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CRIME WATCH UPDATE: Phone-grab robbery, inside Delridge store

(WSB photo)

8:39 PM: The Seattle Police/Fire response in the 5200 block of Delridge Way SW is for a person who reported being hit by four people who then took off with the victim’s phone. So far, the robbers have been described over police radio only as four black males in their early 20s, all wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and blue jeans. No further information yet.

8:53 PM: A police officer still at the scene tells us the victim was an “adult male,” taken to the hospital by private (AMR) ambulance to be checked out. No additional details about the circumstances or the robbers; no one in custody so far.

UPDATED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Just obtained the narrative from police. The robbery actually happened inside the mini-mart. We can’t tell because of redaction, though, whether the victim was an employee or customer. The narrative says the victimm told police that the four robbers – description the same as what we reported last night – “had walked in the store and began demanding his phone … there was a struggle between him and one of the males … the males began to hit him in the chest with their fists … one … then grabbed his cellphone, which was in his left hand, and ripped it out of his hand.” That, the victim told police, broke his left pinky finger and injured his left ring finger. The victim told police he continued struggling with the robbers and they threw him against the store’s front door, then left, got into a gold Toyota Camry, and left southbound on Delridge. They might also have stolen some grocery items, he said.

TUESDAY: New day, time, place for South Delridge Community Group

Live/work in South Delridge? You’re invited to check out the South Delridge Community Group at 7 pm tomorrow night at 2 Fingers Social (9211 Delridge Way SW) – a new place, day, and time as the group resumes meetings. All ages are welcome at 2 Fingers until 8 pm, so you can bring your kid(s) to the meeting if you want/need to. Read more about the SDCG by going here.

Unity event @ Louisa Boren STEM K-8 as Black Lives Matter at School Week begins

It’s Black Lives Matter At School Week nationwide, with local support from the Seattle School Board, which last week adopted a resolution that declares “that the lives of black students matter, as well as the lives of all of our students of color, and that we encourage participation district-wide in the national Black Lives Matter At School Week from February 5-9, 2018.” We stopped by Louisa Boren STEM K-8 this morning after Shawna Murphy sent word of a before-school unity event planned by the PTA.

Yes, you probably noticed something obvious about the people in that photo. And it’s one of the issues raised by the Social Equity Educators (SEE) group from the teachers’ union, the Seattle Education Association: They want the district to hire more black teachers. (Here’s the SEE website.)

At Boren, meantime, buttons, stickers, signmaking, and books were available before school, and we’re told an assembly was planned for today too.

STEM K-8 is the only school we’ve heard from so far – any other local activities/assemblies? Please let us know – or text/voice 206-293-6302 – thanks!

UPDATE: Officer stabbed in the hand after detaining tagging suspect at Delridge/Henderson, police say

(First 2 photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand)

7:38 PM: You’ll want to avoid the Delridge/Henderson area, which is reported to be blocked right now for a police investigation, including westward to 20th SW [map]. An “assault with weapons” SFD dispatch is on the way too, for a Seattle Police officer reported to have a knife wound to the hand. More to come.

7:50 PM: We just talked with police at the scene. They tell us the officer who is hurt had just detained a suspected tagger allegedly caught in the act. The suspect, they say, became uncooperative and stabbed the officer in the hand. Not life-threatening – the officer is being taken to the hospital now. Delridge is open but Henderson is blocked just to the west. The suspect is in custody.

(Photo by Tim Durkan)

10:10 PM: We just went over to verify that investigators have cleared the scene and reopened the road, which they have. We hope to find out more tomorrow about the officer’s condition and the suspect’s status.

Cottage Grove neighbors gather to brainstorm safety solutions

A group of neighbors gathered last night to talk about what they could do to find solutions to recurring problems.

The area at issue is between 24th and 26th SW, and SW Hudson to SW Graham – part of the Cottage Grove area. Organizer Patrick Baer circulated an invitation saying:

The 5400 block of Delridge Way and surrounding community is having ongoing public safe issues including rampant drug activity, drinking in public, panhandling, and littering (needles). Despite the City of Seattle being fully aware of these issues, they are void of solutions or willingness to address them.

He made it clear at the start of the meeting at Delridge Library – which is in that area – that it wasn’t time to be spent listing complaints, but to brainstorm and plan action.

