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    There is a condo across from the Fire station 37, 35th Holden. I saw contractors digging behind my property and they said they are laying cables for 5G
    There are 2 towers on top of the roof of the condo.
    Q: is it legal for ATT to install those towers?
    Q: Can I sue, I live across the condo?
    Q: Isn’t there a compensation for homeowners living close to the condo?
    Q: There is so much noise , fan noise coming out from the ventilation…why is there a cooling system for the towers?

    Any info is appreciated.



    Just look up the property’s address in the Seattle Services Portal and you should find all the permit info.



    Yes, broadly, it’s absolutely legal for ATT to put up cell towers. For this project specifically I’d guess that it’s totally legal as well. Projects like this are too high profile to hope to escape inspectors notice and companies like ATT tend to have their ducks in a row prior to building as the building department has the authority to require removal and to levy fines.

    No, you cannot hope to prevail in a lawsuit but you can certainly sue. You can sue for anything you like. What would you sue for in this case, anyway?

    Why would you receive compensation?

    The electrical equipment generates heat and the equipment doesn’t work properly and can be damaged by the excessive heat. Thus, there is cooling equipment that goes along with a cell tower.

    You’d be surprised about where easements are and how property owners, in this case the condo (if I understand your post properly_ can lease a space for equipment to be mounted on the roof or elsewhere on their property. Since these are no convenient controlled neighborhood you really don’t have much say as to how other owners utilize their land as long as they comply with zoning requirements. By the same token, it’s possible to not own the land beneath your house. Many people only own the surface right to their property and don’t even know it. That means that an “energy” company can come along and put in a gas or oil well or the like on your property and you can’t do anything about it.

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    Thanks Mark for the good info.

    So the condo gets the rental $$$ from the ATT and how about owners like me that have to see them in our sight?
    What about the radiation or wave effects on our health?



    You are already awash in electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, existing cell towers, overhead transmission lines, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, visible light comic rays, etc. ATT will not be subjecting you to more than what is already there and, given the needed elevation for a cell tower to be useful it won’t be aimed at your house.

    The condo Ass’n will certainly collect rent as the equipment is located on their premises. You get nothing. No one will pay you for having to look at it. All you can really do is cope.



    Underground cabling is obsolete. Should be using drones or satellites .
    Earthquake can destroy it.
    G5 is not secure…China is spying on us.
    Uncle trump is correct



    ?What the hell are you talking about?!



    Per Uncle Trump- we are compromising our national security for using G5 from Heuwei .
    They will spy on us and most probably even steal our identities.



    Then I recommend you remodel your house into a Faraday cage. That will protect you.

    Honestly, you don’t know what you’re even saying.



    Best post of the day so far. Thanks, Guys



    @Mark- why do we need our own individual router when we can have a community router where everyone can share? This is common in villages in some part of the world.



    Your last question is completely irrelevant to cellphone towers that you can see from your house and compensation.

    We could certainly have a system like that but it would extremely vulnerable,as would your personal information/data. But we don’t.



    I knew you going to play that “personal data” card.
    We are so brainwashed about this personal security blah blah….the fake fear imposed on us by big business
    ,false sense of security
    If you have nothing to hide so why worry. The authorities already know about us than you want to know.
    When you go to the airport, you are already being tagged by facial recognition, you can’t even fly outside USA now w/o facial recognition. I have no fear because I have nothing to hide and I am good looking for facial recognition.



    Privacy isn’t about “having something to hide”. In fact, it’s guaranteed by the 4th Amendment.

    Yes, we surrender a degree of privacy to private industry when we obtain credit cards, sign up for online services but that doesn’t mean I want to supply easier access…but that’s just me. I would hardly say that my wanting to protect my privacy, such as it is, is a symptom of brainwashing.

    As for your constantly slewing argument my question remains: where are you trying to go with this? In your first post you were pissed about AT&T installing new cell tower equipment, and 5G, on the neighboring condo and you were receiving no compensation. Next, you were going on about satellites and drones being more efficient as compared to underground fiber (which simply isn’t true). Next, you were going on about how Trump and Huawei and 5G were going to steal identities. After I questioned that statement you said something about individual routers and public access through centralized routers. Now you are going on about facial recognition and how I shouldn’t worry about privacy if I have nothing to hide.

    By the way, your face isn’t private once you walk out onto the street. It can be photographed by any entity for virtually any reason because you have no expectation of privacy when out in public except in places where privacy would be the norm such as bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

    What I’m saying is that you are more and more incoherent.



    People so paranoid about “security” in this country and they spend so much money just to protect the false sense of “security”
    No cameras in pubic but when the is a crime involved, they cry foul where the security.
    No wonder business plays the “fear” factor.
    Every human being has the same biological needs…so there is nothing to hide behind the masks.






    You make less sense that an angry two year old.

    I’m out.



    “solar-powered, high-altitude drones – or giant balloons is best and the greenest way to get internet.
    Cell towers are obsolete!

    Advances in solar-cell and battery technology have made those technologies more feasible. Last month, Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp said it would partner with California drone maker AeroVironment Inc to build a drone capable of flying to the stratosphere, hovering around an area for months and serving as a floating cell tower to beam Internet to users on Earth. Airbus and Boeing Co are also working on their own versions of high-flying, solar-powered drones.”

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