another public-radio station had spent an hour live on location in Delridge – KUOW‘s “Week In Review,” starting a seven-week tour of Seattle’s new City Council districts, was live 10 am-11 am today from Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. In addition to host Bill Radke and panelists Joni Balter and CR Douglas, West Seattleite and former mayor Greg Nickels was a guest panelist; community advocate Amanda Kay Helmick was a guest, interviewed about her attempt to run for City Council entirely via signature power. If you weren’t in the studio audience or didn’t get to listen at 10 am or the just-concluded 7 pm playback, you can hear the show via the online archive – just go here.

West Seattle road work: SW Orchard lane closure continuing

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Looking ahead to next week, and a few weeks beyond: Seattle Public UtilitiesEmily Reardon sent word going into the holiday weekend that its work at Delridge/Orchard isn’t over yet:

Quick update re. SPU’s ongoing sewer improvement project near Delridge Way SW and SW Orchard St. The daytime single lane restriction on SW Orchard Street (east of Delridge Way SW) will remain in place off-and-on through mid-June as crews complete sidewalk work and paving. The lane will remain closed Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., and will be opened to traffic during non-work hours. During the closure, all westbound traffic will be diverted to the eastbound lane with the assistance of a traffic flagger.

The project page for this site, upgrading the combined-sewer-overflow-reducing facilities, ” target=”_blank”>is here.

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