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South Delridge kitchen fire, out quickly

January 22, 2018 10:14 am
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All but one of the units sent to a South Delridge apartment building are being dismissed – turns out to have been a kitchen fire inside one unit of the building at 9203 17th SW, and someone in the apartment has already extinguished it. No injuries reported.

DELRIDGE RAPIDRIDE H LINE: Take a closer look at what’s on the drawing board

Those are – still – key points of Delridge concern about the upcoming conversion of Metro Route 120 into the RapidRide H Line. The points were made during the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council discussion last Wednesday night that wrapped up a weeklong round of in-person feedback about the plan, including the introduction of a proposed package of stops and road changes labeled “Option 3:

(You’ll note that this includes rechannelization in some areas, which would include the removal of 270 on-street parking spaces in what are labeled as Sections C and E. SDOT says its studies showed 10 percent to 50 percent utilization of those spaces now.)

If you didn’t make it to any of the three recent events (a week before Delridge, Metro and SDOT held drop-in sessions in Burien and White Center), you might also want to scroll through the maps/renderings (below) that show how the stops would change along the route, plus specific changes proposed for Delridge/Holden and Delridge/Henderson:

(You can see the full-screen PDF version of those maps/renderings as pages 4-9 here.) The DNDC discussion of the Delridge plans followed the third SDOT/Metro open house of the week. We recorded the discussion on video:

Metro and SDOT reps were on hand for this as well. But it was far from the first time that neighborhood advocates including DNDC reps had spelled out the same concerns – including stop location/spacing – since the 120 is point-to-point transportation for many in the Delridge corridor, not just a way to get to and from downtown. The frustration was voiced at one point by DNDC’s Pete Spalding of Pigeon Point, who said this was at least the fifth time in three years that the group had listed its concerns. Michael Taylor-Judd of North Delridge wanted to be sure the project team was talking with groups including seniors who would be especially affected by an increase in stop spacing – while the third-of-a-mile spacing proposal is closer than RapidRide’s usual half-mile-apart spacing, it’s still a tenth-of-a-mile increase over the average on Delridge now.

YOUR FEEDBACK: If you have something to say about what’s currently under consideration for the Route 120/H Line conversion – where the stops are, how they’re spaced, and/or changes on Delridge – this is the time to say it, before the project team finalizes a recommended design, which will happen in the months ahead. is the address for project comments (though the county runs Metro, this is a joint project with SDOT, not only because of the road changes, but also because the city contributes funding for bus service). Design is to be completed this year, with construction of the stops and road changes starting in 2019 and continuing in 2020, when the H Line is to be launched.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police response in North Delridge

January 21, 2018 1:44 pm
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1:44 PM: If you’re wondering about the police response in North Delridge right now – officers are investigating a reported burglary at a house in the 5400 block of 26th SW. Early information is from radio communications; no other details so far but it’s a significant response, indicating the call came in either with burglar(s) still in the house or having just left.

1:49 PM: And now police report, no burglary after all.

Today, the march – tomorrow, the action: 2 Sunday events at Youngstown

January 20, 2018 1:18 pm
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As a followup to today’s Women’s Marches around the country, tomorrow has been declared a day of action – and that includes two “Act on Seattle Day” events at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in North Delridge. Whether you’re marching today or not, you’re invited to join The Little Red Hen Project and Delridge Grocery Co-op between 11 am and 2 pm on Sunday. Here’s the announcement:

*Delridge Grocery Co-op is hosting a community potluck and a chance to play the board game, Co-opoly, The Game of Cooperatives. Bring a dish to share for a potluck lunch or just yourself and a desire to learn about the power of co-ops.

*Help The Little Red Hen Project build a library for 2018’s Womxn’s Act Day! Bring a garden or homesteading book for the Little Red Hen library, or just yourself and a desire to help your neighbors. Volunteers will build a bookshelf for the garden library with tools lent by West Seattle Tool Library. Dress warmly as the build will happen in the breezeway.

Youngstown is at 4408 Delridge Way SW.

King County Public Health closes Pho Aroma temporarily after illness outbreak

ORIGINAL THURSDAY REPORT: Seattle-King County Public Health announced this afternoon that it has closed Pho Aroma (5605 Delridge Way SW) temporarily because of an illness outbreak. On Tuesday, the department said, it “learned of 3 ill persons from one meal party that became ill after consuming food and beverage from the restaurant on January 13.” While visiting the restaurant on January 17th, the report continues, “investigators identified 2 employees who experienced similar symptoms after the ill customers’ meal date of January 13.” The department’s report continues:

We do not have laboratory confirmation of the pathogen responsible for the illness, but symptoms are suggestive of norovirus. Often in norovirus outbreaks, no laboratory testing is done. The exact food or drink item that caused the illness has not been identified, though this is not uncommon for norovirus outbreaks where multiple food items may be contaminated.

