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    Clinton connection with Faux news:

    In 2006, Rupert Murdoch, owner of Faux (and other right-wing media outlets) held a fund-raiser for Clinton’s senate campaign. She said, “He’s just one of my constituents.”

    When Ferraro left the Clinton campaign, and she appeared on Fox to “explain” her resignation:


    To be fair, not a popular value in this campaign, Clinton did join Edwards and Obama in refusing to appear in debates sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and broadcast on Fox:


    And no, I don’t believe people are necessarily known by the company they keep. But I do think taking money from Murdoch makes a progressive candidate suspect. And I do think if Obama is to be judged by his company, other candidates should be as well.



    and for the record, Jeremiah Wright is no longer the pastor… he has retired…and Mr Obama is distancing himself from the Rev. Mr. Wright…rejecting what he has said in those videos…



    Oh Jeez! Of course he is distancing himself from the pastor NOW, JanS!!! Do you realize that he has been listening to this pastor’s sermon’s for over 20 years?!! I think he knew, very well, what his pastor’s belief’s and opinion’s were!!! Face reality, these are Obama’s opinion’s and belief’s as well. Anyone that can’t see that, that’s really sad.



    Sorry NR and JT about the link. It may be moot now, but here’s a hopefully better link for the ABC story on Reverand Wright (who preached regularily up until last month its stated). I too grew up in a church JoB and know what that is like, but this is altogether much too vitriolic…




    I read today that Hillary and Barack spoke to each other on the Senate floor.

    “Advisers said Obama and Clinton were distressed by the exchanges and had agreed in a brief conversation on the Senate floor Thursday to work together to put a stop to them.”

    “They approached one another and spoke about how supporters for both campaigns have said things they reject,” said Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign. “They agreed that the contrasts between their respective records, qualifications and issues should be what drives this campaign, and nothing else.”

    I don’t think the pastor’s comments are going to go away that fast though.



    well, gee, NR, guess I have to believe you, because you know better than me…you have a direct connection to Mr. Obama’s heart and brain?

    and you have surrounded yourself with people who only believe the way you do…? that because you hung out with this person, or hung out with that person, their beliefs are yours, too?

    Even I didn’t believe every word I heard in church..it didn’t affect how I felt about a higher being. I questioned, became educated, and formed my own beliefs..




    JanS – This wasn’t just his pastor, but a close family friend. Obama has stated that himself. Jeremiah Wright has been Obama’s spiritual leader for over 20 years. Tell yourself what you want (He has retired, his belief’s are not those of Obama’s, etc.), it is what it is. This is a person Obama looked to for spiritual guidance.

    BTW, I have ALL kinds of friends that believe ALL kinds of things.



    JT…she’ll appreciate that for sure. I’m still a “mugwump”..on the fence, mug on one side, wump on the other. I get angry when these things happen to either dem camp. Right now the Obama side is taking it in the shorts for what someone else said. I think it’s sad that Hillary did , too…and I hope that there can be some sort of middle road where the Dems are concerned, and let the trash talk come from the Rep camp so everyone can dump it back 4fold…

    Thanks for that link :)



    JanS, mugwump almost made me do the hehe word…and I totally agree with you.



    JT, you didn’t answer the question. If you believe that being angry and insulting online is wrong, and you believe I’ve done it, why did you to it to me? Because it feels good to take others’ inventory? Because you think it’s different when *you* do it? Just wondering here.

    If were simply trying to help me, or were concerned about me, you could have said, “Kayleigh, I’ve seen you be more calm and effective…are you OK?” Then I could have told you that no, I actually was not OK. Not that the whys need to be told, but if I was OK, I probably wouldn’t be awake at 2am on Saturday thinking about my work.

    I’m taking some vacation days soon….hopefully this will help.


    This was truly a great exchange of dialogue. Here’s to hoping others catch on. I wish I could have been in on some of the earlier comments, but based on this thread, some men could really learn how to exchange thoughts and opinions in a civil manner and with purpose. I guess I’m assuming most of you are women…oh, oh….here goes the sex thing again….kidding. :-) The later posts seem to get away from what I stated above, but it’s so cool to see that some of you just don’t lose your cool in the midst of all of the seek & destroy posts that I’m just glad I logged in again!

    For what little it’s worth, there’s a lot of truth to what many of you have stated about this specific issue, alas, I see a divided people. Politics, politics, politics; divisive. The thing about it is that there’s so much at stake with this election that I believe it’s going to take the left to reign in the far right and bring us back to the middle. Finally, yet another HOT topic that some of you may wish to look at….you ready???

    I truly believe that our younger generations are redefining what it means to be either a democrat or republican, but I see the fight between the old and young republican guards with the bigger battle. I’m rootin’ for the youngin’s.



    there is something i now think i understand about the more vocal and negative Obama supporters..

    they actually think they are being dismissed… and that Hillary’s campaign is nothing but negative crap aimed at Obama.. and because they believe they are oppressed.. they can’t see anything else.

    they think the only good for the democratic party lies in his message of hope.. and there they are right.

    It’s just that they think Obama is the only one who can deliver hope… and there i believe they are wrong.

    This has created an abusive situation where the Obama contingent responds to any positive Hillary posting as though it were a spear aimed at the heart of their candidate.

