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    Just back from hell on earth..Southcenter I need to do this, bear with me my top ten peeves

    1)Drivers not using turn signals

    2)Drivers using turn signal like a magic wand

    3)If I let you out into traffic, acknowledge the fact,take your big mac/starbucks/phone/kid or whatever the hell outta your mouth and wave thanks.

    4)For the love of your God or any God please learn to parallel park, if you can’t, get the bus.

    5) At the store don’t wish me a nice day or say have a good one, we all know you don’t mean it so don’t say it,ok?

    6)If I’m at the checkstand why ask me if I’ve found everything I was looking for??? If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be checking out fool.

    7)It’s Christmas,ok. Christmas. Nothing else ok?? Christmas. Not Holidays,or happy season or whatever the hell it’s Christmas ok?? Get a ladder and get over it.

    8)If I’m walking towards you on the sidewalk,don’t look at your shoes,open your gob and say hi.

    9) No I don’t want another damn cell phone,christmas tree,red candle,frozen turkey,fruit cake,gallon of egg nog,christmas card, candy cane or Christmas pressie especially if you want me to buy you one back.

    10) Oh yeah number 10, I really, really hate people who make top ten lists:)

    Ahh, now that feels good

    Happy Christmas to you and yours:)



    cruiser, I don’t feel the exact same way as you, but I do see Southcenter as one of the circles of hell. I absolutely refuse to go into the pit known as the southcenter area unless absolutely necessary, I will drive to any other mall (or any store in the southcenter area) just to avoid the southcenter area.


    Participant the list :)



    Right there with you on this. Southcenter is pure, unmitigated Hell.

    There is a lady who has been behind me in stores twice now, on two different days in two different Westwood Village stores, singing Christmas Carols. Just as I was sighing a breath of relief that they weren’t playing overhead for that 5 minutes, she started up. She had a nice voice; I’m just over the Christmas music. (bah humbug, Grinch I am)

    Shout out to three folks I encountered tonight also at Westwood Village. The first one was a mother and daughter team at B&N. I walk with a cane. Daughter (4-ish?) was heading toward me and Mom reeled her in a bit so she didn’t smack into me. Daughter pointed and asked “Mommy, what’s that?” Mom replied “It’s a cane. People use it to help them walk better.” So many parents “shush” their kids when they’re asking perfectly normal, natural questions about the differences between folks. It’s nice to see one answer in a matter-of-fact way.

    Both of the other two were at QFC. I was exhausted by the time I got there. It must have showed. A kind man using a scooter back near the butcher asked me if I wanted a lift, which made me giggle.

    I asked an employee where-the-heck they were hiding the raisins, as I’d been around the store 3 times, and down the baking aisle each time and hadn’t seen them. The woman not only went and got them for me, but then offered to carry my basket for me to finish my shopping. I must have really looked as tired as I felt. I’ve been fighting a pretty major medical issue, and tonight was a night where the “above and beyond” as well as the touch of humor were just so appreciated. It really made my night.



    cruiser, #6 is the winner. heaven forbid you should ever actually tell the clerk what you couldn’t find! “I’m sorry you couldn’t find the low sodium capers, but can’t you see I’m really busy, and there are fourteen people in line behind you, and my performance is based on productivity, so please move through the line in 20 seconds, goodbye Mr. (looks at receipt) A, haveaniceday.”

    My #1 pet peeve = drivers who amble along at 40, 45 mph in the left lane of a highway (I usually notice on I-90 over the pass) dum-de-dum without a care in the world. These people, have they never heard of the PASSING LANE?



    My #1 holiday pet peeve….giving into holiday pet peeves.

    Have fun



    Funny….I haven’t been to Southcenter in years. I shun malls with a passion (except Westwood). Can’t find it locally or online? Guess I just save my money…hehe.I truly sympathize with the peeves…great list :)



    OK, so it took awhile to go through the register/password/DNA test to get logged into the forum, but it sure is great to be here.

    Cruiser, I feel your pain, especially #3. I call it “giving me the hey”. If I let you in, especially in thick traffic and you’re yakking on your cell phone, all I ask is that you give me the hey. A tiny little wave in the rear view mirror, it’s not much. Just an acknowledgment that somebody saw you, realized you needed a break, and gave it to you, whether you deserved it or not. If you give me the hey, all is well in the world, the cosmic karma remains in balance. And we all need that this time of year, right? So a big “hey” to all you out in WSB land.



