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    We have a neighbor that has a dog and a cat well the cat is free to roam the neighborhood all year long, we at 1st thought she was a stray but found out the neighbors 2 doors down own her we told them she visits us and we were feeding her because we thought she was a stray and they said “no we leave her out because we don’t want a cat box”. ???!!! Isn’t that part of owning a cat??? ours have a box and they do not go outside ever. Well every winter she comes around at all times of the day and night looking to come inside because she’s cold we’ve let her in a few times and she’ll sleep for hours on end but most of the time we physically take her home knock on their door and say “she’s at our back slider and is cold” and all they do is grab her and say thank you for bringing her home. REALLY!?! During the warm months she stops by and looks like she’s been sleeping somewhere in the dirt…I feel so bad for her but we can’t take her in because we have 2 of our own.
    What would you all do? We have talked to the owners a few times but nothing has become of it, why don’t they find someone who would take care of her??? I guess I’m just ranting and worried because the cold weather is here again.



    We had a similar situation here. Poor kitty mewing at the door during freezing weather, going back 11 years. A few neighbors took her in (we included)at times, but the owner insisted she wasn’t happy indoors, and let her run free. Well, she didn’t do well outdoors either. It just continued sadly until her recent passing–not a passing you would wish on any animal.

    Could we have done more?



    Take her to the shelter as a stray. She deserves a better home.

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    I don’t know the particular cat you are talking about, but let me tell you about mine:

    She loves to be outdoors, particularly in the rain. She is fascinated by water. When indoors, she is always in the tub or the sink. She loves to roll in the dirt too. I am constantly having to clean up little muddy paw prints all over my house.

    If she knew that neighbors would feed her if she showed up at their door looking pathetic and meowing, then she would show up every day doing just that. She was the darling in my old apartment complex because she would make the rounds to get all the petting and food her kitty heart could desire. So many people told me they were sorry to see her go when I moved out.

    She is a well-loved, well-fed kitty. I lock her in at night to give keep her safe from coyotes. I know there are coyotes roaming during the day too, and I know she could get hit by a car, but I feel my cat’s life is much richer and happier for being allowed out. I learned early on that she was not the kind of cat to take well to being kept indoors.

    We accept some risk with those we love in order for them to be happy and well-adjusted. I’ve always found the “If you let your cat outdoors then you are an awful person” attitude in the blog forums to be sanctimonious. You have your opinions about what is best for your pets, and I have mine. I feel that animals are happiest when they are allowed outside.

    I wonder if your neighbors are bemused at your bringing their cat to them. The cat would have come home on her own when she was ready, after she had worked over the neighborhood for free food and attention.



    dcn, yes I have wondered that too that she’s just making the rounds for free food but we are a small neighborhood and know when and when our neighbors are not home and have lived here for 10 plus years and many a time when they are gone for more than 1 day the cat is to fend for herself with no way of getting inside thier house. :>( they are gone right now and she was here shivering at our back door a few hours ago.
    I guess I’m ranting because I just don’t understand how someone can not care for a pet like that.



    I hope I am right too and that she is just making the rounds. My roommates and I once adopted a cat that had been abandoned by our neighbors. This was in college, and it took us a while to figure out that she was starving because she always hung out on the couch on our front porch even before she was abandoned. We didn’t know the neighbors had moved and left her behind. She was very old, and we gave her a good home for the last 2 years of her life. I’ll never understand how anyone could just abandon a senior cat like that.



    I feel bad for you to have to deal with such a thoughtless neighbor. People have to provide adequate shelter for their pets so since this neighbor leaves the cat out, does it have a dry shelter? If not, you can call the number below. Here is the description:

    Animal cruelty includes abandonment of a pet, physical abuse, failure to provide food, water, shelter or veterinary care, fighting of animals, putting animals in a situation that causes distress (i.e. a hot car) or keeping an animal in unsanitary conditions.  If you are concerned for the welfare of an animal, contact us immediately at (206) 386-7387. 
    Officers will investigate the situation.  Depending on the nature of the case, officers may impound the animal or give the owner a time period to come into compliance.  Citations and/or criminal charges may result.

    The cat deserves a better life.



    Annaeileen, I don’t want to go that route, she’s such a sweet kitty but it’s looking I just might have to.
    Oh and she was at our door this morning @430am…:>(



    build her an elevated, insulated nest on your back porch



    I agree with JoB! I wish I could take the poor thing, but my cat would never consider it. But there are a lot of plans online for feral cat shelters; here’s one. Thanks for caring.

    How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter for the Winter



    unfortunately, my blind dog followed the scent of the outdoor cat that thinks the sheltered area under my deck is a far better home than the one she comes from under the deck today.
    i had no idea he could find that small opening.. but he did.

    thankfully there was someone here who could retrieve him without getting bit because he couldn’t find his way out.

    We closed the entrance they used but there is another at the side of the deck that he can’t access but i am pretty sure a cat can. we will see. i may be building my own cat shelter…

    the only problem is finding a styrofoam cooler this time of year. i have lots of stuff in the garage.. but not that



    JoB & P-Pie, we will have to resort to building her an elevated safe place, I can’t stand to see her out in the cold another winter. Hopefully she’ll use it.
    The thing is she’s not a feral, the neighbors admit to owning her and say they’re “animal rescuers”. YES I’m rolling my eyes right now.
    Thanks to all with the good ideas and suggestions and just the ears to listen to my rant!



    Thanks for caring about the kitty!!



    FWIW…I have a styrofoam cooler…it’s smallish, but if cut at the corners, would definitely work as insulation

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