    Hillary is the enemy.. and since all is fair in love and war.. and they are in love with Obama and at war with Hillary… anything that brings her down is ok… in fact.. it is more than ok.. it is justifiable.

    thanks Andrea for your link to a Clinton supporter and blog writer (Alegre) who is on strike at the daily KOS because of the uncensored and often unsubstantiated attacks on HIllary … and i want to print just a small edited segment of what this writer had to say…

    “… is that the kind of behavior that Obama would be proud of? Do the venomous attacks and lies about fellow Democrats represent him and all he stands for in an accurate and fair manner? Does this spiteful and vindictive behavior reunite our party? … Would Obama encourage that sort of anger, bullying, intimidation and hate from his followers toward another Democrat and her supporters? Do those followers of his help his cause at the end of the day?

    I have been working for decades to get countless good Democrats elected – going back to the early `70s when I stuffed envelopes and walked precincts for George McGovern (ok so I was 10 back then but I still helped and gladly – Nixon sent several of my uncles to Vietnam). The causes I’ve worked for are those which Obama’s followers at DailyKos claim to care about. As a Yellow-Dog-Democrat and a progressive, I am deeply saddened to see what’s happened to our community.”

    I haven’t yet decided whether to go on strike.. but i am rethinking what i will say and how i will post because spending literally hours thinking the issues through and responding to all this negativity isn’t doing me any favors.. and i think it misses the point.

    The point is that we have two good contenders for good democrats to follow into the election in the fall.

    We are lucky to have choice.. (unlike republicans) and we should be talking about why we choose our candidate and possibly what we personally worry about when it comes to the other candidate.

    That part of the conversation begins with “i am concerned because” .. not with a rant of biased buzz words thrown at the opposing candidate…

    And this tendency is so strong that when the Hillary camp doesn’t supply the rant against Obama.. it is supplied it for us as though we had said it…

    The largest struggle in my life has been to learn to act on what i believe in.. and not to just react to the expectations or censure of others.

    I have found myself doing too much reacting this last week… and i don’t like it!

    Both our candidates face some pretty stiff opposition this fall.. and if you don’t think so.. look closely at the attitude towards BOTH candidates on our major news networks

    and get ready for the real battle… the one that will take all democrats to win.



    new resident… think carefully before you get too excited about Obama and his pastor…

    i admit, taken out of context, it sounds pretty bad… but having been as privy to my local Black Power struggle as a white girl could have been in the late 60s… that rhetoric is not what it seems to be…

    And you won’t like what you find under McCain’s personal rock when it comes to religious affiliations.

    He is pretty tight with one of those preachers who said that those in New Orleans deserved what happened to them because it was a den of iniquity and they simply faced the lord’s retribution… this while the elderly in that community were dieing for lack of medical care…

    And i don’t think you would find blackwater too far under his rock either.. and that’s the group hired by our government to (among other things…) turn back individuals who drove their own semis south to deliver food and water to those whose homes were gone… while that same preacher praised the mercenaries for protecting New Orleans from those with no respect for personal property.

    I don’t think you really want to go there….



    a test to see how discriminating you are…

    but first.. i apologize to JT for not recognizing that it was she who sent that illuminating link…


    The Banana Test

    There is a very, very tall coconut tree – 4 animals, King Kong, Ape, Orangutan, and a Monkey pass by.

    They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.

    Who do you guess will win?

    Your answer will reflect your personality.

    So think carefully . . . Try and answer within 30 seconds

    Got your answer?

    Now scroll down to see the analysis.

    If your answer is:

    Orangutan = you’re dull & normal

    Ape = you’re a moron

    Monkey = worse, you’re an idiot

    King Kong = your hopelessly stupid


    A Coconut tree doesn’t have bananas!

    This is a great joke because it is such an illustration of basic misdirection..

    while trying to answer the question posed you forget that you aren’t likely to find bananas on a coconut tree…

    kind of like this political season… where we are answering all the wrong questions and forgetting that there might be some right ones…

    BTW.. i thought it was the monkey because he could so easily climb the coconut tree… obviously I am as easily diverted as anyone:)



    JoB…glad to see I’m not alone ;-)



    OK, I “got it” right away and then assumed that I must be wrong — that there had to be *some* kind of coconut trees that grew bananas. I suspect there’s a special category for people like me; possibly occupied only *by* me. :-)



    kayleigh.. if you are out there tonight.. please come play with all us monkeys tomorrow… i am sure i owe you at least a beer…



    Who are you calling a monkey? I’m with charlabob, I got it right away and I’m possibly in the category occupied only by her:)



    so.. some of us are quicker than others…

    too bad being smart made charlabob think there had to be a catch:)

    i bet you are both monkeys anyway ;-> at least i know i must be some sort of primate…

    oooops.. what have i done… we got over the evolution thing:)))




    She sounds pretty unconventional and cool doesn’t she. Really too bad she was only 53 when she died. I do like that Obama was exposed to so many different cultures, experiences, lifestyles, etc. I think we can all get lost in our own little world view and hopefully his upbringing has allowed him a much broader perspective.

    Have you seen this story about the divide between Obama/Clinton supporters?


    Interesting for it’s focus on friendships.



    JT – Was SO hoping to meet you today!!! Maybe next time. Just know that you were missed.



    Thank-you NewResident and WSMom. That makes me feel like we’re friends:) Or am I in trouble? I have technical difficulties with my health and have been fighting the flu as well. And…slightly crowd phobic. But I’m hoping to join one of the smaller get togethers.

    I hope no one thought I was bailing on the fund raising part. I do have a specific ongoing relationship with helping the community center that I enjoy a lot.

    And I am super impressed with all of you out there and everything you did.



    JT.. thanks for the link to newsweek…

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