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    The thing that the Republican party does lack is passion. I have not heard one person be passionate about any Republican canidate and as much as all of us Democrats bicker now I believe we all see a brighter tomorrow and will make sure someone far far away from the Republican party gets nominated so we can.



    Oh, yes, now I see it!

    Obama is secretly both a Muslim and a wild-eyed Bible thumper. I’m so glad the right wing nutters pointed that out to us, because he sure has hidden both of those sins well behind his smiling face and smooth talk. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all wearing burkhas and speaking in tongues. Be very afraid, America.

    Disgusting, ethically and aesthetically. And I refer to the Hillary campaign once again, wishing I was done with this discussion but regretting that I am not. :-)



    RE: 101

    The Reps might lack passion about McCain but nothing will energize them like running against Hillary.

    If the election were held today I believe McCain would win. If it’s vs Clinton every conservative (including the dead ones) would be voting against her. If it’s vs Obama the Latino vote holds great power in key states like CA and TX where McCain’s immigration stance is less likely to offend.

    I can’t believe the Dems are going to blow this great opportunity. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.



    SA: Do you realize how unlikely it is that Hillary will be running against McCain? It is nearly mathmatically impossible. Please see link below:


    I also see you have picked up on Hillarys logic of chosing two or three states that “matter”. It isnt really working for her on teh moment so I doubt it will work for McCain…




    bible thumping wasn’t the issue in those videos.. and you know it if you actually followed that nasty trail…

    Moreover.. the Clinton campaign has absolutely nothing to do with FOX.

    Obama has made his own bed with his own bedfellows… and sooner or later someone is going to ask him to explain them…

    it is unlikely to be Hillary or any of her followers because in spite of recent allegations.. we aren’t the one’s who are bigoted.

    but did you fail to notice the jump to charges of reverse discrimination?

    Wake up.

    Heard Hilary say for the thousandth time that if Obama is the candidate she will be asking all of her supporters to campaign for him.. as tho she would have to actually ask.

    silence from the Obama campaign.. where they will admit nothing is right for america but but Obama…

    SA… The “dead” conservatives will vote even for John mcCain unless their real leaders tell them not to… They don’t need a hillary stimulus package…

    After all.. what can any of them offer the dead:)



    RE: 104

    It is also mathematically impossible for Obama to secure the nomination without significant support from the superdelegates, a count which Clinton currently leads. I believe Obama will win and should win the nomination, but I expect Clinton to fight for every last vote.

    My prediction that McCain will win is based on the Latino vote. In CA Latino’s voted 2/3rd’s *against* Obama. The problem for Obama is he’s been characterized as the “black” candidate. To be blunt there is a rift in this country between African-Americans and Latinos. With Obama garnering 90% AA support I predict Latino’s will vote for McCain in significant numbers.




    if Obama wins the nomination.. hillary will campaign for him… and that should help with the latino vote…

    but there isn’t just a black/latino rift in the US.

    I am not going to be popular for bringing this up.. but it occurs to me maybe Kayleigh doesn’t know.. and if she doesn’t, maybe others of you don’t see it either….

    Those videos weren’t aimed at bible thumping or even at muslims.. tho if they can tar Obama a bit on that one for association with Farrakon.. they will..

    they were aimed at Black Power raising it’s ugly head…. and to many American’s.. that’s frightening.

    I am not saying that Obama’s church or his pastor is involved in any Black Power movement.. And i could care less if they were because there is still a long way to go for equality here… and i don’t hear anyone advocating violence…

    i am just saying that’s the way the first layer of those videos can be seen and are being interpreted by Fox news already… follow the clips..

    For those who are already bigoted.. those are fighting words… for those who don’t consider themselves bigoted.. but are uneasy.. those are frightening words..

    And that was just a trial balloon to see how it played with Fox viewers…

    now.. i am off for the day.. so please feel free to lob whatever you want in my direction… it won’t spoil my afternoon and with any luck will have resolved itself before i log back on…

    just don’t’ get to believing your own rhetoric too much…

    if you look past Hillary, you will find Obama’s real enemies… they are just getting started.

    And black power isn’t the only thing in their bag of tricks..

    if you don’t look now, it will make it much harder to win the real battle this fall.



    Do you think I am going to suddenly change my mind or are you just standing up for what you believe in? Do you think that if you say it loud enough or enough times, up will become down in my mind?

    Because I have little intention of voting for her in the general election, unless she, personally, apologies and turns her campaign around.



    Kayleigh, maybe I’m late to the party, but refresh my memory. What does Hillary need to apologize for? I’m not always thrilled with her strategy, and have stated I’m leaning towards Obama, but she’s been pretty status quo for a politician. In fact, could almost be considered mild. Every campaign tries multiple approaches. Do you at all remember how Bush/McCain went after each other in 2000. It’s survival of the fittest. You’re starting to sound like a spoiled 4 year old stomping your feet til you get your way. In the past you’ve been pretty open to constructive dialog and I’ve enjoyed ready your view point on other issues, but the case of the nasties you’ve acquired is quite the turn off. Maybe if you set an example and apologized, Hillary would be inspired by your graciousness and do the same.



    JT – Thanks for your post. I, too, was curious what Hillary needs to apologize for. And apologize to who? To Kayleigh personally?

    I certainly am not a Clinton supporter, but I don’t know why she should apologize. Should Obama apologize for taking Ferraro’s comments out of context, causing her resignation?

    This is politics. Both sides will get nasty, both sides have. To be so personally offended by Clinton that you are willing to vote Independent or Republican does not help the Democratic party as a whole. Of course, I certainly don’t mind if that is what you choose to do.



