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    West Seattle Blog Forum community members met today at Uptown Espresso to plan a fund raiser for Puget Sound Lock & Key owned by Mike Dein and Troy Silverman… who lost their business to a arson fire.

    it’s absolutely amazing what this group of people can put together in a week!

    We had a special guest, the owner of the Admiral Pub, Eric Galanti.

    Together, we have worked out the basic details for the event.

    The fund raiser will be held on Saturday April 19 from 6 to 9 PM at the Admiral Pub (the folks who brought you the recent fund raiser for the Rat City Roller Girls…)

    ok, i confess, i have a thing for roller skating.. and who can resist a name like rat city roller girls ;~)

    We will have a voluntary cover charge and donation jar for the business.. special Mike drinks… which will come with a free raffle ticket… (all the proceeds donated directly to Puget Sound Lock & Key for rebuilding purposes) … a dart tournament, a rocking juke box… a pool table… and… a raffle for donated items… including original artwork, massages, haircuts , local gift cards and more.

    Once again.. i am afraid we won’t have room for the dunking tank.. but WSB forum members will be there to defend their positions… if they can:)

    all i can say is that i got the gift of a lime green “Hot for HIllary” mug at today’s meeting from JT ;0

    it makes a statement i can relate to next to my computer:)

    Someone in the coffee shop asked us who we are.. so we thought it might be a good time to answer that.

    We are no more.. and no less.. than a group of West Seattle neighbors.. most of whom post regularly in the forum.. (all of us read the blog) … who saw another chance to get together with their neighbors and have some fun..

    That we can do so and help a local business through some tough times is just a bonus.

    So… keep an eye on what we are up to.

    If you want to join us.. send me an email with your real name, contact info and moniker to Joanne@brayden.org. Real people (no trolls or other legendary characters please) will be added to our email communication list.

    You can comment or offer suggestions here…

    Please keep them at least somewhat positive as we are doing our best to do good…



    JoB, is there another meeting date set? I will be posting to the home page with pix later tonight and want to include that if there is one. Thanks – TR



    TR: Feel free to include the mailing list signup address as well for anyone who’d like to join us!



    I forgot who, but asked if Big john’s PFI could donate something for the raffle.The answer is yes, can I get more info on when and where to take donation? It will probably be a small food gift basket.



    Will do. Just back from field reporting on Earth Hour and the fundraiser post is next up.



    Oh darn, I was hoping to attend, but that’s the same night (and time) as the annual congregational dinner for the West Seattle Unitarian Universalists. Know that I will support you in spirit, if not in person!



    Question/clarification – is the April 19 event all-ages? A message was sent out by the Morgan Junction Community Association announcing the fundraiser (which is great!), stating all ages are welcome. I thought I read somewhere that it is 21+ because it’s at the Pub. Please clarify! Thank you!



    Admiral Pub is all ages. That was one of the things that was important to us to make srue everyone could have a chance to come including kids!



    BDG…I think it turns into 21 and over only at 9pm, and we’re 6pm to 9pm…so it all works out :)



    Thanks for the prompt response, gals. Looking forward to it!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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