The Health Department adds, “The restaurant is working cooperatively with Public Health; they closed on January 17 to allow time to complete a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the restaurant.” Department staff will revisit the restaurant before clearing it to re-open. Full details on its investigation are here.

UPDATE: As noted in comment discussion below, the Public Health website notes that the restaurant reopened on January 19th.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at Delridge/Trenton

em>(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

9:09 AM: As mentioned a short time ago in our daily morning-traffic coverage, there’s a crash at Delridge and Trenton. Turns out (thanks for the tips!) a car is on its side, so this might not clear quickly, and we’re breaking it out into a separate report. No major injuries reported – the SFD dispatch does not include a medic unit.

(Photo courtesy Melanie)

9:16 AM: Our crew has talked to police at the scene and reports two vehicles are involved; no one is hurt. Delridge is completely blocked at the scene just north of SW Trenton, and tow trucks have been called.

10:21 AM: Just went back to look – scene is now clear, road fully open again.

FOLLOWUP: See how Delridge Way SW would be changed by new RapidRide H Line ‘Option 3’

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

After the first two RapidRide H Line options for Delridge Way SW failed to generate “a lot of enthusiasm,” as SDOT spokesperson Dawn Schellenberg puts it, there’s now a third one on the table. And even if you don’t ride the bus, it will change the road – so you’ll want to take a close look.

“Option 3” (embedded above, and in PDF here) will be in the spotlight at the next RapidRide H Line drop-in info/input event – 5-6:30 pm this Wednesday at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, to be followed by a 7 pm Delridge Neighborhoods District Council discussion of the H Line. You might even have previewed it at one of the H Line open houses in Burien and White Center last week.

We obtained more information via a briefing with SDOT and Metro reps downtown. SDOT is much more closely involved in planning the RapidRide conversion of Route 120 than it was in planning the 2012 conversion of Routes 54/55 into the C Line, for reasons including the money that city taxpayers now pay for more bus service.

Along with Schellenberg, the meeting included SDOT project manager Thérèse Casper, Metro outreach specialist Jenna Franklin, and SDOT communicator Karen Westing.

Before we go through the details, note that this is not necessarily anything resembling a final design. So they want to know what you think. But it is about more than where the bus will stop – it’s about “redesigning” much of Delridge, and it incorporates some other projects that have been discussed in past years. Even before the H Line was announced and named, in fact, some changes were discussed a few years ago under the Delridge Multi-Modal Corridor project umbrella.

“It’s an opportunity to put those pieces together,” Schellenberg said.

The “pieces” potentially include:

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FOLLOWUP: Nucor working ‘to mitigate the problem’ that’s caused recent booms

Management at the Nucor steel mill in northeast West Seattle says they’re “working … to mitigate the problem” that’s caused startling booms in recent days. The one reported here on Saturday evening, after hearing from readers, was such a jolt, some said, they didn’t think it was from the plant because they’d never felt anything like it. We talked this afternoon with Nucor’s environmental manager Patrick Jablonski. He explained that this can happen “when we add wet scrap metal into our furnace … I think we are particularly vulnerable to it because of our climate; it happens more often in the wintertime.” He said Nucor is “certainly not happy” about this, and is trying to find out why it’s happened repeatedly in recent days, so they can work “to mitigate the problem.” Jablonski also told WSB, “We’ve worked over the years to minimize it … As far as I know, we are the only mill that built a large canopy to keep the rain off the scrap in our scrapyard … We’ve developed additional procedures over the years.” But that doesn’t get all the rain – or snow, if the scrap was brought over the mountain passes – off the steel, and when the wet scrap metal goes into the furnace (which is on the north side of the main building), the evaporation happens quickly and loudly. No one was hurt, he added. Some commenters asked about contacting the plant in case of an incident; you can call the general number, 206-933-2222, around the clock – if it’s after-hours, security can get in touch with someone to check into it, Jablonski said.

