The functional end of single-family zoning in Seattle.

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    Hi friends,

    A developer is building something on my block that I was sure wasn’t permissible, but after doing research I found out that it is (kinda).

    I just want to share what I’ve learned and hopefully make it less shocking and unpleasant for others when it happens to them.

    Take care,



    Thanks for the link.

    Our region is adding lots of jobs. So I’m generally in favor of adding extra housing. The only practical way to add more housing is increase density in urban areas or build more out in Enumclaw and other exurbs. Of the two, I prefer increased density in urban areas. But I recognize this will be difficult for some folks who prefer less dense housing. Times are changing…



    All the city neighborhoods are established. Meaning unless a house (or small business) is torn down there’s no space for denser housing. Unless the city condemns and kicks someone out it’ll be hard to build-unless they build in a green space. Tricknology. Developers have always been able to do things individuals can’t. There really are one set of rules for individuals and a set of rules(wink wink) for developers.


    Michael Waldo

    Seattle is no longer the quiet little town so many people want it to remind. The population is growing, jobs are being created and people need a place to live. The single family zoning is a reality of the past. For me, the biggest concern is so many new apartments and houses and townhouses are not affordable to so many people. The city code says if you are building luxury apartments or condos, you have to have affordable units or pay into a fund for affordable housing. But I have not seen evidence of this affordable housing being built. I have tried finding any documents from the city how much money is in the fund and where the housing is being built with no luck.



    Hi everyone. Thanks for your replies.

    I am not anti-density and I said that pretty clearly. I understand that things change. I am calling out that the way the change has been implemented is not conducive to sustainability, accountability, or success.

    Have a good day.



    As long as human population continues to grow at an unsustainable rate, sprawl will happen anyway. Whether it’s new housing to accommodate new residents, or established residents moving out because they don’t like crowding, merely increasing density will not solve the problem. The housing crisis is nationwide and beyond, with no one seeming to care about the resource crisis created by overpopulation. We can’t just build, build, build indefinitely. Due to the sheer number of humans on the planet, as well as the wanton destruction of the environment that is directly related to human population, life is about to get a lot more miserable for everyone – and eventually impossible.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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