    Cruiser – I concur with this list. Southcenter is the 9th ring of hell. I try to avoid it altogether, but yesterday we had to go there. I experience all 10 on your list, and then this one – people who walk around the mall with zero clue of the space around them!! Like the crazy lady yesterday who was tearing thru Macy’s w/ her stroller, coming right at me. Uh hello, do you even see that I exist, or is your stroller more important than me. Hey, no problem, go ahead and run over my foot…I wouldn’t want to get in your way! Arrrgghhh… Whew, got that out of my system



    One of my issues with crowded parking lots is when people take handicapped spots when they don’t have a handicapped placard or plate. We went to the farmers market yesterday and saw there was one last handicapped spot, but the woman in front of us pulled in. As we began to pass her, she got out of the car we noticed she did not put up a placard, so we beeped at her and held up ours. She was visibly very annoyed that we called her on it, but to her credit she did pull out of the spot. I can’t stand when people think the rules don’t apply to them because they’ll be there “just a second” or whatever their excuse is.



    Sue…I’ve actually considered printing notes that I can leave on someone’s windshield. The other’s that I so love are the ones who park in the grid next to the handicapped space, like it’s there for them to park on. I need space to open my door all the way, and that sure doesn’t help.



    Happy Kwanzaa, Cruiser!



    Yeah, my several-year peeve is similarly themed: I can’t tolerate people who don’t feel like they need to park their cars in the grocery store lot like everyone else, so they just ‘park’ IN FRONT of the store and leave the car running. This happens at Admiral and Jefferson Square Safeways most often. Often the driver is still in the idling car,and if I’m walking by them, I sarcastically feign altruism and point to a nearby open spot.



    MJ…and they’re usually parked right next to the sign that says “Fire Lane – No Parking Anytime”. The human race is so interesting sometimes, to say the least.



    My number one Christmas pet peeve used to be dead lights in the tree. I never trusted those little lamps and every two or three years I’d have to replace a whole string. The larger bulbs were too hot and were dangerous for little kids so we never got used to having them around. We had one string when our youngest was a toddler and we finally chucked it. This year, for the first time, the tree lights are all LEDs and I’m hoping they last longer than a few years.

    Otherwise, all the other pet peeves are okay. I kinda like sneaking over to Southcenter and breezing in and out. I go to Guitar Center and REI there sometimes because it can be quicker than trying to get over to Westlake area – either by bus or in a car. There’s a way, if those are the only places you’re going, to get from Gatewood there and back in an hour or less. Also, if you park by the bus center and just walk in the long way, there’s no real parking hassle. I always park in what we used to refer to back east as West Bumf*** – fewer dints in the car and you usually remember where you parked.



    actually,where I’m from back east, we usually tacked on “Egypt” at the end of that saying, Chas, but I guess that’s not really PC now, is it? lol..

    Southcenter…the best time to go…Tuesday mornings at 10am…never busy (except for right before Christmas), always lots of parking….and you can be in and out in no time…of course, you also have to be self-employed ;-)



    Jan – there were two variants where I was from (Mid Atlantic – PA and then DC) – they were west/east/south/north Bumf*** and west/east/south/north Jesus. When I lived in Houston they just said “the boonies.” But everywhere there was – to me – the boonies.



    Chas…from Reading, PA here…then college in VA, and then on to DC…late 60’s ..was great. Houston? Whatever possessed you to go there?




    Work, I worked for NASA. It was adventurous, to say the least. Almost got my head shot off once by a guy who flipped me the bird and then stopped his truck and pulled the rifle off the gun rack in the back of his cab and almost got run over by another guy gunning his car out of a parking lot and just couldn’t believe that someone was actually on the sidewalk in front of him. Yeah, Houston – Don’t Mess with Texas. Oh, you got to love the 100 percent humidity there, too. That and the average height above sea level – 12 feet. Lots of flooding in the storms. One house we owned had a yard which regularly turned into a lake when it rained.



    hey…I’ve heard stories about NASA….I hear they have some really crazy astronauts – lol…



    I’ve got a new pet peeve – the low spots in the alley behind Poogie/Husky here little lakes form and the low spots in the Rite Aide parking lot. Yikes! After a days worth of rain you have to be a broad-jumper to navigate these places.



    make that “where” instead of “here”



    WSB – how ’bout preview on the forums?

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