DEVELOPMENT: Design Review meeting set for storage project at 9201 Delridge Way SW

January 11, 2018 2:19 pm
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The automotive-business site on the southwest corner of Delridge and Barton has a new redevelopment proposal – described as a four-story building containing “mini-storage with office space at ground level,” a caretaker unit, and parking for 12 vehicles. The project has to go before the Southwest Design Review Board because of its size, and a tentative date has been set for the first (Early Design Guidance) meeting – 6:30 pm February 15th (Sisson Building/Senior Center, 4217 SW Oregon).

RAPIDRIDE H LINE: What was shown in Burien tonight, and will be in White Center tomorrow

January 10, 2018 10:21 pm
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We stopped by the first RapidRide H Line drop-in meeting in Burien tonight to preview what you’ll see if you go to the White Center meeting tomorrow. It’s classic open-house format – informational boards around the room, staffers there so you can ask questions, maps on tables, comment forms to fill out if you choose to. They include explanations of how RapidRide works, as well as focusing in on specifics of this project, which is scheduled to convert Route 120 into the H Line in 2020.

While there’s a separate meeting coming up in Delridge one week from tonight to talk about the new options for that stretch of the route, those boards are available too – ask if you don’t see them.

It’s not a different route, we were told, but rather some possibilities for where the stops will be – which has been a major concern in previous community discussions. The new Delridge option – they started with two and now this is #3 – would include stations at Genesee, Andover, Hudson, Findlay in the north, for example. (Andover would eventually be a connection at/near the future Sound Transit Light Rail stop.) For those who have been advocating to have RapidRide H use the Delridge/Barton triangle stop, that’s still not considered an option; Metro’s Jenna Franklin told us their projections suggest the Westwood area will have many more jobs by 2025 and the connection needs to be closer. The proposals include more than just bus-stop locations, but also multi-modal right-of-way improvements, so take a good look and be ready to discuss, especially at the Delridge meeting on January 17th (Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW), which starts as a drop-in event and then is followed by a discussion with the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council starting at 7 pm. (We also are scheduled for a more in-depth briefing on the proposal, so watch for a followup.)

Also note that tonight’s Burien meeting had materials in multiple languages and you’ll find those in White Center Thursday night, too (5-8 pm, Mount View Elementary, 10811 12th SW). And whether you do or don’t get to an in-person meeting, the “online open house” is open now too, linked from this info-laden page about the RapidRide H Line project – if you need it translated, look for the SET LANGUAGE button at lower left, which brings up a list of dozens of languages.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car broken into, stereo and speakers stolen

January 10, 2018 8:38 pm
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First time in a while that we have received a reader report of a car-stereo theft. The photo and report are from Alex:

Someone broke into my truck last night and took my car stereo as well as some speakers. Truck was parked IN my apartment’s parking lot at Willow Court Apts. on Delridge [map].

SPD incident #: 18-011457.

FOLLOWUP: The South Delridge shooting victim who wasn’t

Very early Saturday morning, as reported here, a 19-year-old man turned up in the 9200 block of 17th SW with a gunshot wound to the leg. Police searched for blocks around, with vague information about the location and circumstances – maybe during a robbery in an alley, they were told at one point. We requested the followup report yesterday, didn’t get it, then renewed the request today after noticing that what little information is online showed the incident wasn’t classified as an assault, but rather as “weapon discharge” and “injury.” Accidentally self-inflicted, Det. Patrick Michaud in media relations just told us, and the wounded man was too embarrassed to admit it initially. Case closed.

UPDATE: About the emergency response at Delridge/Holden

5:42 PM: Thanks for all the tips on this. A police and SFD response at Delridge/Holden is wrapping up, but so far we’re told that it involved some kind of fight, no major injuries. A private ambulance was called to check out one person who was hurt.

5:54 PM: We went to the (nearby) precinct to seek more details. Police there confirm this was a “fistfight,” involving two men, spotted by a witness at Delridge/Holden who went to the precinct – a block north – to report it.

Possible gunfire heard in Highland Park, South Delridge

We’ve heard from residents of Highland Park and South Delridge about possible gunfire heard around 12:30 am. 911 calls were made. This time, so far, no word of any shooting victims, and we haven’t heard whether any casings or damage turned up either.

WEST SEATTLE SCHOOLS: Boren STEM K-8 hosts robotics competition

(WSB photos/video)

Historic day at Louisa Boren STEM K-8 in Delridge – the school hosted its first robotics competition today!