    Give Kayleigh a break…sometimes everyone says things in an exagerated course when they feel passionate about something…. just two nights ago, NR, you were rambling on about holding Obama accountable…but then when asked you blamed it on having a few to many drinks..(nothing wrong with that eitehr..)Drinks/Passion/Anger things get exagerated and misstated thats life.



    BDG – Very true. I hope that is lesson to not post after drinking! LOL.

    You can’t blame Kayleigh for her passion!



    Beachdrivegirl, I agree that everyone gets passionate on occasion, and most are overlooked for just that reason. It’s occasional. Several commenters have attempted civility with no return of the favor. When a pattern of hostility occurs, it becomes hard to overlook. Maybe you should reread the thread. And Kayleigh seems quite capable of defending herself.



    Again following along the lines of our title for the thread above, there was another very interesting piece, this time on Good Morning America, regarding Obama’s spiritual advisor and pastor. This is pretty revelaing.


    I’ll still vote for him if Obama if he gets the nomination, but I think he’s going to have to cut ties with this guy before I give him any more credit than that.



    andrea – the video your link led to has been removed due to “terms of use violations”.

    That’s interesting. I would have really liked to have seen it!



    NR, I think this is related. Obama’s statement today about his pastor.




    JT – Thanks for the article. Unfortunately, the sound is not working on my computer, so I can’t hear any of these videos and I feel like I don’t know what everyone is talking about! Frustrating!!

    But, in the article, I like the part where Obama states that his pastor’s comments were not his own beliefs and nobody should judge him on something someone else said. Isn’t that what his camp did to Hillary?



    NR, I caught that too! You’ve probably read a version of the original story, but here’s one too in case you’re still out of the loop.




    Thanks for that article, too! Well no wonder Michelle Obama is not proud of America. If she has been listening to this guy’s sermons for 20 years!

    And, I don’t understand how, in the beginning of the article, they state that the pastor is part of Obama’s campaign, and then go on to say that the pastor’s views and beliefs have no place in Obama’s campaign. So, is he still a member of Obama’s campaign?

    I, personally, am not buying it that Obama is shocked that these are his pastor’s beliefs. He has known this pastor and been going to his church for 20 years, yet he wants to pick and choose which sermons he heard? He conveniently wasn’t there for the post 9/11 sermon?

    Obama is fully aware of his pastor’s views and beliefs, he has been for 20 years, he’s just sorry that this all got out and is being painted so poorly.



    I’ll probably get a lot of smack for saying this, but oh well.

    Obama’s pastor, to me, represents a part of black America that is very angry. I see the pastor as someone who wants to do a lot of blaming and just be really angry.

    I see this attitude a lot and really just feel sad for someone that has that much anger and hate.



    Better to feel anger than indifference. Anger does not equal hate. Anger can be a powerful source for action/change. Anger over the Iraq war has certainly motivated many individuals to demonstrate/take action. I’d be worried if people weren’t angry. Taking your anger out on others in a destructive manner is something else entirely, though.



    I had to take a bunch of deep breaths before responding to this… As usual i followed all existing links…

    I wasn’t aware before that this particular preacher was Obama’s pastor.. i didn’t even connect it when i saw the videos yesterday… but i have known about his sermons for some time.

    if you think this guy is extreme New resident… you should hear a few preachers from the religious right… nice white guys.

    After all, he wasn’t the only pastor to say that America brought 911 on themselves as some sort of divine retribution….

    but i would guess that he wasn’t on the airwaves saying that the people of New Orleans brought that on themselves because of their sinful ways… tho some definately were.

    of course McCain said that you just can’t be held responsible for the views of those who support you: His associations with one of those pastors is a bit too close…

    But you apparently can and possibly should be held accountable for those you choose to include in your campaign… this is his spiritual advisor… maybe not by tomorrow.. but he was still Obama’s spiritual advisor after he knew all about the extreme remarks his pastor was making.

    Just denouncing what the guy says may slow this down for now.. the …we just let him say what he wanted because he was about to retire…defense… but it won’t fly later if the Presidency depends upon it.

    And it is the first window we really have had into the man Obama is. This is his church.

    I am not talking about the black power sentiments especially.. but the nature of his religious beliefs…

    I think the style of these sermons is something that someone who doesn’t attend a pentecostal style church wouldn’t really understand at all.

    A more emotional style is pretty normal there.. maybe the comments are a bit out of line sometimes.. but the style.. well it’s pretty mainstream.

    the intent generally isn’t to incite anger but action and these churches are often very tied to social services within their area.

    New Resident… Of course Obama knew what his pastor had been saying…

    He is first recorded saying such things in 2001.. and probably said them earlier… and he must have genuinely found other parts of this pasotrs ministry compelling. you don’t continue to attend for 20 years if you don’t.

    but, i think he started believing his own campaign rhetoric… and somehow thought he could manipulate things so he was immune to those kinds of inferences… he will expect the subject to end with his denouncement of any extreme views…

    They (the right) are just getting started.. wait till they call the real dogs out.

    I can’t close without apologizing to any members of any pentecostal style church if they feel i have improperly labeled them. It is the only label i know for that particular style of church… where pastors are actually expected to have opinions… and worship can be a little noisy and emotional at times. I don’t even know if that church is strictly speaking part of the pentecostal movement.

    I truly didn’t mean to offend. and i am sorry to ramble… i am fighting a flu.



    JT, curious as to why you would personally insult me, having never met me, and not hearing the tone of my comments, seeing only words on a screen, not knowing what is going on in my life, where I am coming from, etc. Not that I get wounded by people on the Internet (I’m too smart for that), but I’m wondering why you think insulting someone for being nasty is logical or fair.

    (And thank you to those who were kind to me.)



    Kayeligh.. even written words have a tone…

    unfortunately, it may not be the one you had hoped to use.. as i often find to my dismay…

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