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    I am confused about why I am hearing so many train horns. All day long, at Alki, Admiral District, the Junction, over on 35th… I’ve lived in West Seattle a long time and don’t remember its ever being so bad. I thought the train operations on Harbor Island are cut way back due to diminished Port operations but I am hearing them far more often than ever. Could I be hearing trains from downtown? If anybody could shed any light on this, I’d be grateful.



    Booming economy, perhaps? The places you name are not anywhere near trains, so while you may hear them, your description of “bad” is an exaggeration. You live in the largest city in the northwest. There are smaller towns with lots more train noise.



    You’re likely hearing trains along West Marginal Way SW. We’ve been in Upper Fauntleroy for almost 25 years and I’ve noticed them more in recent years … we didn’t pay much attention to the industrial train traffic along the Duwamish until we found ourselves crossing the train tracks on foot while walking to various breaking-news scenes there.



    The acoustics seem to change and this morning, I didn’t hear trains but what sounded like a fog horn from the ferry, as it was misty. I hear foghorns quite frequently and trains occasionally. I love the sounds of both.



    Geez KBear did you wake up on the wrong-side of the bed this morning? What’s bad to one person may not be to another but there is no need to scold for it.



    Yes, something is definitely different with the acoustics today the horns all seem far more prominent even over by Genesee Hill



    Sorry if I sounded rude, but there’s little point in complaining about train horns in West Seattle. First of all, the noise isn’t that loud where most people live, even if the sound does carry. The only train tracks are on the eastern edge of the peninsula. And secondly, there are many, many crossings along West Marginal Way where they are required to sound their horns. That’s not going to change, no matter how much people complain about it.



    Been here (Admiral) for 20+ years & have heard the trains all along. Remember the reason for the horns; to de-conflict autos, trains, cyclists & pedestrians. From my “vantage point”, I kind’a like it, but I understand if it is a nuisance to you. If there were accidents involving trains & cars, I’m sure there would be an uproar about it too. City livin’…



    Cliff Mass often describes atmospheric inversions in our area that would help reflect sounds from the harbor area to points inland. I live near Alki and often hear trains sometimes louder, sometimes barely at all. And when the ferries blow their horns I know there is fog.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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