17 schools were there for the VEX IQ Challenge. Working in pairs, students had to get their robots to haul more plastic rings than their opponents’ robots. Here’s a bit of video:

If you drove, rode, or walked past the school during the competition, you might have noticed the Seattle Police bomb squad’s vehicle – a texter asked us about it. They were there for a demonstration toward the start of the event:

According to the awards list (scroll down this page and you’ll find the tab to click), the STEM K-8 Bots won the Design Award, which qualifies them to move on in state/regional competition – congratulations! This is the third year of robotics at STEM K-8; last year, you might recall, a team went to worlds.

Thanks to Lisa, Kristin, and Mark for letting us know about this! If something cool is coming up at your school (or business, or community center, or …), we would love to hear about it – – thank you!

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

3:30 AM: An “assault with weapons” response is arriving at an address in the 9200 block of 17th SW [map], where a man is reported to have a gunshot wound to the leg. Police are searching for the suspect, last seen “running southbound in an alley,” though there’s no description yet.

3:34 AM: Now the report is that “two or three black males in hoodies” might have been involved, and this might have happened during “a robbery in an alley.”

3:51 AM: Medics describe the victim over the air as 19 years old with a thigh wound from a 9mm bullet, not believed to be life-threatening. They’re taking him to Harborview Medical Center.

3:59 AM: We’ve talked to police at the scene but so far they’re still trying to lock in some facts such as where the robbery/shooting actually happened. A K-9 is involved in the search.

PLANNING RAPIDRIDE H LINE: ‘New’ Delridge-area option – and meeting – added

(Front of postcard that SDOT is about to send)

4:10 PM: We’ve already reported on upcoming White Center and Burien meetings coming up to talk about the conversion of Metro Route 120 to the RapidRide H Line. Today there’s word a Delridge meeting has been added, and that an “online open house” will start this Friday. Along with the Delridge meeting comes word of a “third option” proposed for the route’s West Seattle segment. From the announcement:

Community feedback will help decide the preferred alignment options in Burien and White Center, all proposed H Line station locations, and “access to transit” improvements along the entire route that would make getting to the bus by foot or by bicycle easier. Riders can share their views and priorities with Metro and learn how SDOT is incorporating feedback on redesigning Delridge Way SW at upcoming open house meetings and via an online open house.

· Wednesday, Jan. 10: 5-8 p.m. at the Burien Community Center, Shorewood Room, 14700 Sixth Ave. SW

· Thursday, Jan. 11: 5-8 p.m. in White Center at Mount View Elementary School, Cafeteria/Multi-purpose Room, 10811 12th Ave. SW.

· Wednesday, Jan. 17: 5-6:30 p.m. at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW. Give input on a NEW option for improving Delridge Way SW and share stories with the artists hired to create project art.

· Online Open house: From Jan. 5-15, to be available at Metro’s RapidRide page or online at

· Community interviews: Metro will be working in the community in coming weeks to interview people in person, and will have translated survey materials available in Vietnamese, Somali, Spanish and Khmer.

According to SDOT – which is a partner in RapidRide with the county – the “new option” is still being refined, so the link in the postcard graphic atop this story won’t show it to you yet; we’ll have a followup when it’s available. Also note that the January 17th Delridge meeting is described as “drop-in.” And if you haven’t answered the current survey – it’s still open.

ADDED 7:24 PM: Delridge Neighborhoods District Council co-chair Mat McBride has more to add about the newly added meeting in that area. He explains it’s “a co-production with the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council. Immediately-ish following the drop-in session, the DNDC will do a more in-depth vision and design meeting with Metro and SDOT concerning the H line. This will consume the DNDC meeting for the month of January. As always, the public is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in any DNDC meeting. This one happens to be particularly important for transit consumers in the Delridge corridor.” So it’s a RapidRide doubleheader that night (January 17th) at Youngstown.

READER REPORT: Car seats found – maybe stolen and dumped?

The photo is from Jacob, who found those car seats while out walking his dog this morning.

Found these 2 car seats in the ditch on Brandon street behind the 7th hole of West Seattle golf course. They are both in excellent shape. Do not know why someone would throw them in the ditch but guess is a car was stolen and these were thrown out.

Please post if you see worthy as I am a parent and have paid a lot of money for car seats for my children and would want them back.

If yours, please e-mail us – – and we can forward your contact info.

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