Closure of West-bound lane on Horton St between Occidental and 1st – WHY?

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    This closure affects anyone trying to access the 1st avenue on ramps to West Seattle when they are coming back from Costco. They closed the ability to drive westbound on Horton from Occidental back last summer with no explanation or information. Combine this with the closure of Lander, it has become ridiculously difficult to return to West Seattle after a trip to Costco. SDOT has provided no information on this closure regarding why it is being done, nor when it will be reopened. By all appearances, there is not a discernible reason for this closure. It would be awesome if WSB could get to the bottom of this unreasonable closure. Thanks.



    Unless I’m thinking of another street, it seems like I have seen a discussion of this, most likely here on WSB. (Some Facebook page/group would be the only other place).

    You might want to skim through comments from the past couple of weeks or so on WSB stories regarding “Viadoom”, or even on the morning and evening traffic reports since the closure started.




    I was looking for info on this closure back in the summer as that is my route home some nights. I don’t know for sure but my husband, who works with WDOT and SDOT, says that they closed it at the same time as the Lander to keep west bound traffic from backing up to 4th Ave S and that it will be closed until Lander is complete.



    It’s been like that since Lander closed with the assumption that more traffic was going to use this route to get to 1st Ave S and the WS Bridge on-ramp.

    But don’t fear, the closure and the signs direct you one(!) block north to Hanford where you have exactly the same options to get on 1st Ave S and the WS Bridge as you did on Horton. If you look closely, the options have improved. There are 2 left turn lanes from Hanford to 1st ave S, whereas Horton only had one. There is space for more cars between the RR tracks and 1st Ave S.


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    So instead of assisting people to get around while Lander is closed, they decided to double down and make it worse. I now go all the way down to the 1st south bridge adding miles to my return to West Seattle from a trip to Costco.



    At first I didn’t get it either, but the reality is that traffic flows way better with this reroute. There is a dedicated left turn signal, that does not exist on Horton, in addition to 2 left turn lanes; the volume of traffic that can and does turn left at the light is more than quadruple the volume that Horton accommodated. I am hoping that they keep this route open with the left turn signal and 2 turn lanes, even if they end up opening Horton again.



    I agree Franci, this is much better but it caught me offguard at first as well. That Horton/1st intersection kind of a mess for those trying to turn S from either direction.

    On board, if you used Horton previously to get back to WS from Costco, you can just use Occidental, it’s only a 1 block detour. The rest of Horton is still open westbound from 4th Ave S.



    on board, another option to get back from Costco (I use it often):
    -Left on 4th Ave S
    -Right on S Dawson St
    -Right on E Marginal Way S
    -Take the W Seattle/Harbor Island exit (get in the left lane)
    -Cross under 99, take the curvy overpass (it’s still part of E Marginal Way S)
    -Left on S Spokane St, and that’ll take you to the lower bridge

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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